Birthday Quotes


Birthday Quotes

Birthdays are the most special time of one’s life. As it arrives once in a year, everyone eagerly waits for greetings and wishes from loved ones to arrive. Sending out birthday greetings is essential to show someone that you really care for them and think about them.

Whether it is for a best friend, husband, wife, daughter, sibling, parents, or a special someone, a heartfelt birthday quote would surely add the charm to their birthday.

But if you are not so good with words and cannot express your feelings so openly to them, here are a bunch of wishes and quotes that can help you out. Pick up the most relevant and relatable quote that you find for the person and send it right away. It will surely bring a sweet smile on their face and add more joy to their day.


Inspirational Birthday Quotes


  • Your age does not simply determine how much you have lived, but it tells you how much more you have still left to explore in this world! Happy Birthday!

  • They say to count your blessings, well then you must count your unbreakable spirit as one too. Happy Birthday to the most inspiring person.

  • Years from now, when you will look back in time, I hope you find nothing but good friends and endless happy memories. Happy Birthday!

  • It’s very easy to see someone succeed and assume that they’ve had it all. But it’s very difficult to be the one walking that path and overcoming all those hurdles. Happy Birthday to the one who never gave up!

  • Another year of cheer, joy, and happiness. Another year of success, achievement, and victory! You aren’t getting older, and you are just getting better at this game of life. Happy Birthday!

  • A wise man is not a person who never got lost, but a man who got found his way and never walked the wrong path again. Happy Birthday!

  • Here’s wishing you another year filled with adventures, lessons, and journeys that you will cherish for the rest of your life! Happy Birthday!

  • May all the joy and happiness that you’ve spread on this world come back to you on this day! Happy Birthday!

  • At this age, you must be thinking that this is as good as life gets but wait, my friend, till you find out how much better it’s going to be! Happy Birthday!

  • With passing years comes knowledge and experience. And I’m sure that by now your brain’s a treasure trove! Keep it safe! Happy Birthday!

  • There is a reason why the past is in the past. You have to keep a distant memory of bad experiences to truly cherish your present blessings. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to someone whose presence lights up the whole room with such positive energy! I’m so lucky to have you!

  • When you are having a bad day, do not feel down. It’s just a lesson day for you! Happy Birthday!

  • May you keep reaching new heights of success each day and inspire everyone around you always. Happy Birthday!

  • Whenever I feel a bit down, I look up at you and find all the inspiration that I need. Happy Birthday to the most inspirational friend!

  • I have seen a lot of people give up when the road gets tough, but I’ve seen you walk on difficult roads to achieve success with that bright smile of yours. Happy Birthday to an inspirational person.

  • Even if the whole world is turned against you, you’ll always find me standing by your side. Because I know you’d do the same for me. Happy Birthday.

  • Birthdays are the best times to make a fresh start, turn the page and begin a new journey. Just don’t forget to take me along with you. Happy Birthday.


Funny Birthday Quotes

  • Happy Birthday to a friend who has literally the best friend in the world. Yeah, I’m talking about me!

  • Happy Birthday! May you receive tweets and messages in millions so much so that your phone’s battery dies midday!

  • A year older, a year bolder? Nah, you’re just getting older, chap! Happy Birthday!

  • Hey! It’s your birthday! At least you are not as old as the next year yet! Enjoy while it lasts! Happy Birthday!

  • Live as long as you have the motivation and laugh as long as you have those teeth! Happy Birthday to you!

  • Life has surely been a roller coaster, and I’m glad I had you by my side throughout! Sorry for squeezing your hands so tight, though. Happy Birthday!

  • Sometimes in life, no matter how hard you try, you don’t get it. Like the fact that you’ll always be older than me! Happy Birthday!

  • Your smile is as charming as your personality and your mind as sharp as your teeth! What a deadly combination, mate. Happy Birthday!

  • Congratulations on being as old as a…… dinosaur? Happy Birthday!

  • Considering the fact I’m always so forgetful about birthdays, it’s a gift in itself that I remembered yours. Happy Birthday!

  • I thought people improvise each year and become more sensible, charming, and beautiful. What happened to you? Ha-ha-ha Happy Birthday!

  • It’s funny how quickly time flies. It seemed just like yesterday when I stole the cake from your plate and you wouldn’t even know. Happy Birthday!

  • May God fulfil all your birthday wishes- all except the illegal ones, of course! Happy Birthday!

  • When I saw you for the first time, I thought that you were high maintenance kind of person but now that I know you, I realize how good I am at this guessing game. Happy Birthday!

  • When I sat down to write a wise message for your birthday, it took me hours. The page is still blank. Maybe next year? Happy Birthday!

  • My dear, don’t worry about your eyesight getting weaker with each passing day. It’s just nature’s way of protecting you from the shock of accidentally seeing your image in the mirror as you pass by. Happy Birthday!

  • I want to congratulate you on not being grumpy at this age. It is truly a virtue! Happy Birthday!

  • On your birthday I thought to buy you the best gift in this world, but then I realized you already have me! Happy Birthday!

  • For someone who said that age is just a number, you look exceptionally opposite of your words. Happy Birthday!

  • Is it already your birthday? Didn’t we celebrate it just, like, last year? Anyways, Happy Birthday!


Cute Birthday Quotes


  • May the coming days of your life be full of warmth, harmony, peace, and happiness, and may you have the best in this world! Happy Birthday!

  • On your birthday, here is my special wish for you. May you always find enough strength to fight even on your weakest days and brightness to see even the darkest nights. Happy Birthday.

  • They were right when they said people come into our lives for a reason. You came in my life as a ray of hope, happiness, and health when it was difficult for me to find any of it. Thank you for giving a new meaning to my life. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to the person I appreciate the most in my life. May you achieve all the success and glory that your heart wishes to find.

  • Most people spend their whole lives looking for what you have given me all these years without even asking, and for that, I will be forever grateful. Happy Birthday!

  • They say that precious gems are rare because if they were common, they wouldn’t be precious. I can relate this thought to you as well. Thank you for being my precious gem. Happy Birthday, love.

  • On this occasion of your birthday, I would like you to spare a moment and think about all the bright things that you’ve done in your life so far. Imagine what this world would be like if you were not here. Happy Birthday!

  • It is absolutely crazy how the birth of a single person can change so many lives at once! I’m glad you are a part of my life. Happy Birthday!

  • Sending you smiles, laughter, and joy for every moment of this day and for the rest of your life. Happy Birthday!

  • When you close your eyes to make a wish, think about how happy people around you are. It will glow your face. Here’s wishing you a lifetime of true relationships and selfless friendships! Happy Birthday!

  • Not everyone is as lucky as me to have an amazing friend like you in their lives. Happy Birthday!

  • I hope you have a day as special as the place you have in my heart. Happy Birthday!

  • Just one day in the whole year is not enough to celebrate a person like you! Happy Birthday!

  • On your birthday, I wish that all your dreams turn to reality and all your aims become your achievements. Happy Birthday!

  • Since the day you have walked into my life, I have not imagined my future without you. Here’s wishing you the best of everything in life. Happy Birthday!

  • You stayed when everyone thought I wasn’t worth the effort. Thank you for believing in me and shaping me into what I am today. It wouldn’t have been possible without you. Happy Birthday!

  • Anyone can be a partner, but it takes a very special person to become a soulmate. Best wishes for your birthday!

  • When I was a kid, birthday meant nothing but cakes, candles, and gifts, but as time passed by I realized that it is more about love, emotions, and happiness. Happy Birthday!


Sweet Birthday Quotes


  • On this auspicious day, I wish you receive all that your heart desires and wishes for. Have a mind-blowing birthday!
  • You brighten up the place everywhere you go and spread joy and kindness. On your birthday, here’s my wish that your life is equally bright and filled with kindness and joy, which you spread like sparkles. Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday to the most amazing, loving, kind, compassionate, and wonderful person that I know. Your heart is as pure as dew and your love as pristine as a dove.
  • They say it is very difficult to find true love in life, and if you find it by any chance, it is very easy to lose it. So here’s me holding you tight and never letting you go because you’re my definition of true love. Happy Birthday!
  • Everyone cannot understand the value of true friendship, and that is why having a friend like you is the biggest blessing of my life. Happy Birthday dear friend!
  • Year after year, we’ve seen each other grow. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried, we’ve quarreled but most of all, we’ve loved. Happy Birthday, oldie!
  • While the whole world knows your success story, I know about your struggles and how you made it up till here—happy Birthday to the most inspirational person.
  • We may be miles apart, in different cities, towns, or even countries, but our hearts always remain as close as ever. Happy Birthday to my oldest friend.
  • I never thought growing old would be so fun unless I realized I’d have you by my side the whole time. Happy Birthday!
  • If I sit down to write all my feelings for you, you’d probably end up snoring till the time you reach the middle of it. So, let’s settle with a small card. Happy Birthday!
  • Here’s sending you abundant hugs, kisses, and love your way on this special day. Happy Birthday!
  • They say that no one is perfect, but I hardly believe it when I look at you! Happy Birthday to the perfect person I’ve ever met.
  • On the day that we promised to walk on the paths of lives together, I made a silent promise to myself to guard you against every sadness in life. I didn’t realize it then that it would become the sole purpose of my life. Happy Birthday! Keep smiling, always!
  • I’d always thought I’d have to marry and live with another person, but when I married you, I realized I wasn’t living with another person, I was living with my whole better self. Thank you for coming into my life. Happy Birthday, dear Hubby/Wifey!

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