Birthday Wishes By Zodiac Sign

The perfect birthday wishes according to the zodiac sign

Every New Year we all tend to shut down some of the hurting chapters of our lives and make dreams and plans for a new beginning with joy and optimism for the future! If you are looking for Birthday Wishes by zodiac sign then you are at the right place!

That’s why there are New Year’s wishes! Most clichés, to cover all … tastes: “Happy New Year with Health, Happiness, Money, Success and Everything You Want!”. So this “whatever you want” will be analysed here.

See the birthday wishes for each zodiac sign:

Aries Birthday Wishes – March 21 to April 19
Taurus Birthday Wishes – April 20 – May 20
Gemini Birthday Wishes – May 21 – June 21
Cancer Birthday Wishes – June 21 – July 22
Leo Birthday Wishes – July 23 -August 22
Virgo Birthday Wishes – August 23 – September 22
Libra Birthday Wishes – September 23 – October 22
Scorpio Birthday Wishes – October 23 – November 21
Sagittarius Birthday Wishes – November 22 – December 21
Capricorn Birthday Wishes – December 22 – January 19
Aquarius Birthday Wishes – January 20 – February 18
Pisces Birthday Wishes – February 19- March 20

Why we need different birthday wishes for every sign?

For astrology scholars alone, zodiac signs are 12 “energy segments” (equal to each other) that are separated by the Zodiac, and which are supposed to be in a post-scientific explanation or “inexplicable” way that affect human phenomena or events or activities.

In its annual apparent orbit around the Earth, the Sun passes through all twelve zodiacal signs and takes about a month to cover each of them. Depending on the sign that the Sun was at the time of the birth of a person, astrology scholars classify the person as a zodiac sign. For example, if someone was born in early October, when the Sun is in the sign of Libra, then it is “Libra”.

Every zodiac sign has differences with the others and different needs and wants, so it is better to adjust our birthday wishes for every zodiac sign accordingly. We have the best Birthday Wishes by Zodiac Sign!


What does each zodiac sign want in their lives and what is the ideal wish they would like to hear with the coming of the new year? So let’s look at some wishes, given with … humor! Happy new year to everyone!


“I wish you a year full of passion, speed and power – wait, don’t interrupt me – that you hunt to NOT get it, but keep chasing it so you don’t get bored – don’t talk to me, half a minute – that everyone will finally understand that only you’re right, everything! To do endless fights and only you to come out and wait, finish – to be the winner of everything, even when you are not playing, to speak before you think and always say the right thing … Okay, okay, don’t get mad, I’m done, say it! »


“First of all, I wish you to eat the trim and not get the gram, to form the best abs, without even getting into the hassle of going to the gym! Say yes to your stamp on the property stamp you want to put on the rug or the bullets you propose, make it 30 hours a day instead of 24 so you can move around, do the same thing and continue, have a lot love, sex, genuine love, respect for your worth, and money … Much money! ”


“I wish your dream come true so that we can change your name everyday with just a click on the internet, never to discover your lies, to be popular and sought after even in the neighborhood, to flirt with whoever you are” , yes and with your mate in mate, slowly, every day be different with you too, don’t stop ringing your cellphone, talk constantly and everyone will admire you for your unsurpassed intelligence, to live the ultimate love, 365 times, one every day ! ”


“I wish you all the best of family happiness and beautiful moments at home, talking to mom at least 30 times a day, returning everything and everyone who is nostalgic for the past, yes and Jane your mate in kindergarten, will spoil you , to cheer you on, stop calling you grumpy and understand you right away for whatever you complain about and make everyone hug you tight. ”


“I wish you went out on the street and applauded, went to work and applauded, went shopping and applauded, only to hear ‘thumbs up’, ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’, tired of the cellphone you who will be hit by fans who please you, have fun every day, admire everyone you create, even boiling egg and live passion, romance and love like playing an Oscar! Bravo, Lion, “thank you” for just being there and “sorry” for saying no more!


“I wish you health! Mental and physical! You don’t need to swallow all these pills you have in the bag. Well, well you’re right, take it for good and for bad …. I wish every one of your programs come true, because the dreams are for the fools, for everything to be clean and tidy, for your jobs to go well, for everyone to be as perfect as you are by listening to your advice which they have so far mistakenly criticized. , finally stopping to bend the frame 2mm in the living room and stop cheating my colleague in the office next door. ”


“I wish you all the world likes you, but everyone. Have people next to you who love you, take care of you, tell you how wonderful you are, and if they can make decisions for you, even what a souvenir you will order. Being able to make money on clothes, cosmetics, shoes, etc. Find love, the absolute love, the perfect companion, and if you can’t, find two, cover each other, but never learn about each other the other. ”


“I wish you had sex all year long and on your breaks, I wish you were paid dearly by those who hurt you, repeatedly and unfortunately, to have a lot of money or to find a companion who has his own, yours, or find a way to make black or illegal money without discovering it, let the whole world at last realize how sensitive you are without doing anything at all, to finally invent something that reads the thought and give it to you alone, to make more thrillers who are all horribly dying and manage to convince a partner to remain chained to home as you miss from home. ”


“I wish you all your goals come true! And if this goal is to get on a moving truck and not get scratched, I wish your over-optimism came true! I wish you the new Indiana Jones preach, find time to learn 5-6 foreign languages, understand all of your philosophy, and most importantly do not hold a grudge if you threw in a few minutes … Slow! A! And all this in no India, no Iceland, on a plane, on a ship etc … ”


“I wish you the perfect career and have the perfect family. The word progress marks your day, even if you have to press on the backs of others destroying them. To meditate, to have a lot of money in a piggy bank, to have a strong social standing and to stop the world around you, to be so superficial and sensitive, and when they hear truths to stop being called rude, snobbish and rude. ”


“I wish peace all over the world but on your own initiative, I wish Greenpeace was its president and we see no result, I wish every true fur there to burn in the constitution after your constitution, I wish you finally the dream come true. your reality and finally making flying cars, pioneering every socio-social revolution in the world, having many friends who might become companions – just the same – and of course I wish you were finally convinced of the rest angry that the rule is there are no rules! ”


“I wish the whole world would hear you and finally do good without any consideration, especially to you of course … I wish you a mobile reminder of when and when to go to the toilet, with a battery you never need to remember to charge it. I wish all your dreams come true, to live the ultimate romance – and with 2-3 at the same time, it doesn’t matter – your intuition will always come true and finally I wish to finally reveal to you that unicorns, fairies and Alice in wonderland is there! ”

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We hope that you found our Birthday Wishes By Zodiac Sign useful! Stay tuned for more explicit content!

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