Witty Birthday Wishes

Witty birthday wishes

Sometimes it is difficult to express your deepest thoughts and witty birthday wishes to your loved ones in the most important circumstances of life!

Writing a beautiful and witty wish is not always an easy task. For those who are not very good with witty birthday wishes and need help, on Birthday Wishes Star you will find special wishes that you can use to send to all those you love on their birthday and other special occasions.


Witty birthday wishes for all

Witty birthday wishes
Witty birthday wishes
  • Life is a wonderful journey, so make sure you enjoy every mile.

  • Happy Birthday! May God bless you constantly and raise your life to amazing heights.

  • May every blessed day of your life be as sunny as the sunniest day in paradise.

  • May every candle on your birthday cake bring you a billion blessings.

  • I wish this birthday light to shine for you today.

  • The best things you have ever enjoyed are nothing compared to the wonderful things that await you in the future. Have a wonderful birthday.

  • May the brightest star always illuminate the course of your life.

  • May this day bring you closer to the life you have always imagined for yourself. Have a seemingly fantastic birthday.

  • May this day put in your life the amount of sweetness you bring to my life.

  • Your birthday can be amazing. May your gifts be great.

  • Maybe your birthday is as good as homemade apple pie.

  • May your birthday celebrations follow the paths of God.

  • Maybe your birthday cup is overflowing with goodies.

  • May your heart always guide you to find the truest form of happiness – because you deserve it all. My best wishes!


Witty birthday wishes for more occasions

Witty birthday wishes
Witty birthday wishes
  • May every year that is added to your life bring even more love & happiness! Happy Birthday!

  • I wish you to find what you are looking for, to get what you want & to be loved as much as you want! Happy Birthday!

  • I wish this year’s birthday to be different, to bring you happiness & joy in the future!

  • You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream! Happy Birthday!

  • A true friend remembers your birthday but not your age! Happy Birthday!

  • Do not just count your years, make sure your years count & remember Youth is the gift of nature but age is a work of art. Happy Birthday!


Witty birthday wishes for name-day

Witty birthday wishes
Witty birthday wishes
  • Together with my love, my thoughts and wishes to always accompany you! Happy Birthday & Happy Name-day!

  • Happy Birthday to you, to live in health & the moments that will come to have happiness!

  • Accept my wishes for happy birthday & my assurance for happy years!

  • You are the best, the most beautiful, the most worthy, the most correct, the strongest, the sexiest, the most successful … because of course you are the one who celebrates today! Happy Birthday!


Witty birthday wishes for engagement

Witty birthday wishes
Witty birthday wishes
  • May your engagement rings be blessed & may your hearts always be united, happy birthday!

  • In this engagement here nothing is missing, the bride all to the groom to show her grace, happy birthday!

  • Now you are laying the foundations… We wish them to be the strongest & to support a warm love relationship forever, happy birthday!

  • We wholeheartedly wish you this beginning to lead you to the happiness of a common life, happy birthday!


Witty birthday wishes for marriage

Witty birthday wishes
Witty birthday wishes
  • I wish you a common life that is just beginning to be always full of love, affection & understanding, happy birthday!

  • To live happy & loved, in love & united until your deep old age, happy birthday!

  • Many say: “What is marriage? Just an idea…” So I wish it to be the best idea you have ever had! Happy birthday!

  • Congratulations! May your common life be forever full of the beauty of love, happy birthday!

  • Joys to see the couple great-grandchildren & grandchildren, good life, flowering & happy birthday!

  • To live happy birthday & every happiness, will be a great wish for us your friends!


Witty birthday wishes for anniversary

Witty birthday wishes
Witty birthday wishes
  • Happy anniversary & be together forever, happy birthday too!

  • I wish the anniversary always reminds you how lucky you are to have each other, happy birthday!

  • Marriages have problems… But you have always had the key to their solution! HAPPY anniversary and happy birthday!

  • The anniversary is there to remember… But you did not forget for a moment how much I love you, happy birthday!


Witty birthday wishes to newborn

  • Degrees give him virtues, fairies grace & from me today let him get a thousand witty birthday wishes! May your child live a healthy life!

  • Congratulations on the wonderful baby you brought into the world!

  • Health & happiness to you and your new family member! May your child live a healthy life!

  • Now your life will be full of love, affection, smiles, tears, cries, diapers, milk, bodysuits, socks, hangovers… and courage! Long live your baby!


Witty birthday wishes for baptism

  • In the pool I wish you not to cry at all & always have him/her not wet and not dripping, happy birthday!

  • Many witty birthday wishes for the baby that will be named, full of life with virtues and grace!

  • May the new enlightened person live & be born great… And may he/she have selective graces so that no one else has them, happy birthday!

  • With the new name well chosen, yes the newly enlightened strong & happy, happy birthday!


Witty birthday wishes for school

  • Many witty birthday wishes for a school year full of creativity, imagination, appetite & goals!

  • Try to learn something about everything & everything about something, happy birthday!

  • Training is the process of replacing an empty mind with an open one, happy birthday!

  • If knowledge creates problems, ignorance certainly can not solve them, happy birthday!


Witty birthday wishes for graduation

Witty birthday wishes
Witty birthday wishes
  • Good career, happy birthday! I wish you a dynamic start in your new course!

  • Luck helps the brave and the… graduates! Good start, happy birthday!

  • We wish you to start a dynamic course worthy of your studies & your effort so far! Good luck and happy birthday!

  • Your graduation was the first step! We wish you all the next to have the same success, happy birthday!

  • I hope every day brings you closer to the success of your goals, happy birthday!

  • My best witty birthday wishes for an upward & creative course!


Witty birthday wishes to soldiers

  • Patience soldier, the days in the camp will pass quickly, because you will… wake up early & do a lot all day! Happy birthday!

  • Now that I know that you are guarding the homeland, I sleep peacefully at night, happy birthday!

  • Good citizen, happy birthday!


Witty birthday wishes for getting well

  • I wish you to be with us soon again, healthy & prosperous! Get well, happy birthday!

  • Our warmest birthday wishes for a speedy recovery!

  • Strength in the spirit & courage in the soul, they also bring health to the body! Get well, happy birthday!

  • Health is the most valuable asset, happy birthday. I wish you to have it forever!


Witty birthday wishes for good luck

  • Happy birthday & good jobs!

  • Happy birthday, I wish you the best for your new beginning!

  • Good luck in your new endeavor, Happy birthday!

  • I wish your professional goals are fulfilled! Wish you every success, Happy birthday!

  • Your new home is blessed! May it always be full of joy & happy moments, Happy birthday!

  • Our best witty birthday wishes for health & happiness in your new home!

  • Have a good trip your new car! May it travel with you safely wherever you wish, Happy birthday!

  • I wish your new car to take you to as many places as you dream of being, Happy birthday!


Why send witty birthday wishes?

We hope you already know what to write for birthday messages on a card and make wonderful witty birthday wishes to wish someone you love.

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