Aquarius Birthday Wishes


Aquarius Birthday Wishes January 20- February 18

Personalized Aquarius Birthday Wishes are always a good idea for the special people in your life. You wouldn’t want to write the classic “happy birthday” in the card designated to your mother or your husband. Aquarians are not very demanding characters, but you would want to spend some time and put some effort in their birthday wishes!

First of all, if you have an Aquarius in your life then the first thing you know about them is that they are authentic. This is the main reason why you should give them a special birthday wish on their special day. By recognizing their authenticity, you will be even more appreciated by them. Aquarius is also known for attributing value in technology, teamwork and friendship. Furthermore, Aquarians love to spend time with their friends, and they are very good at socializing. Sometimes they can be out of this world with their ideas and goals, but isn’t it the reason why you love them?

Looking for Aquarius Birthday Wishes?

The list of Aquarius Birthday Wishes is here to give you an idea of how you should wish to the special Aquarius in your life. In our unique birthday wishes site, we know that sometimes it is hard to find the words to wish to your loved ones. Other times you may not have the time to create your own birthday wish, this is normal and nobody is going to judge you. Scroll down to our page to take inspiration from our ready-made Aquarius Birthday Wishes, use them as they are or change them to your preference. It’s completely up to you!

The Aquarians in your life, are definitely unique and special for you. In addition, their character is so vibrant and open, that you may characterize them as the girl or boy next door! Adding to that, they have their own pace when following their aspirations and thoughts and they can start interesting discussions with various topics.

Keep reading to find out the best Aquarius Birthday Wishes for your mother, father, brother or sister, best friend and lover. We have you covered for every category of intimacy!

Birthday Wishes For Aquarius

  • May your day be filled with joy and your life full of tears of happiness! Happy birthday!

  • I hope you are going to have a blast tonight on your birthday! Wishing you all the best sweet Aquarius!

  • I may not be here tonight on your special day, but I wish you happy birthday my Aquarius! Eat, drink and celebrate until the sun comes up!

  • It’s your birthday today, so I am wishing you a day filled with love and laughter. Have a great time with your family and loved ones. Happy Birthday!

  • On this particular day, I wish you to be happy and healthy. Happy Birthday my Aquarius!

  • Have the loudest celebration today! You have your birthday once a year so make it memorable! Happy birthday neighbour!

General Birthday Wishes for your Aquarius special one

  • As it is your birthday today, I wish you the best my Aquarius! Enjoy your special day with your loved ones!

  • Today is your birthday! Time to celebrate, put on your nicest clothes gather your friends, make a toast and don’t forget to make a wish before you blow the candles! Happy Birthday!

  • Wishing to a special person in my life, on his/her special day. May you live till your hundreds and surpass us all! Happy Birthday my Aquarius friend!

  • I have known you for quite a long time and as today is your birthday I wanted you to know how special you are to me. Keep growing wiser and stronger little Aquarius. Happiest birthdays!

  • During the past years you have become essential to me. Happy Birthday dearest, may all your imaginings come to life!

  • For all the times we stayed up late talking, to the endless walks, to our secret codes, Aquarius dear, you are one of the most special people in my life. Don’t ever change. Happy Birthday!

Wishes For Your Aquarius Best Friend

  • The universe brought us together some time long ago and you are still putting up with me! Thank you for all the good times we have been through my Aquarius! May you have the happiest birthdays!

  • To my forever best friend, happy birthday dude, may you live until your hundreds and may we continue to be sarcastic and cheerful forever!

  • You are the most authentic person I know. Even if we are apart, we stay together. To all the years of our friendship and to even more, happy birthday to my Aquarius best friend.

  • You are one of the most original and transparent people I have ever met in my life. For this and for other many reasons you are my best friend. Happy birthday dearest friend, may you continue to amaze me with your traits!

  • One of the most important people in my life has his birthday today. I would like to thank you for everything you have ever done for me during our friendship. You are the most confident and vibrant note in my life. Happiest birthdays to you!

  • To the one person who accepted my flaws and managed to get me to work on my fears in order to become a better person happy birthday. Thank you for being my best friend!

Wishes For Your Aquarius Mother

  • For all the times you stayed up waiting for my fever to pass, to all the meals you have been preparing for me, to all the kisses you have ever given me. Happy Birthday to the most amazing mum! I love you!

  • I know we may be fighting a lot over the smallest thing, but you are the perfect mother anyone could ever ask for! Happy birthday Aquarius mama!

  • You are the reason why I exist and you are the one who raised me to become who I am today. Happy birthday to the wisest mother!

  • To the most wonderful mother, happy birthday! May you always be here to continue teaching us all the incredible values you have and things you know.

  • When we were kids you always understood our pains, our happiness and our negative thoughts. No one will ever understand me as good as you have. You have been by my side always, even when we were fighting. Thank you for everything you have done for me mum. Happy birthday!

  • There is always a person in everybody’s life, who can be associated with true love and happiness. You are that person for me mum. Happiest birthdays, may you always continue to spread your love to us!


Aquarius Birthday Wishes For Your  Dad

  • For every time you waited me to finish from my classes so that you would get me home safely, to all the advice you have been giving me, happy birthday dad! May all your wishes come true!

  • To the coolest Aquarius Dad, happiest birthdays! You always are the soul to our parties!

  • You have always taught me love, respect and compassion. I am now teaching the same things to my kids thanks to you. Happy Birthday Dad, may you live to become 100 years!

  • To the rock of my life, my true supporter and my biggest fan, happy birthday daddy! Thank you for always believing in me!

  • To the man that raised me to be kind, respective and loyal, happy birthday dad! I wish more people were like you and had your values. I love you.

  • In the beginning of the new classes in primary school, after the summer break, the teacher always asked us to write an essay about a person that we admire. Most of us back then, we would write about famous people, politicians or singers. Today, if I were to write that essay, I would definitely write about you Dad. Thank you for always inspiring me. Happy birthday!

Aquarius Birthday Wishes For Son And Daughter

  • To the sweetest daughter we could ask for, happy birthday little one. May all your wishes come true! -Mum and Dad

  • To our boy who turns 15 this year, happy birthday son! Your father and I are very proud of you. Keep amazing us! -Mum and Dad

  • We are wishing the happiest birthdays to our daughter (or son), who has been supporting us ever since she finished her studies. We love you and we hope that you will have an amazing time today during your Birthday.

  • For your special day, I am wishing you a happy birthday. May you always be as cheerful and expressive as you were in your childhood. Don’t ever grow up! -Your mother

  • You came in the world and you made our lives important and meaningful. Happy birthday sweetheart may you always be happy and healthy.

  • For the little princess in our lives, happy birthday sweetie, may your life continue to be like a fairytale!

  • To the most handsome and charming little boy, happy birthday little prince, may you always be cheerful!

  • Since you were a baby, we have always dreamed about you being healthy and successfully in your life. Today, on your birthday, we couldn’t ask for more. Happy birthday dearest child, may everything you have ever wished for come true!

Birthday wishes For Aquarius Brother And Sister

  • To the most “annoying” sibling I grew up with, I am wishing all the best. I am proud of what you have become. Happy birthday little Aquarius!

  • Today, the most amazing brother has his birthday! Enjoy your day big brother, thank you for always being next to me! Happy Birthday!

  • A brother always understands his sisters fears, worries and confusion. I have always protected you and I will keep doing so forever. Happy birthday little Aquarius, take care and enjoy your special day!

  • Since our childhood we have been laughing, fighting and even crying together. Yet, every time I look back, I cherish all these moments with you- despite the bruises from the fighting and timeouts mum and dad gave us. I wish that we will keep creating memories, to the greatest brother ever, happy birthday!

  • We had to share a bedroom for basically our entire childhood. We grew up in that room, we fought, we played video games, we read books and we invited friends over. I know you better than anyone and so do you. Happy birthday bro, I miss you!

Aquarius Birthday Wishes For Your Lover

  • To the special man (or woman) in my life, happy birthday, may our life together be always prosperous and cheerful.

  • To all the good and bad moments we have been through in our marriage! Without you life would not be as sweet, it would rather be sour like a lemon. Happy Birthday sweet Aquarius.

  • To my husband or wife, who has been by my side for so many years, I am wishing you happy birthday. I will always support you and be here for you my love.

  • To the most handsome boyfriend happy birthday! I wish you have a great time at the party tonight my Aquarius!

  • You are an amazing person with a loving personality and lots of extraordinary traits. You are the light in my life and my truest love. Happy Birthday honey may you always be happy!


All of these Aquarius Birthday Wishes were created for the special person in your life. So if you have an important person in your life who is born between the end of January and February 18th, we have your back! Personally, we believe that gifting an expensive item to someone for his birthday and not giving him a card or a true wish, is impersonal. In fact, crafting a complex or more simple card,  is what this person needs.

Even if you don’t have any crafting skills, a white piece of paper with a unique wish on it will make the difference. Your special Aquarius can keep this piece of paper forever in their drawers and their hearts.

We hoped that you enjoyed reading our Aquarius Birthday Wishes in our site, and that you have been inspired to write the best wishes to your loved ones. Stay tuned for more!


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