Capricorn Birthday Wishes – December 22 – January 19


Capricorn Birthday Wishes – December 22 – January 19

Do you have a friend that is Capricorn and want to wish him for his birthdays? If you are looking for Capricorn Birthday Wishes – December 22 – January 19, you are at the right place! Here, you can find the best Capricorn Birthday Wishes for every keen and loved one!

Capricorns are the aces in management and organization. They always have everything planned and follow a strong routine. Therefore, a birthday celebration has to be something they can easily manage.

However, their ambitions can make them sacrifice everything to work hard and achieve their goals. Thus, you need a wish that suits these hard-working beings.

Inside this hard shell of a determined person, they are a softie with the emotional side. So, you need a wish that would pierce their shell and touch the heart. So here is the pick of some of the best wishes for a Capricorn.


General Capricorn Birthday Wishes

  • “Happy birthday to you. I pray and hope that everything that you have wished and hoped for will come true this year.”

  • “You are the strongest person I know. Your strength has inspired many around you. Like a true Capricorn, you stand strong like a mountain both mentally and physically. You are my strength and inspiration. Have a happy birthday today. I hope all the good things will come to you.”

  • “Like a true Capricorn, you are mentally strong, and you have faced the toughest of situations. I pray that all the hardships you have suffered in the past year will no longer test your strength. You have matured so much in such a short time, and I hope today you will act your age and have a silly and fun-filled birthday. Everyone around you cherishes you, but today I want you to cherish yourself.”

  • “Through this journey of life, you have given me immense joy and pleasure. I am happy that you are in my life. I promise to support you in your endeavours, and I will always try to bring a smile to your face as well. Have a happy birthday.”

  • “Happy birthday to my typical Capricorn workaholic. Take a break today and chill. Have a blast. Have a fun-filled birthday. Sending across hugs and kisses.”

  • “You have acquired great success in your professional life, and on this birthday, go take a vacation and be happy. Have an amazing birthday.”

  • “Capricorns are known for their gregarious nature, which is why I always expect gifts from you. Over time, you have given me the gift of laughter, memories, and wild fun. Have a happy birthday, sweetie.”

  • “I wish you happiness today that is everlasting. I wish you success and prosperity that always shines through. May your smile be as brilliant and bright as the sun itself. Have a happy birthday.”

  • “You are fantastic at what you do. I hope you a fantastic birthday today, and it will be as fantastic as you are. You deserve no less. Have an amazing birthday.”

  • “My favourite thing to do on this earth is to be with you. My favourite thing to see on this earth is to see you prosper and succeed. I am telling you today that you are my blessing on this earth. I thank my lucky stars for giving me you. Have a happy birthday, my love. Sending across all my love.”


Capricorn Birthday Wishes For Best Friend

  • “Bestie, I hope that this year will bring a smile on your face, a healthy glow on your body, an intelligent sheen on your brain, and growth of your spirit. Have an amazing birthday today. Happy birthday.”

  • “Your soul is unique, and your smile too is so unique that it lights up everyone’s soul. I hope today will be as unique and good as you are. Have a happy birthday, bestie. I am sending you all my love, kisses and hugs.”

  • “Everything in this world is perishable apart from our friendship and bond. May we always celebrate all your birthdays together. Have a happy birthday to my best friend forever.”

  • “The sign of a true Capricorn is loyalty and possessiveness. You are always loyal to me, and you are always on guard to protect me. You are my very own guardian angel. Stop being on defence when someone says they are my best friend because you are my only best friend forever. Happy birthday, sweetie.”

  • “I wish that the flame of your spirit will light the world for a thousand years. You spitfire, you will glow brightly as the sun one day. Have the brightest birthday and the year ahead. Happy birthday my best friend.”

  • “You have given me your precious time, love, and affection. I will forever be grateful for this. I will always give our friendship my undivided attention, and I pray our bond only gets stronger and thicker. Have a very happy birthday, cutie. Today is your special day.”

  • “Capricorns are wise, faithful, patient, sincere, ambitious, and disciplined. You are a typical Capricorn because you are all of this. Have a birthday full of joys as you are full of many talents and positive traits. I wish you a very happy birthday, sweetie.”

  • “If our friendship were an air plane, then I am the engine who works, but you are the pilot who gives it direction. You have always directed me towards the best of everything. Have a splendid birthday.”

  • “I wish you as much joy as much as your heart and spirit can hold. May you always succeed in all you do, as you have always succeeded. Have a happy birthday, my cutie. I love you best friend.”

  • “You are exemplary. Your success is unparalleled. You have achieved so much in such a little time all because of your drive and ambition. You are a true source of inspiration for many. Have an amazing birthday, my bestie.”


Capricorn Birthday Wishes For Your Lover

  • “The things that leave me in awe of you are your self-discipline, your work ethics, your hard-working nature, loyalty, and many more. You manage everything so beautifully. You balance your professional life as well as our love efficiently. Not one day goes by that I don’t wonder how you do all this. But I will always be by your side to support you through this. Have a lovely birthday, my love.”

  • “I can always depend and lean on you. You are the apple of my eye. You are the best friend I will ever have and ever have had. You are simply amazing because you are real and honest at all times. Happy birthday my sweetie.”

  • “With each year that goes with you, I am always left in awe of you. With each year, I love you more and more. Remember, the best years of your life are yet to come, and I will be there with you through all the ups, downs, and the mundane in between. I will always try to spice up what we have and will never let a single day go without expressing my love. Happy birthday.”

  • “Through thick and thin, you have always supported me. Your mental strength and ambitions are the signs of a true Capricorn. You will always have my back, and I will always be the one you can lean on. Have a happy birthday, sweetie, and I love you.”

  • “To my workaholic lover, go awaken your wild side today and reach the heights of fun. Your accomplishments and work have always made me proud of you. But today, I only want to cherish the amazing person that you are. Have a happy birthday, sweetie. Have a wild one.”

  • “You have a way of making me smile when I don’t feel like smiling. You make every hurdle, and every obstacle looks like a cakewalk. Life with you only gets better with the passage of each year. Have a very happy birthday angel, and you mean the world to me.”

  • “I want you to count your life by smiles. I want you to count your birthdays by friends and not by years. I want you to be happier, more successful, merrier, and luckier with each of your birthday. Have the best birthday and the best year. I am sending across all my love, luck, and best wishes for you and even some hugs and kisses for my love. Happy birthday.”

  • “The qualities that you have are faithfulness, classiness, maturity, and much more, which is a sign that you are a true Capricorn. The only way to truly impress a Capricorn is by actions. I will spend your birthday and even the rest of the year till your next birthday expressing through my actions just how much I cherish and love you. Have a birthday as cheesy as my note. Happy birthday to my beautiful wife.”

  • “For a Capricorn, to let someone in is the biggest challenge, and yet you gracefully took my hand in yours and led me in your life. Every waking moment I discover something new about you; there is nothing in this world that will ever make me leave you. Have a very fine birthday today. Happy birthday to my bombshell.”

  • “To the husband who has always been my rock and safety blanket. Today is special for me because it was because of today that I got you in my life. Have a very happy birthday.”


Birthday Wishes For Capricorn Mum And Dad

  • “To the sweetest woman, I know. You are incredible. You are ambitious, and yet you handle our family beautifully. You are my role model and inspiration. I hope that I can successfully be mini-you. Have a happy birthday, mum, from your darling daughter.”

  • “A mother and son’s relation is the most sacred and close. Thank you for always siding with me. Thank you for always supporting me and being my best friend. You are the woman who has taught me and loved me. Happy birthday mammy from your little baby boy.”

  • “Like a true Capricorn, you have achieved everything that you have set your sight on. I am lucky and truly blessed to have you in my life. I always want to be your little princess, and I hope that I do you proud. Happy birthday.”

  • “Like all Capricorn mothers, you are affectionate, protective, and responsible. But at the same time, you have raised me to be independent and to have a personality apart from being your little boy. To tell you the truth, to be called your baby is the biggest achievement and accomplishment of my life. I love you, mum. Happy birthday.”

  • “You are a typical Capricorn mammy, and hence you have always had high expectations from me. Your encouragement and push have been a great motivation for me to achieve and participate in everything that I set my eyes too. You have helped me grow and develop to be as incredible as you are. Have a happy birthday, mother.”

  • “Dad, you are my superhero and ultimate protector. You have protected me from bad people, bad vibes, and bad habits. You are my greatest gift and the first man I have ever and will ever love. Happy birthday, daddy.”

  • “The traits of a Capricorn father are just and fair, practical, sensible, and affectionate. You have taught me to always be morally correct, and your fair nature has saved me from many other dicey situations. I am so pleased and happy with all the memories we have shared together. Happy birthday.”

  • “Happy birthday to the father of the year. You are the best friend and guardian I could ever ask for. You are my angel who I look up to. I will always find your shoulder to lean on just like I did when I was a little girl. To many more memories and birthdays together. Happy birthday.”

  • “One of the fondest memory I have is of you teaching me how to ride my bicycle and later how to drive a car. From bicycle to car, our relationship has grown, and our bond is priceless. If I can be half the man that you are today, I will count it as a success. Have a happy birthday, dad. I love you.”

  • “You have instilled your work ethics, administration skills, determination, and working for self from a very young age. All of these skills have helped me bond with you and help me greatly in life. Have a happy birthday, dad; I hope this year will be your best.”

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