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Romantic and Erotic Messages and Birthday Wishes

For good and for bad, with the busy schedules and obligations that the average person has to deal with, it is difficult to be with your partner all day. But in order to maintain a healthy relationship, communication is essential, even when the couple is not physically together. So what you can do is find the right Birthday Wishes For Lovers and Friends.

Social media such as Facebook has provided us with this great help, enabling you to reach out to anyone from long distances. Another important thing that a couple has to maintain besides physical contact is physical and spiritual attraction.

So, drawing a conclusion from these two needs, we find that there is a need for these social media to be used to maintain a level of “spark” and romance between the couple when they are not physically together.

Words of Love for Lovers

Α few words in an impersonal message cannot replace physical contact! But they can keep it to a minimum so as to energize your partner’s imagination enough that he or she wants to see you closely. Make sure to express your love using the right birthday wishes for lovers and friends.

Because we know you have no idea what to write here, we offer you the best romantic and sweet messages and birthday wishes to send to your partner!


Romantic Love Birthday Wishes


If you were a flower you would be a rose, if you were a season you would be spring and if you were a star you would be so bright that you would even shine in the day! Happy birthday my love!

And just thinking that I have to spend another year away makes my heart ache. I miss you. If I knew what it means to love, then surely I would never have loved you! Happy birthday my love!

But now I love you and I can’t stop! You can’t imagine how much I look forward to returning home to see the surprise I have prepared for you. I miss you! Happy birthday my love!

If in my life I was to love twice then the first time I would love you and if that was wrong then … the second time I would love my mistake! Happy birthday my dear!

All the fragrances of Spring come out of your body, all the shapes of the universe are painted in your soul, all the heavenly sounds come out of your voice! Happy birthday honey!

You are truly the dream of a God who is drunk with happiness! You can’t imagine how much it hurts me not to be here right now. I miss you like nothing else in this world. Happy birthday honey!

I see all the paintings of the world in your own eyes, because you can only paint love in my heart. Happy birthday honey!

To see the world in the sand and paradise in the wildflowers, keep infinity in your hand and eternity for an hour. Happy birthday honey!

I write your name in asterisk, in a universe that no one else saw except you – in my heart. Happy birthday honey!

I’m not worried about swimming, because your love is life-long for waves. Happy birthday honey!

Don’t count the moments of your absence, because my heart watch stopped forever for you. Happy birthday my true love!

Your smile is the most tender image I have in my mind. I want you to know that I love you and miss you. Happy birthday my dear!

I can never forget you, because the sun reminds you. Happy birthday my dear!

If you feel a pain in your body in 2-3 minutes don’t be scared I’m looking for a hug and digging to find a place in your heart !!! Happy birthday my dear!

I want you to know that I would do anything for you, just ask for it. I love you and miss you. Happy birthday my dear!

And just thinking of you, my whole body is shaking. I need you here and now. Happy birtday my dear!

I can not wait to see you. If you read this message you owe me a kiss if you save it a hug if you answer an appointment if you owe me everything you owe! Happy birthday my dear!

If every time I thought of a star falling then the moon would know what to say lonely !!! Happy birthday my dear!

Every second away you look like eternity. I look forward to seeing you again. I miss you. Happy birthday my dear!

I wrote in the clouds I love you and the air took over … I wrote in the sand I love you and the sea is gone … I wrote in my heart I love you and no one will extinguish it! Happy birthday my dear!

I saw the day without the sun and I was not scared … I saw the night without the moon and I was not scared … I thought my life without you and tears !!! Happy birthday my dear!

Love came to my heart with a swallow holding your name in its beak. Happy birthday my love!

Your love draws me near you, like the sand the wave, the spring the swallow, the sun the water. Happy birthday my love!

My greatest joy is to remember how sad I feel when you are missing. Happy birthday my love!

I wanted to give you the sun but it disappears at night … I wanted to give you the stars but the day disappears … so I give you my love that never goes away !!! Happy birthday my love!

I’d like it to be a drop of your blood to roll in your veins to see if I have it for you! Happy birthday my love!

I want to confess my love to you, but I lose them in front of you like the traveller who leaves the station one second before the train arrives … Happy birthday my love!

Serve it with coffee, but serve it with your lips for a truly delicious oriental aroma. Happy birthday my love!

A circle is a life centred on love, the diameter of love and the size of the tear. Happy birthday my love!

To unite one man with another … It’s natural, one star with another, it’s reasonable. To unite a man with a star, it’s magical … Goodnight my star …! Happy birthday my love!

Your love is my land and my love is your axis. Your love is my parachute, it arrives to open in time. Happy birthday my love!

When you are missing, the moon hides in the dark, because it has nothing nice to see… Happy birthday my love!

Even if I conquer the whole earth, for me there will be only you. Happy birthday my love!

If you love someone, just leave. If he comes back, it’s yours, if he doesn’t come back, he’s never been. Happy birthday my love!

If your dreams come true, your hopes drop, your aches and pains. Then you fell in love. Happy birthday my love!

If love is a crime, then one is worthy of becoming a criminal. Happy birthday my love!

If thought were present, you would never be near me. Happy birthday my love!

When God made the angels he made such a beautiful good and sweet that he envied him so he took him with a fury and threw him to the earth … “did you hit my angel?” Happy birthday my love!

When I die I want to become a star to brighten your nights and when I fall .. I want to be your best wish! Happy birthday my love!

When I kiss your hot lips I think it’s summer. You are the sexiest escorts ever! Happy birthday my love!

There is love between two people when ONE lives and exists only for ALL. Happy birthday my love!

If I were a leaf I would fall. If I were a candle I would be extinguished. If I were a song I’d be perfect. But if I were one of them … I wouldn’t know you. Happy birthday my love!

If I knew a word that touched your heart I would whisper to you until my lips were bleached. Happy birthday my love!

If you were tears in my eyes I would never cry, let alone lose you. If you love me and I love you I want you to insist, because my life my love is given to you. Happy birthday my love!

I saw a very nice dream last night, which came true when you sent me a message. Happy birthday my love!

Distances may separate us physically, but my soul will always be with you. I love you. Happy birthday my love!

In a perfect version of my life, I may not know what most things would be, but I know I would spend it with you. Happy birthday my love!

Love, they say, goes through the stomach, so I eat with my eyes constantly! Happy birthday my love!

When you laugh Spring is crying, because your beauty is jealous. When the earth quakes I think I’m in love with your love! Happy birthday my love!

When I tremble with your love I think the earth is earthquake! I never melt my shoes because I fly with the wings of your love. Happy birthday my love!

How did my joy, my sadness, and my loneliness crave you… Happy birthday my love!

The silence of the dream reigns as Love caresses me … Happy birthday my love!

I asked a flower, a bird and a human what love is. The flower blossomed, the bird sang and the man wept. Happy birthday my love!

I love you doesn’t mean I want you to love me. It means I want to make your world the same as paradise to see what a beautiful sight my eyes see when I look at you. Happy birthday my love!

Thank you for coming into my life, thank you for making me feel so special, thank you for giving me heavenly happiness even for a moment, thank you for letting me love you, thank you for even if you made me understand what the price of true love is ……Happy birthday my love!

The real pain. I am looking for you in my wilderness, for I am only thirsting for your lips.Happy birthday my love!

Your eyes are two fires. I pass between them and I burn with craving! Happy birthday my love!

Your eyes are the depth of a cave. All of Ali Baba’s treasures are hidden there! Happy birthday my love!

Your kisses are “first aid”. Girlfriend with me constantly to breathe! Happy birthday my love!

Your lips on a boat and your kiss on the sea. Travel with me and let me sink into the craving. Happy birthday my love!

The blue of the sea, the bloody red of the poppy, the cool green of the forest, the bright orange of the sun are the colours of our love. Happy birthday my love!

Your look is a book that never ends. In it I read the world! Happy birthday my love!

Kiss me, embrace me loudly. Be the chain that will always bind me with happiness. Happy birthday my love!

It is the fate that I am not going to live near. It’s the luck that made me love you so much! Blame the stars who tell you about me! It is your fault that my eyes are crying! Happy birthday my love!

Until I met you, my life was incredibly dull and meaningless. Ever since you came along, life seems like a beautiful ballad of colours! Thank you for everything. I love you, my dearest. Happy Birthday!

What did I do to deserve a lover like you? Having you by my side seems like a dream. You are the universe and everything within. Wishing you a happy birthday, sunshine!

People like you are a rarity in this world and I can’t believe in sharing the privilege of knowing one! Stay like this forever, sweetheart. Happy Birthday!

I wish I could make you see how my heart skips a beat whenever I lay eyes upon you. Those enchanting eyes of yours have got me mesmerized, honey! You are perfect in every sense. Happy Birthday!

I can’t believe I get to wake up next you every day. I thank my stars every day! You are my favourite muse. Happy Birthday!

You have given me so much to love and remember over the years. I can’t thank you enough for that. Thank you for the wonderful years of courtship, honey. Happiest birthday, my love!

You have changed my life in so many that at times I wonder where would I really be without you. If loving you is a mistake, I am happy to be in the wrong forever. You are everything I could ask for in a partner. I lov8!e you. Happiest birthday, love!

All of me loves all of you, with all your flaws and imperfections. I promise to love you like this till death do us part. Wishing you all the wonderful things, my love. Happy Birthday!

I never knew your love could be so intoxicating, my heart. I am so drunk in your love. Do you know what the funny part is? I don’t wish to get sober anytime soon. You are all the beautiful things they say about love. I can’t believe I get to call you mine, honey. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Messages For Good Friends

“I’ll be there for you . . .”

Sounds familiar? FRIENDS! Yes! The iconic American sitcom which narrates the story of 6 friends. 25 years down the line and the show is still symbolic of love and friendship. The consequential significance of Friendship in the show reminds us of how important Friends can be in our lives.

Friends are truly a blessing in disguise. A family we get to choose, a family bonded by love. The tendency to convey the love and care we harbour for them comes to us naturally, without any malice, just affection in its purest form. After all, we all want our friends to feel loved and acknowledged. Here’s a list of thoughtfully curated Birthday Wishes to send to your friends that will surely make them tear up!

To think of it, life without friends would certainly be so boring. Friends are more like an extended family, a family you get to choose, a family not bonded by blood but by hearts. No matter what happens, you will find your friends standing right next to you, having your back.

A meaningful Birthday Wish will not only commemorate your friendship but will also help the other person feel incredibly valued.

Thoughtful messages to share with your friends to make them feel special

To all the good times spent together, here’s a little toast to our sweet friendship. Happy Birthday!

You have been an incredible source of courage and strength for me. Seeing you everyday inspires me to become a better person. Thank you so much for everything. Happy Birthday!

Thank you for all the wonderful memories. I will cherish all of it till my very last breath. Happiest birthday, dear friend!

I wish you all the best things in the world. I hope you become the person you aspire to be. Happy birthday!

Taking this opportunity to thank god for blessing the universe with such a lovely gift that is your existence. Happy Birthday!

On your special day I want you to know that you are one of the best things to have ever happen to me. Thank you for everything. Happy Birthday, pal!

I remember the day when we first met. We were incredibly young and didn’t have a single clue about how friendship works. Well, For me, one of the biggest takeaways from everything we have shared over the years is this, there are no guidelines to friendship. It happens to you when you least expect it. Thank you for being my beautiful coincidence. Happy Birthday!

If I had a dollar for each time I said I love you, I would surely be a millionaire by now! I feel incredibly blessed to have you in my life, buddy. Keep doing you! Happiest birthday!

Words fail to describe how much I love you. You have been an incredible source of inspiration to me and many others. I wish you light, luck and love for all your future endeavours. I am so very proud of you. Happy Birthday, buddy!

The world became a lot more better when you came into this world. The universe owes you big time! Keep rising! Keep Shining! Happy Birthday, pal!

Of all the things that I hold dear, you certainly top the list. Your friendship is a blessing I wouldn’t let go of ever. I love you with all my heart. Thank you for everything. Happiest birthday, best friend!

If you are on the lookout for heart-warming wishes and text messages in order to send them to your loved ones, Birthday Wish Star is an incredible platform that houses a  collection of Birthday Messages that one can share among their loved ones! We hope that you enjoyed our birthday wishes for lovers and friends!

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