Scorpio Birthday Wishes – October 23 – November 21


Scorpio Birthday Wishes – October 23 – November 21

Scorpio’s are brilliant leaders and very passionate people. They dedicate themselves to any project that they take upon. The Scorpios are very passionate about every work that they do, and hence birthday wishes for Scorpios will also have to be as passionate and brilliant as them.

The creative birthday wishes will win over the hearts and the love of your special one. These birthday wishes are specially curated for scorpions. Go ahead and wish your scorpion a very happy birthday with these customized birthday wishes. Be prepared to shower them with your love on their birthday.


General Scorpio Birthday Wishes

  • “Scorpios give out the best hugs. But, on your birthday, I am sending you millions of my sweet hugs. Happy birthday, sweetie.”

  • “I hope that your birthday will be as sweet, warm, and comforting as your hugs. Have a happy and splendid birthday. I wish you a lifetime of success, luck, and happiness today.”

  • “It is said that leaders are born in November. You are a great leader. May your year be filled with fulfilling your ambitions, aspirations, goals, and dreams. Have a birthday filled with prosperity, and have an amazing year ahead. Happy birthday my sweetie.”

  • “Scorpions are notorious and mysterious. They enter your life to soften and better it. You never know when they will walk away because they are not argumentative and nor are they the ones to say goodbye. But I will never let you say goodbye to me. I will forever be there by your side, unraveling the mystery that you are. Have an amazing birthday, and all my wishes, love and support are always with you.”

  • “You will set the stage on fire someday with your talent, and I hope you will light your birthday candles with the same fire. Have a fiery birthday, my rock star. You shine my world.”

  • “You entered my life and changed me for the best. I will always be grateful to you for the same. Have a happy birthday. I send you my gratitude and love on your special day.”

  • “Scorpions are aloof and somber at first glance. But like an onion, they have many layers. I am lucky to have discovered and experienced your funny side, serious side, loving side, and a daredevil side as well. To my partner in crime and the best person, I have in my life, have a happy birthday.”

  • “Celebrate your birthday happily today and celebrate yourself every day for the rest of your life. People around you love and cherish you, always. Have a happy birthday, baby.”

  • “Scorpions are independent and love being by themselves. I feel grateful that despite this, you have still chosen me to be by your side. Have a happy and amazing birthday today. I am sending you my love, hugs, and kisses.”

  • “Scorpios are determined, and because of this, they achieve everything. I am so proud of all your accomplishments and wish you all the best in your life. Have a happy birthday, sweetheart.”


Scorpio General Wishes For Best Friend

  • “Scorpions are a great problem solver, and you always solve mine. As a gift, I give you a promise today to always support you through yours. Happy birthday, bestie.”

  • “The bestie of mine is the most amazing best friend I could have and a typical scorpion I have ever met. You are born a leader, and you lead my life to only better things. Have a happy birthday, my friend.”

  • I hope that the brightest of joys cross your path, and the journey leads you to the destination of your dreams. Have a happy birthday, and I wish you a lifetime of success, happiness, luck, love, and prosperity.”

  • “You are my truest friend, and I love you the most in the world. You are my sweetest and most charming scorpion. Have a blast today. Your loved ones, and I cherish you every day. Happy birthday, BFF.”

  • “I hope that this birthday will be the most memorable one for you, my sweet scorpion. Have a happy birthday, cutie.”

  • “You are a handful, but I love our bond and roles in this friendship. I hope that we always stay with friends. Have a happy birthday, sweetie.”

  • “Scorpions are loyal and worthy of everyone around them. You make everyone’s life better. Have a happy birthday today. I hope you keep making everyone smile, and your smile too every day.”

  • “You are amazing and also very possessive of me. I promise you will be the only best friend in my life. Have a birthday as amazing as you. Happy birthday.”

  • “You are lazy, and you always oversleep. You are not a morning person at all. But go get up today and celebrate the amazing self that you are. Have a happy birthday today, my bestie.”

  • “Scorpions are just and fair. You treat me the way I treat you. But I know I must mean a lot to you when you treat me well in rocky times and when my attitude is a little frosty. I want to thank you today for always being the shoulder I can lean on. Have a happy birthday m best friend; you deserve the best in everything and nothing less.”


Scorpio Birthday Wishes For Lover

  • “You bring light, life, and joy in my world. I wish you a year filled with warmth. Sending across much love, hugs, and kisses to you, my love. Have a happy birthday.”

  • “Dear wifey, may your birthday be as sunny as your smile. May it be as warm as your hugs. Happy birthday to you.”

  • “Your sweet nature is celebrated today by cutting the sweetest cake. When you blow the candles, I will wish along with you that may all your wishes come true. Have an amazing birthday today, and let’s celebrate you today together. Have a happy birthday, hubby.”

  • “I am sending across special wishes to my special scorpion. Have an amazing birthday. Happy birthday you, my love, my soul mate.”

  • “Great leaders across all generations have been born as scorpions. No wonder you are such a great leader. You lead our family towards joy, success, and happiness every day. Happy birthday to my dominant leader, man.”

  • “You are as hard and gooey as a cream cheesecake on the outside. Yet, you are sweet and soft like honey on the inside. Have a very happy birthday, my baby. I love you.”

  • “I hope that your spirit and soul rise to great things every day. Have an amazing birthday. I love you, always. Happy birthday, sweetie.”

  • “You are cute, smart, funny, intelligent, and so much more. Though you grow older, you also get more beautiful and wiser. Age is doing wonders for you. I pray you always shine. Have a happy birthday, my ray of sunshine.”

  • “You are the man I always dreamed of. Being with you always feels so surreal. Every day that I wake up next to you, I thank my lucky stars. It is written in the stars that you will have an amazing birthday today. Let us cherish and celebrate you today with a slice of cake as sweet as you. Happy birthday to my joy and to my soul.”

  • “It is written in the stars that you are a typical Scorpio. Have a typical Scorpio birthday. Have a happy birthday.”


Scorpio Birthday Wishes For Mother

  • “Like a true Scorpio, I hope your passion, charm, and determination take you to new heights. Have a happy birthday, mum.”

  • “Mum, you will always be the first woman who I will ever love. Have an amazing birthday and year ahead.”

  • “A scorpion mum is possessive of their child, and so have you always been like with me. You have always taught me to be independent, successful, and fearless. I think I am all of these things today because you nurtured it in me. I will forever be grateful for the way you have raised me; thank you, mum. Have a happy birthday, mammy from your darling little girl.”

  • “As a kid, you have always surprised me with toys, parties, and favourite little treats. I send you a cake and a card filled with love today to surprise you. Have a splendid birthday. There are many surprises awaiting you today.”

  • “You are perfect for me, and I hope that your birthday will be as perfect as you are to me. Have an amazing birthday, and I hope that the rest of your year stays that way.”

  • “Mum, just by thinking of you, I am filled with warmth and love. Your face is the anchor that helps me save myself from drowning. You are my home, comfort zone, and a safety blanket. I know that I am always safe with you and that you will always support me without any judgment. Have an amazing birthday, and I promise you today to always be by your side and support you through everything.”

  • “You are an angel mum that has been sent by the gods. We got you after the good deeds of many lives. You are my guardian angel, and your beauty and grace astound us all. We are all so proud of you and love you unconditionally. Have a happy birthday, mammy.”

  • “Your kindness and love are an inspiration for me. Anywhere that I see you, I feel like I am in the company of divine power. You are my everything. I hope this card will invoke the love and bond we share through this card. I love you. Happy birthday, mum. I hope you have a birthday that is as amazing as you are.”

  • “You have always wanted the best for me. No matter what, you always pushed me outside my comfort zone. You have always believed and trusted in my abilities when I couldn’t. Thank you for being my biggest fan and cheer. I will always love you and thank you for life given by you. Have a happy birthday.”

  • “I have always held myself in a way that you would be proud to call me your baby boy. No matter how old you or I get, I will always lean on you for guidance and support. You are wonderful, and I wish I were half as good as you when I will be your age. Have an amazing birthday today.”


Scorpio Birthday Wishes For Father

  • “You are my super dad. You are the man that I have always aspired myself to be. I am happy to say that I am mini-you. You have always sacrificed everything for me, and in return today I want to give you the whole world thank you for always giving me what I wanted. Have a happy birthday, dad.”

  • “Daddy, I will always be your little girl and princess. You are the person whose quality I want in my partner, as well. You are my inspiration and motivation. Thank you for always making me feel safe and warm like a typical scorpion father. It was written in the stars that you and I will share this special relation. Have a blast today. Your little girl wishes you all the happiness and very happy birthday.”

  • “You are my real-life hero. Have a birthday fit for a true hero. Have an amazing birthday, dad.”

  • “Your hugs have always felt like home. Your love and support have been the pillar on which I have built my life. I will continue to always love and support you as you have always done for me. I love you, dad. Happy birthday, dad.”

  • “Dad, you are the shoulder on which I have always sat and seen the whole world. Meanwhile, I always knew that you are my entire world. You have always let me use your shoulders to face the world. I know that I can always hide behind you but because I am your daughter, I face it every day bravely. Thank you for making me fearless and courageous. On your birthday today, I thank you for always being with me. Happy birthday, dad.”

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