Pisces Birthday Wishes – February 19- March 20

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Pisces Birthday Wishes – February 19- March 20

Do you have a Pisces in your life? Then you know that when it comes to their birthday, you need to put a little extra effort in order to find the right Pisces Birthday Wishes for them. As they are really sensitive with their emotions, Pisces will have expectations when you are simply friends with them. Let alone when it comes to their special day.

They can misunderstand you in a split second. so you need to be careful and prepare something for them during their birthday. You can go for a simple, small party to a birthday feast for them! Just make sure you have invited every member from their group and company and brought a present. And don’t forget the birthday card! That’s why we are here, as we have prepared a list of Pisces Birthday Wishes in our birthday wishes page.

Looking for Pisces Birthday Wishes?

If you have a Pisces’ birthday party to attend and you forgot to write a birthday card, we have you covered. In fact, we will present the main characteristics of a Pisces. Firstly, Pisces are very sentimental and get easily offended. They tend to daydream a lot and create new worlds and different scenarios. Pisces have the amazing ability to escape the problems of everyday life easily, as they daydream.

Their imagination is wild and can get them to their own imaginative world. Furthermore, the act of daydreaming plus the  sentimental trait, makes them romantic. Pisces also love their family and friends and give away compassion and sympathy.

Contrary to their good abilities, they tend to become victims by misunderstanding gestures and conversations between their friends, family and them. They also tend to depend on others a lot, and that makes them even more sensitive. This is one of the main reasons that you will not want to hurt them, especially on their birthday.

For those of you who have run out of inspiration or simply are not good at writing wishes, we have you covered. We have prepared a list of Pisces Birthday Wishes for every Pisces in your life. So if their birthday is around the corner, scroll down to read and get inspired from our birthday wishes page.


  • Happy Birthday to the most imaginative person I have ever met. Best Wishes to you and your family!

  • It’s your birthday today so have a lot of cake, wine and fun at your party! Happy birthday to you Pisces!

  • Birthday fun-day for you Pisces! I wish you all the best, may you be happy and healthy!

  • To the Pisces of my life, Happy birthday! May you accomplish all the goals you have set and may you always be caring for everyone!

  • Happiest Birthdays to you, the person that keeps caring, giving and never asking back for anything! May all your wishes come to life!

  • I am wishing you to find all the reasons to smile and be happy everyday in your life! Happy birthday Pisces dear!


General Wishes for your Pisces Special One

  • To my special Pisces, Happy birthday. May you grow into what you have always dreamed of.

  • Today, it is your birthday and I am going to make it special for you. Put on your best party clothes, wear your best smile and prepare to party! Happy Birthday sweet Pisces, meet me to our place.

  • To the over thinker of my life, to the person who is so sensitive and gets from zero to hundred so quickly, Happiest birthdays! Don’t ever change, I love you!

  • A special day for a special person. Happy Birthday little Pisces, I am wishing you happiness, health, prosperity and true love. Enjoy your special day!

  • Happy birthday buddy. I hope that this day will open a new chapter for your life full of love, laughter, pleasure and success!

Wishes for your Pisces Best Friend

  • To my best friend, the most caring, imaginative and romantic person in the entire world, happy birthday, I wish you tons of happiness and love!

  • Today it’s a special day, as it is your birthday. To the most sensitive and sentimental person I know, to the person we fight over where to have coffee and drinks, happiest birthdays! May all your wishes come true!

  • To all our sleep overs, to our long walks at the park, to us sitting next to each other in school for six years. A toast for my best friend’s birthday. I am wishing you the happiest birthdays and the happiest life possible.

  • Even if as my best friend you are kind of annoying sometimes, I will always love you and embarrass you with every chance I get! Happy birthday my Pisces, may we grow to be 100 years old and keep being silly together!


Birthday Wishes for your Mother

  • To the best mother I could ever ask for, Happy birthday mum, even though I can get you angry in two seconds, I love you! May you always be happy!

  • As it is your birthday today mum, I can’ help but remember everything we have been through together. You learned me to use my imagination in so many ways, you taught me your kindness and compassion and made me who I am today. Thank you for everything mum, Happy birthday!

  • The person that has been there for me since I was born has her birthday today. I want to thank you for everything you have given me mum. Happy birthday to the most important person in my life.

  • Mum, you possess the quality of humanity and true love. Your kindness in from another world. You are the best mum in the whole world. Happy birthday!

  • To the creative games, to the sleepless nights and our discussions, to your courage, to my amazing mother! Happy birthday my hero, I wish you be happy and healthy throughout your life!


Pisces Birthday Wishes for your Dad

  • My dad is a Pisces and that means he is the most caring, compassionate, imaginative person in my life. I love you dad for teaching me all those things even if I’m not a Pisces. Happiest birthdays to you!

  • You have been there for me during my childhood and you are still here now. Happy birthday dad, thank you for everything you have done for me. I love you.

  • Today it’s my Dad’s birthday! Happy birthday dad, wishing you all the enormous things in life! May you always be successful and receive lots of love!

  • Happy birthday Dad! You are one of the most intelligent and kind characters that I have ever met. Thank you for teaching me everything you know! I am proud to be your son!

  • Through your eyes, I can see the world in beauty. You have the ability to create beautiful things and you can ameliorate any bad situation. I love you Dad, Happy birthday!


Birthday Wishes for your Son or Daughter

  • When you were born, my life started having meaning and a purpose. To raise you well and protect you from everything. Now that you have your own little family, I hope you will do the same things too. Happy birthday sweetheart!

  • We were so excited to watch you grow and use your imagination to create new worlds and games. You were never bored and you always got along so well with other children! We love you and we wish you the happiest birthdays little Pisces. – Mum and Dad

  • Happy birthday little princess. May your life be filled with lots of love, health, good friends and tons of  stardust! We love you!- Mum and Dad

  • Happy birthday son! Wishing you a day with enjoyable surprises and a life full of love and laughter!

  • We have always admired your character, your kindness and your daydreaming skills. We are so proud of what you have become today. Keep growing and don’t ever compromise for anyone and anything. Happy Birthday honey! – Mum and Dad

  • To our only child, our treasure, happy birthday little one. Mum and Dad love you so much. Happy birthday precious child.


Wishes for your Pisces Brother or Sister

  • To the most loyal and at the same time  annoying sibling, happiest birthdays! I couldn’t be who I am now without you!

  • As we grew up together, I know you better than anyone else. I know what makes you happy, sad, angry or enthusiastic. Keep being original and imaginative. I love you little sister, happy birthday!

  • You have been there for me during my best and my worst phases, you have been my rock and thank you for that. Today it’s your day so I am here for you. Happy birthday big brother may you have the best time tonight at your party!

  • Happiest birthdays to the sweetest person in my life. I love you little sister. May cheerfulness always be a part of your life and may you keep creating and blooming through your art.

  • To the person with the most amazing qualities and character, to the most innocent little boy, happy birthday brother! May your life be filled with joy and health!

  • Big sister, you have shown me the qualities of true love and kindness. You have taught me so many things and through you I have learned how to be nice, how to surpass any bad situation using my imagination and how to care for my friends. Happy birthday!

Pisces Birthday Wishes for your Lover

  • The Pisces sign attributes creativity, artistic traits and imagination to the Pisces people. These are only a few things that I love on you. Happy birthday my love! May everything you want come to you in the following years.

  • To my ray of sunshine, my greatest love, to the person with the wildest imagination ever, happy birthday! I wish you all the best sweet Pisces.

  • Today we celebrate the birth of a very special person. My Pisces husband is what I ever needed in order to complete my life. Thank you for everything my love, Happiest birthdays! I adore you!

  • You have a way of cheering me up even if I am at my worst. You have the ability to make me forget all of my problems when I am with you. My sweet Pisces, you are more than I could ever ask for. Thank you for being in my life. Happy Birthday my one and only!

  • You know how to love, how to take care of your loved ones, you are a person with an amazing character who never leaves someone behind. You are a true diamond and a super Pisces. I love you, Happy birthday!


Overview for Pisces Birthday Wishes

We hope that you have gotten the main idea about Pisces Birthday Wishes. Our list was created for all kinds of relationships from family to friends and lovers.

Pisces are a little hard to please sometimes, as they can be demanding. You don’t have to buy them anything expensive or work hard to prepare an extravagant birthday party. Just make sure to invite everyone they would want to have next to them  on their special day. Make sure to create a birthday card and write a beautiful message with sentimental value for them. They will appreciate it more than an impersonal gift.

I f you are throwing them a party, don’t forget to prepare some games too. They can be board games, card games or even something that you will create from scratch. Use your own rules and characters. Pisces love imaginative worlds and creative games, so that will definitely be a plus to your friendship.

As far as the birthday wishes are concerned, you have already taken a look at them in our Birthday Wishes site. You can use them as they are or you could just take some inspo and create your own wishes. Feel free to do either thing. Make sure to stay tuned in our site because more things are coming!

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