Crazy Birthday Wishes


Crazy Birthday Wishes

Here at, we are aware of the fact that birthdays are the best day of most people’s year! Birthday Wishes  are the greatest way to express your admiration and show them how much you care about them and also support their craziness! You will find a variety of Crazy Birthday Wishes down below!

Use them at your birthday cards or send them as texts to your loved ones! We are definite that they are going to love our original birthday wishes!

General Crazy Birthday Wishes

  • For today’s birthday, I hope you enjoy it. Happy Birthday. May you live until you are 100 years old and every year that passes leaves only signs of happiness on you.

  • Each passing year does not increase your age, only your experience. May life always bring you the conditions for gaining the best experiences. Happy Birthday to You!

  • This joy that we all feel, is an emotion that comes only once a year, and this is due to the fact that you have your birthday! I hope you get what you want in this life, because you deserve it! Happy Birthday to You!

  • Our birthday is an opportunity to see things from a completely different perspective, and on a blank page to capture our new adventures.

  • Happy Birthday to You! May your years be centuries and the hands of the clock wish, one wish from me for you is only to come true! I wish you a happy birthday and all the time full of wonderful adventures.

  • I wish this year’s birthday to be the best. Along with my wishes to make them happy! My dreams, plans, thoughts and I wish you my heartfelt wishes for your birthday!

  • From the bottom of my heart, along with my birthday wishes, I wish your goals and wishes come true this year. In my opinion, this year does not make you a year older. It makes you a year which is wonderful, lovable and which is wise.

  • Happy Birthday! I wish this year’s birthday to be different, happiness and joy in the future to bring you A small gift with the best wishes for a happy birthday. Many kisses.

  • I wish you a happy birthday, happiness and progress this year. I wish you happy birthday, to live to be happy, and to wish the whole world well, in truth! As many as the raindrops and the snow in the mountains, I wish you so many happy years.

Crazy Birthday Wishes for Parents

  • My dear mom, I wish you to make them happy so that we who love you may rejoice. I hope this special day brings you what you want in your life, such as joy, love, fun, and many beautiful memories! Happy birthday mom / dad!

  • If all people grew up to be as good as you, my dear mom, then they should have a thousand. Be well and whatever you wish.

  • My dear dad, I wish you to rejoice those who love you. Happy Birthday! The most effective way to remember your wife’s birthday is to forget it once!

  • Happy Birthday to the craziest mum out there! Love you so much!

  • To one of the craziest, yet important figures of my life, happy birthday! I love you to the moon and back!

  • My friends always loved to hang around here because my parents were the coolest! Happy birthday crazy mum/ dad!

  • Happy birthday to the most amazing and crazy father! Thank you for everything you have done for me!

Crazy Birthday Wishes for Lover

  • Happy birthday to my beloved husband! You are the most romantic person I have ever met!

  • When two hearts are destined to be together, no distance can ever be large enough to separate them. I love you.

  • Happy birthday my baby! I wish this day to be perfect, special and special like you.

  • Happy birthday my love. Like today years ago, the most beautiful baby in the world was born. Happy birthday and every passing year to make you more and more cute than you are! I wish you, who I love, with all the strength of my heart on this year’s birthday to fulfill all your dreams and wishes. Happy Birthday.

  • To the sweetest girl in the world for her birthday today, happiest of birthdays.

  • My baby, happy birthday to you, every year that passes you are even more necessary to me. Along with my immense love, my thoughts and wishes always accompany you.

  • Happy Birthday. I wish with all my heart a happy and happy birthday. I love you very much. Let every year of your life be as bright as the light in your eyes!

  • My love happy birthday. With all my love. Many kisses to you.

  • My love, happy birthday, To live to be happy, And the good of the whole world, To really get.

Crazy Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

  • My dear friend, endless wishes for your birthday. Many kisses.

  • I hope this day will bring you a lot of happiness, love and fun. Let us light the candles and celebrate.Happy Birthday. You are the best and sweetest friend I have. I adore you! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday. I’m so lucky to have a friend like you. You are so special in every way. I hope your birthday is as amazing as you.

  • I can not find words to describe how much joy your birthday has offered me! I would like to remind you how special a person you are and that I can say with 100% confidence that everything will go well in your life, as long as you have the will. Happy Birthday!

  • My dear girlfriend, you are one year older. A year that only gave you charm and wisdom. Centimet them. I wish this day to be the beginning of an amazing year.

Crazy Birthday Wishes for Family

  • If this year were an object, it would be a door, which will lead you to new adventures, which you will face, now, a year older. Happy Birthday to You!

  • Happy birthday my friend! May you live to be happy, And the good of the whole world, To truly obtain.

  • No matter how dark my days are, your smile always illuminates everything without the slightest difficulty. Thank you for making my life so much better.

  • Happy Birthday to You! I know life is hard. But your presence alone makes it look a bit easier. And that is what makes you special as a person. Never change who you are, and everything will go well in your life.

  • Happy Birthday! I would like to wish happy birthday to my best friend. You are truly a wonderful character and you deserve the best. May you live till you are 100 years old! And may you have health, luck, good friends and wonderful memories.

  • I wish these wishes to last a lifetime! Do not let it get you down as you grow up, just think that you are one year closer to achieving all your dreams! Happy Birthday to You!

  • My friend, I wish this year to be the best. Along with my wishes to make them happy. May you live till you reach 100 years old and always be happy as we are who have you next to us.

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