Sarcastic Birthday Wishes

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes


Sarcastic birthday wishes with humor! Read the most original funny and sarcastic birthday wishes on Birthday Wishes Star! Find humorous wishes here to wish with sarcasm to your loved ones and your friends!

If you are tired of writing for many years, many years, and happy birthday, then you are in the right place for the best sarcastic birthday wishes!

A birthday is a very important holiday and your wish should be proportionate. But before you choose the wish that you like, first look at the style that suits the one who has a birthday but also the type in your relationship.

Because, otherwise you have to wish on a colleague, otherwise on a childhood friend and otherwise on your partner!

  • What if you grew up today and your hair turned white… Do not be discouraged your color is still passing!

  • Happy Birthday to You! God bless me for days and give them to you in a bra number.

  • To live my good and happy birthday to become big to make money scatter a lot of European chicks everywhere!


Sarcastic birthday wishes with humor

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes
Sarcastic Birthday Wishes


  • I wish you happy birthday, from the depths of my heart, and whatever birthdays are coming, to spend them with me.

  • I wish you happy birthday, with a heart, wallet and bed always full!


Birthday wishes with humor

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes
Sarcastic Birthday Wishes


  • One thousand Russian women with horses I will send to your yard to strip you today at your celebration

  • Happy birthday and I wish you health, peace, happiness, many women and any other you want!

  • That in the world you love to become yours and illuminate joys on your beautiful face.

  • Do not count the candles on the cake, just see how bright they are. I wish you to please them. Happy Birthday!

  • Multi-year. A thousand candles to blow out and good progress!

  • Happy Birthday! Birthdays are like sweets. Sometimes you do not want to know how much you have eaten!

  • What you blow out the candles on your birthday and when you die they light up… I honestly do not understand! Happy Birthday to You!

  • A few lines many wishes for a life full of joys. Happy Birthday to have a fairy-tale life. Tear to never meet and whatever you love to get!!!

  • A wish I will give you my sweet love every year that passes to find us a hug. And when you blow out the candles I can wish to be by your side again when you close the hundred.


Sarcastic birthday wishes for my beloved

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes
Sarcastic Birthday Wishes


  • I wish with all my heart a happy and happy birthday. I love you very much.

  • Happy birthday my friend! To live to be happy and the good of the whole world to really get.

  • My dear child, I wish you endless wishes for your birthday. Celebrate them! Happy Birthday!

  • My dear dad, I wish you to make them happy and to rejoice those of us who love you!

  • I will not tell you happy birthday that people are used to only smile I wish on your lips to bloom.

  • Happy birthday, I wish this year your birthday to be the happiest of your life!

  • I wish in your life to know only joy and happiness. Happy Birthday! I love you very much.

  • Words are poor but the wishes are great and if life is rainy let the drops be joys.

  • My dear, I wish this year’s birthday the best. Along with my wishes to make them happy. Happy Birthday to You!

  • I wish this day to be as perfect, special and unique as you. Happy Birthday!

  • That in the world you love to be yours and illuminate joys in your beautiful face.

  • Happy birthday to the only person on the planet who would run to save me if the Zombie Apocalypse came!

  • Happy Birthday! Remember, as you get older, you mature! Something perfect if you were wine, of course…

  • Long-lived! Only for today, you will have a 20% discount to those who ask me your real age!

  • Happy birthday to someone who would look much younger if he did not work in here!

  • Congratulations! Another journey around the sun is just over! You must have been very tired, eh?

  • Happy Birthday! Prepare a perfect treat because only I know your real age!

  • Happy birthday and good courage with non-stop messages and notifications all day today for your birthday!

  • A thousand apologies for forgetting your birthday! But also how can I remember them since you do not seem to grow up even one day!

  • We had a national anniversary today and I did not know it? Happy birthday majesty!

  • Congratulations! Another journey around the sun is just over! I’m not telling you exactly how many kilometers it was, because you will cry.

  • Congratulations! Another journey around the sun is just over! Do you still have jet lag?

  • Happy birthday and a warm welcome to your new wrinkle set! How are you!

  • Happy birthday and let’s say goodbye together to the hairs that left your head!


  • Happy Birthday! You are one step closer to wearing adult underwear!

  • Happy birthday to the one and only person whose birthday I remember before the Facebook reminder hit!

  • I wish your Facebook wall is filled with birthday wishes from people you never talk to! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday to this wonderful, smart and beautiful person who reminds me so much of myself!

  • Our age simply symbolizes the number of years we have made the world more beautiful! Thousands!

  • As a person gets older, 3 things happen! One is that he begins to forget… I do not remember the other two! Happy Birthday!

  • Two things you should not count on your birthday! The candles on the cake and the soft wines! Happy Birthday!

  • And if today you grew up and your hair turned white, do not be disappointed, your paint is still passing! Many wishes for a happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! God bless me for years and give them to you in a bra number!

  • Research has shown that people who have birthdays live longer! Thousands!

  • Congratulations! You just became a year older! Happy Birthday!


Why send sarcastic birthday wishes?

Sarcastic Birthday Wishes
Sarcastic Birthday Wishes


Sarcastic Birthday Wishes
Sarcastic Birthday Wishes


So these were the best sarcastic birthday wishes for the birthday of a daughter, son, boyfriend/sister, and many funny birthday jokes! If you feel free to share them with your friends you have the best relationship.

The list may be a bit long, but we wanted to cater to all tastes! We are sure you’ve already thought about which person each wish suits, right? Follow us on Birthday Wishes Star for more unique birthday wishes and messages.


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