Gemini Birthday Wishes – May 21 – June 21


Gemini Birthday Wishes – May 21 – June 21

Fun-loving, stylish, intelligent, cheerful, all these traits belong to a true Gemini. With all these amazing traits, it is extremely difficult to satisfy a Gemini. A Gemini will only appreciate an out of the box effort, making them feel special about their Birthday. So, when you plan to pen down your wishes for them, you need to put in a lot of thinking.

Worry not, this article has all that your Gemini friend, parent, sibling will love. These wishes are bound to make them smile. No mushy stares but only lots and lots of hugs are what you will get from them this Birthday! Barge them with innumerable birthday wishes on this birthday eve, making it unforgettable for them.


Wishes For Gemini Father 

  • “What would I do without you, dad? Don’t even want to imagine. Wishing you many many returns of the day! Love you loads.”

  • “Happy Birthday, dad! Even words cannot express my love for you. You bring all the happiness to my life and make it worth living. Thank you!”

  • “As you turn a year younger, I wish you nothing but all the happiness in the world. Love you a lot, dad. May you get all that you want. Happy Birthday!”

  • “With each passing day, I keep looking up to you, dad! May I come as your daughter every year. Happy Birthday! Love you loads.”

  • “It’s not the blood relation that makes me so fond of you, but it’s your genuineness that makes me look up to you. Thank you for everything, Happy Birthday, my cutest father!”

  • “Nobody can understand and motivate me better than you do. I’m glad to have come to this planet as your daughter, may I get to be with you till my last breath. Love you, papa, wishing you a very happy birthday!”

  • “Nobody can love me the way you do, and you’re my everything. I love you more than you can ever imagine. Happy Birthday to you, dad! May you live for the longest of time.”

  • “Wishing you many many returns of the day, dad! May all your wishes come true, and you get all that you deserve! Love you!”


Gemini Birthday Wishes For Mother 

  • “Nobody can cook as good as you do, mum. You’re irreplaceable, and it’s not possible to be the way you are. Happy Birthday to the most beautiful mum on this planet! I love you.”

  • “Happy birthday Mamma! Thank you for grooming as nobody else could have. I’m glad to have been born as a part of you, and it’s a blessing to have you in my life. Love you to the moon and back!”

  • “This is for my most precious treasure! There is nobody on this planet that can replace your presence, Mum. You’re wonderful just the way you are. Happy Birthday, beautiful!”

  • “Hey, wonderful lady, you’re the whole and soul of my life. Please be the way you are and thank you for everything, my Gemini lady. Happy Birthday gorgeous!”

  • “The kind of things you do for me, the kind of sacrifices you’ve made for me, there is nobody on this planet who can do so much for anybody. It’s my stars that I should thank for having you as my mum. You’re like nobody else I’ve ever met! May you have the most amazing year ahead. Happy Birthday, Mum!”

  • “You’re one person who will never let me feel alone. On the occasion of your Birthday, it’s my pleasure to be able to spend it with you and be a part of your celebrations! Thank you for letting me be a part of your life dear mother! Happy Birthday!”

  • “Amidst all the flowers in the world, you’re that one flower that nobody else can replace. You’re one of the most gorgeous women I have ever met in my life, and it’s really a big deal to share my life with you. It’s your efforts that have made me reach where I am today. Thank you, mum! Wishing you the most memorable birthday ever!”

  • “With each passing day, you look nothing but a year younger. More than a mum, you’re like my friend, my sister, who supports me in every decision that I take! It is extremely difficult to imagine a life without you. Thank you for everything that you do for me. Happy Birthday dearest mother.”


Gemini Birthday Wishes For Sister 

  • “My partner in crime, wishing you many many returns of the day! I don’t know how I would escape all the anger that mum throws on me, and without where I would actually be! Thank you for all the savings and all the love that you shower on me. Happy birthday, dearest sister.”

  • “On the occasion of your Birthday, I take the opportunity to tell you how much I love you. I have never been so attached to anybody else, and I’m lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for being a part of my life, my shining star. Wishing you a very happy birthday!”

  • “My most favourite time spent is the time I spend with you. I love my days a little more when they are spent in your company. Thank you for being around through my thin and thick. You’re my soul sister, and no matter how much I fight with you, the truth is that I cannot spend even a day without you. Happy Birthday my cute sister. I love you loads.”

  • “The way you hide my flaws, to protect me from the world. The way you wrap me in your arms, to shield me from evil. There’s nobody else who can save me for the bad as you do. Thank you for coming into my life as my sister. Happy Birthday!”

  • “You are that kind of a person who lights up to the room with just your presence. You being around forever is all that I wish for. I’m glad I have a sister like you. Happy Birthday gorgeous!”

  • “You’re that kind of a person who always stays happy and makes everyone around you happy. Your aura is such that nobody can take your place on this planet. You’re the sweetest person I have ever met in my life. I love you, my sweet sister, and here’s wishing you a wonderful birthday!”

  • “You’re like my Power puff twin, who completes me and fills my flaws. I cannot imagine living without you, and it’s only your presence that makes me comfortable in every step that I take. Happy Birthday to the most genuine person I have ever met! I love you, sweetie.”

  • “Even though I don’t thank you enough for doing all that you do for me. I appreciate every little step that you have taken for me to protect me from this world. It’s only your efforts that have made me achieve all that I wanted in life. I take this auspicious occasion to portray my love for you. Happy Birthday, my soul sister, you’re irreplaceable!”


Gemini Birthday Wishes For Brother 

  • “Maybe not tied to each other by blood, but tied to each other through the strings of our hearts. Happy Birthday my protector, my guide. There is nobody like you. Thank you for being around me always.”

  • “People call us similar by the way we look, and they say we are each other’s copy. No matter how much I cringe over that, I take pride in calling myself your sister. Happy Birthday to my most precious human being. No one can ever replace you.”

  • “I must say that in your presence, I feel the safest. Nothing scares me more than your absence, and I pray to God each day that I have you in my life till my last breath. Wishing you many happy returns of the day, my one and only. Thank you for helping me all throughout.”

  • “My teacher, my mentor, my guide, nothing can describe the amount I love you. Thank you for being by my side when nobody else was. I love you with my whole heart. Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday, dear brother.”

  • “You are truly the most hard-working and the most jovial person I have ever come across. Your behaviour spreads positivity and optimism amongst the people around you. I am lucky to have a true brother like you. Wish you a very happy birthday!”

  • “Here’s wishing you a very happy birthday! May you get all that you desire for and have the most amazing year ahead! Love you tonnes.”

  • “Many many happy returns of the day, baby brother. No matter how young you are, you never fail to protect me like an elder brother. You’re like nobody I have ever seen before, and you’re one gem of a person. Thank you for everything, previous.”

  • “I hope that on this Birthday you get all that you have ever desired for. Even though we are not next to each other this year, I will always be with you. I’ll always be a support system to you and will never let you down. Happy Birthday to my closest person on this planet. I love you the way I have never loved anyone before.”


Wishes For Gemini lover 

  • “Happy Birthday, my lifeline. You are that person who can cheer me up the way nobody else can. No matter how stubborn you are, my Gemini, for me you will always be a gem of a person. I love you, sweetheart.”

  • “You’re the best thing that this life has given me. I don’t know where I would stand without you, and you’re the most important being of my life. Thank you for being mine and helping me make most of this lifetime. Happy Birthday my dearest Gemini!”

  • “Even though you’re not next to me right now but I hope that this Birthday is really special for you. The year ahead will be much better and filled with joy and love. Happy Birthday my soulmate. I love you to the moon and back!”

  • “Hey, my Gemini, May this year you hey to party a lot. Find some new rules to make and some new ones to break. May you succeed in all your endeavors, and all your dreams come true. Wishing you a very happy birthday, love.”

  • “Who says a Gemini will never be loyal to you? I’ve never known about loyalty unless I met you. Thank you for being who you are, and I wish that you never change. Nobody can ever replace you in my life, which you make you the most important human of my life. Happy Birthday with all my heart and soul!”

  • “With your witty Gemini nature and your intellect, you never fail to make me smile. You’re my go-to person and my best friend too. I’m glad to have found a friend in your first and then my soulmate. Thank you for everything, my love. Here’s wishing you the most amazing birthday ever!”

  • “If you ever fail to realize your worth, each day, I will remind you of it. You’re a wonderful person with the purest heart. It’s very difficult to find someone like you in today’s time. Thank you for pulling me up each time when I fall and celebrating with me all my achievements. Happy Birthday, boss lady!”

  • “It’s often said that Geminis tend to change their mind every day, but when it comes to me, you go nowhere. The amount of love and affection you shower on me, nobody else does. I wish I had met you a little early in life so that I would have spent more time with you. It would be wrong to say that I miss you because to miss someone, you need to forget them. And you’re forever in my heart. Have a blessed birthday! May this year bring only success for you.”

  • “They say that Geminis are hard-hearted but not anymore. I’ll shower you with all my love this Birthday, which will melt you like wax. Happy Birthday my dearest Gemini lover! You’re nothing that the world has ever seen before. Thank you for showering me with your pure and genuine soul.”

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