Libra Birthday Wishes – September 23 – October 22


Birthday wishes are an integral part of the birthday celebration. Birthdays are made special by the wishes we get from our family, friends, and well wishes. A birthday card always holds a personal message. If it were your birthday, would you prefer a printed text on a card or a handwritten wish from the heart? Find the most suitable Libra Birthday Wishes here!

So to wish your Libra friend, here are some suggestions that you can use to make a customized note on their personality and your brand.

Libras are quiet, calm, adjusting, and very loyal. Write a birthday wish that can corroborate these aspects and your appreciation of your special Libra baby as well as their role and value in your life.

Find the best birthday wishes for every Libra you know and for every age group or relationship!


General Libra Birthday Wishes 

  • “You are my comfort zone and safety blanket. A Libra always makes people feel warm, comforted and welcomed, and that’s how you make me feel. Have a warm birthday.”

  • “You are the finest Libra dresser, I know. I wish you a happy birthday today and look forward to raiding shopping malls with you.”

  • “Like a typical Libra, your soul is so happy that it makes me happy to be in your presence. Happy birthday to my ray of sunshine.”

  • “Your positivity inspires me to always stay positive too. You are the happiest and coolest person I know. Happy birthday to you.”

  • “To my typical Libra baby. You are as warm, comforting, and funny as they come. Wishing you a very happy birthday.”

  • “Thanks for always making me laugh when I couldn’t bring myself to laugh. Thanks for always cheering me up. Thank you for always being by my side. On your birthday I wish you all the love, luck and success. I also promise you to always be by your side. Happy birthday, sweetie.”

  • “Libras are affectionate, kind, warm, sweet, helpful, and charismatic. You are all of these things and more. Have a happy and memorable birthday. Happy birthday to you, my Libra cutie.”

  • “You are so loyal and protective of me just like a true Libra always is. Happy birthday.”

  • “You can always count on me to be by your side. I will always cherish, cheer, and support you in all your endeavours. Happy birthday.”

  • “The sign of a true Libra is someone who never intentionally hurt the other person’s feelings and someone who goes out of their way to help people. Your nature makes you the best person in anybody’s life. Happy birthday.”

  • “You shine like a star when you walk in a room, and your smile is so infectious. Have a smiling birthday, you star. Happy birthday.”

  • “Wishing you a very happy birthday and may this year be better than all the past years. Happy birthday.”

  • “Libras are said to be talkative. You, my Libra friend, are my gossip partner. Happy birthday to you.

  • “Libras are graceful and creative, which explains your talent and love for dance. Have a very happy birthday.”

  • “I am here to wish you a happy birthday. Happy birthday to the one who always wants to keep everyone happy. That is the real you.”


Birthday Wishes For Libra Best Friend

  • “Like a true Libra you and smart and strong. Have a happy birthday, bestie.”

  • “Your amazing taste is proof because you chose me to be your best friend. Happy birthday best friend.”

  • “Libras like balance in everything. You bring the perfect balance of fun and happiness in my life. Happy birthday to my soul friend.”

  • “From one bombshell to another, happy birthday. Have an amazing birthday.”

  • “You take millions of years to make decisions regarding everything like a true Libra, but you chose me in an instant. This explains our bond and friendship. Happy birthday to my best friend.”

  • “Like a true Libra, you love everyone with your soul, and I love you with my everything. Happy birthday.”

  • “Time spent with you is always about crazy selfies and amazing cheesy food. So here’s a cheesy birthday wish for you. Have a happy and cheesy birthday, BFF, and I love you.”

  • “As you are an expert in balancing everything, here’s an overbalanced amount of happiness and joy coming your way on your birthday. Happy birthday.”

  • “You are kind, generous, thoughtful, and gracious. This is what makes you the best Libra and the best best-friend in the world. Have a happy birthday.”

  • “Your flirtations are as charming as your other personality traits. Happy birthday to my cute best friend.”

  • “Your art, elegance, and understanding towards things astound me every step of the way. You are a Libra in the true sense. Happy birthday, bestie.”

  • “Some of the Libra traits that make you special are hospitable, welcoming, peaceful, and idealistic. Happy birthday to you.”

  • “Your creativity and idealistic thoughts always make for fun conversation and outings. Happy birthday to my innovation box.”

  • “I am sending across love, kisses, hugs, and special wishes for my special Libra. Happy birthday, sweetie.”

  • “You set the benchmark for elegance, charm, kindness, and beauty. Happy birthday to the most beautiful soul that I know.”


Libra Birthday Wishes For Mom

  • “There’s nothing more you love than to have a balance in your life. As a daughter, your balancing work and home have always left me in awe of you. You are a super mum. Happy birthday, mum.”

  • “To the coolest and bravest super mum, I know. You have always strived to nurture in me the best attributes that a person has. Thank you for always looking out for me. Happy birthday, mum.”

  • “Mum, you are the best mum in the world if I will ever be half as kind, graceful and beautiful as you then I will consider myself to be successful. Happy birthday, mammy.”

  • “Mum, I have always strived to be mini you in every sense of the word. I love how you handle and manage everyone in the family, yet have some ‘me time’ every day. Happy birthday to my dearest mother.”

  • “Only great people are born as Libras, and you are one of them. Happy birthday to my special mum from her special son.”

  • “I will always cherish our time spent together. No matter how far I am from you, I always feel your love and care for me. You are my first love, mum. Happy birthday to you from your baby boy.”

  • “You have taught me what unconditional love feels like, and I will always be grateful to you for instilling in me how to love someone unconditionally as well. Have an amazing birthday. More surprises are awaiting you.”

  • “Your kindness and love towards everyone you know are so inspiring. No matter how far we are, I hope this card will always remind you of your lovely daughter. Happy birthday, mom.”

  • “Your beauty, brightness, and grace is adored and cherished by everyone in the family. Have an amazing birthday, mother.”

  • “I pray and hope that the stars will align to make your birthday the best day ever. Happy birthday to my inspiration and my love. Happy birthday, mum.”

  • “You are the most special person for me on this planet. Happy birthday to the best mother anybody could have.”

  • “Your intelligence, grace, beauty, charm, and quirkiness are what I hope to have passed onto me. Have a witty birthday for my witty mother. I love you.”

  • “Only the queens are born as Libras, and it’s fitting because you are the queen of our house. Have a happy birthday. You will forever rule our hearts, mum.”

  • “As a Libra, Venus is your home planet, and it’s fitting since you are the most beautiful woman that I know and love. Happy birthday from your darling son.”

  • “Mum, you are an amazing negotiator. To get me to cut down on TV and drink milk every night, you have mediated me perfectly. You shine when you create something. You are beautiful and wonderful. Happy birthday, mammy.”


Libra Birthday Wishes For Dad

  • “You bring the balance of harmony and prosperity in the family, dad. Happy birthday to you.”

  • “No matter how old I get, I will always remember the time when you sat me on your shoulders and played with me. I remember when I would sit on your back, and you would take me all around the house. Those memories are precious, and so are you. Happy birthday dad from your son.”

  • “To a king from his princess, happy birthday. Reign our home and hearts forever.”

  • “Everyone that knows you know about your intelligence, creative talent, and sports prowess. I hope I can be the man that you are today someday. Have an amazing birthday, dad.”

  • “I am lucky to have a father who I can idolize and set as a role model. Happy birthday, dad. Cheers to new beginnings and old relations.”

  • “All the superheroes pale in front of you because you are a real-life hero. To the superman, batman, and all the other heroes of my life, have a very happy birthday.”

  • “You have showered me with love, protection, and your care has me protected like a shelter. Have a happy birthday to the best dad in the world.”

  • “I am proud to say that I have the best dad ever. Thank you for making it all look so easy. You inspire and uplift me. Happy birthday, daddy.”

  • “I have always wanted to be a mini-you, but you have always encouraged me to be an individual and have an identity apart from yours. Truthfully, if I can be half the man you are, I will be lucky. Happy birthday dad from your son.”

  • “To my loving dad, I will always love, respect, and hold you in high spirits. From your loving daughter.”

  • “Libras are warm and comforting, and that is what you have always provided me with. Today we are celebrating you and the amazing persona you have. Happy birthday, dad.”

  • “As a Libra dad, I have got a just and fair father in you. You have always made me understood my mistakes and helped me get out of it. In my achievements, you have always cheered the loudest. Happy birthday to mu amazing dad.”

  • “You have always loved me with all your heart and always managed your work and family efficiently. I will always love you. Happy birthday, dad.”

  • “You are a special son, father, husband, and friend. Your protectiveness of you knows no bounds. You make people feel safe and secure. Happy birthday to my special dad.”

  • “You have always given me your love and been patient through some of my rough patches. You are loyal, charming, and loving. Happy birthday to the loveliest man ever.”


Libra Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • “You are a natural Libra, after all, it’s written in the stars. Have a happy birthday, my love.”

  • “Have a happy and warm birthday. I hope this year will be as good, lovely and amazing as you are. Happy birthday, wifey.”

  • “You have reached the highs of great success, and yet you are still humble and caring. I applaud you, and I am so proud of you. Happy birthday my love has a great day.”

  • “I hope your special day leads you to happiness, success, and lots of love. Happy birthday, sweetie.”

  • “Your warm personality ad lovely persona always makes me glow with happiness. Thank you for always making me laugh and live my life to the fullest. I love you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

  • “As you are kind and graceful so I hope your birthday celebration will be. Have a happy and graceful birthday, sweetie.”

  • “You are fun, quirky, and jolly. You have always brought me up and cheered me in y worst times. I promise you as a gift on your birthday to replicate the same for you, every day. Happy birthday my lovely wife.”

  • “I wish you have as a beautiful day today as you are beautiful. Have a happy and special birthday.

  • Your warm soul has captured the heart of many, and so have you caught mine. Happy birthday to the woman who is the ray of sunshine in my life. I love you.”

  • “You are brave, smart, and gorgeous. I am so lucky to have met you. Have a happy birthday, my love.”

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