Rude Birthday Wishes

Rude Birthday Wishes

Have you ever tried rude birthday wishes that touch rudeness, so better not…

From celebrations and occasions to birthday wishes, there is always something to celebrate. Nominal holidays, birthdays, births, degrees, etc. And with Rude Happy Birthday Wishes and Congratulations, Birthday Wishes Star can cover almost all occasions, but here when we wish, we wish!

Rude birthday wishes, taken from the souls of friends and relatives, with the intention of only your good (usually) are acceptable. But could some of them be far from being acceptable? Could it be that some of them are never uttered because sometimes they are not only meaningless, but they also touch rudeness? Are some of them the weakest link?

Rude Birthday Wishes
Rude Birthday Wishes on Birthday Wishes Star


So look and think again before you wish rude birthday wishes!

Rude Birthday Wishes
Rude Birthday Wishes on Birthday Wishes Star


  • Happy 100! (To a person who is already ninety years old.) Happy Birthday!

As if to tell him, that death is short, you started preparing suitcases for it. As if he does not already know. Let’s not go to hell, say goodbye to him, and health, which hangs in all circumstances, to get rid of it.

Rude Birthday Wishes
Rude Birthday Wishes on Birthday Wishes Star


  • Go ahead and I wish you a good bride-to-be now! Happy Birthday!

On the one hand, marriage or relationship is not everyone’s priority. On the other hand, they may already have a partner and you may not know it precisely because it does not concern you, as well as their intentions for this kind of “rehabilitation“. They may also be gay and the gender you wished they were not in their choices, so the birthday wish is futile and they may come in an awkward position. And finally, do they eat your bread bro, or will you endow them and you are so interested in this subject? Especially after the age of thirty, it is like telling them that you have a problem if you are still single, while most of the time, they are the ones who have it because we also saw how much they provoked with their own marriages.

  • Happy birthday and on your heads! (if you are single and become a best man)

It is of the same category as the above birthday wish, plus it has a menacing style. No one has ever been happy with something that came onto their head.

  • Happy birthday and I wish you soon have a baby!

This wish, which may be well-intentioned, like the others, of course, risks being the saddest of all. There are three cases. No one wants a child, so they will probably do what they did not hear. The girl is already pregnant and does not want to say it yet, so you put her in a difficult position to hide the fact, or in the worst case, to try to have a baby and for various reasons not to come or even worse to be impossible, so you will unjustly hurt people.

  • Rejoice in your name! (on a nominal day)

Because the issue has been discussed a lot, the answer is one. No one has ever been able to rejoice in his name. Enjoyed a new outfit, a piece of pasta, a set of underwear, etc. But his name is #not. It is a wish that is somewhat established and commonly said, but it is meaningless. In fact, you do not wish anything to the other, and if you had not said something to him, it would be one and the same.

  • Long live your name! (to parents who christened their child)

It is of the same conspiracy as the above. If you do not know a way in which a word could come to life, because that is the name, then we conclude that it is not possible to bring letters to life in a series. Someone once said, it sounded like a good idea and it was adopted, but it does not mean that it will go like this now forever. This metaphor can not work metaphorically or literally.

  • Happy Birthday! Wish you Good brains!

Listen now to what is happening with this wish. It’s something like rude birthday wishes – implication. As if the other person wants to tell you that you are a little stupid, my child, and you need a change of direction because as you go you will get into trouble if it has not already happened. And yes, it is possible that in some cases it is a perfect fit for the celebrant, but how elegant is it to say so?


More rude birthday wishes

Rude Birthday Wishes
Rude Birthday Wishes on Birthday Wishes Star


  • Today is your special day and I want to show you a lot of rude birthday wishes memes to add a smile to your face. I do not want to ruin it by telling you that your food is overcooked and tasteless or that you create more chaos than I did when I was 5 years old. So, I’m just going to tell you that you are an amazing woman. Happy Birthday my love.

  • Want to eat some ice cream? Come on, what about a chocolate cake? I do not see you anymore. Come out the door. Come on let’s go and make a wish! Do not tell me to ‘leave it’ because your birthday only comes once a year. We were best friends, but now we are not. Do I really smell so bad? I want to wish you a happy birthday, in your face. Not behind a door.

  • I’m so lucky to have a friend who is really hilarious, full of humor and so affectionate. Do not flatter so much I say this because it’s your birthday. Happy birthday buddy. Have a happy and funny birthday.

  • Today is a wonderful day, so let me wish you a Happy Birthday my brother. Do not regret being a year older. Keep your chin up… if you can! Well, you know what I mean. Happy birthday to you!

  • Happy Birthday… Remember that getting here is half the fun. At our age, the only way to look younger is to add at least a decade to your age.

  • Forget the past, forget the future and please forget the gift as I forgot to get you one. But happy birthday, my dear.

  • Happy Birthday. Now, you have reached the age where every compliment you receive is usually accompanied by “someone at your age”.

  • They say that with age comes wisdom. But I’m not so sure about that, because I’ve met a lot of really stupid seniors. So far, you are not one of them. Let’s celebrate this and happy birthday.


Why send rude birthday wishes?

Rude Birthday Wishes
Rude Birthday Wishes on Birthday Wishes Star


It can be difficult to find the right words to express your feelings. Love is an unspeakable emotion and sometimes, we want to express our feelings with two excerpts of a friend’s love and sarcasm paragraphs for him.

Also, on this special day, rude happy birthday quotes for him will remind your friend how much you love him and that humor is a sign of comfort between you.

So, if you need ideas to write rude birthday wishes with a sense of humor to your loved one, visit Birthday Wishes Star website for some brilliant rude ideas that you can incorporate into your own happy birthday wishes.

Rude Birthday Wishes
Rude Birthday Wishes on Birthday Wishes Star


In conclusion, there are endless and wonderful things to wish someone, why stick to trivial, meaningless, and repeat? In addition to the important and necessary for everyone, you can wish in many ways and the other person really feels that you want his good and you do not just say a few words formally.

Happiness, in whatever way he means it, is always a beautiful birthday wish. And then let’s move on to simpler and more practical things. Do not hesitate to wish for money, because everyone needs, a job that will meet everyone’s expectations, beautiful experiences, realization of dreams and goals, even eating what he wants without gaining weight, carefree, calm, mental and physical balance, and a bunch of others.

Do not forget that rude birthday wishes are also a way to show how well we know each other, personalizing our wishes. Let us not let it go to waste.


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