Nice Birthday Wishes

The birthday of your loved one has arrived, and you are thinking of nice birthday wishes for this year. Our loved ones are waiting for our heartfelt wishes, and we, at Birthday Wishes Star are here for you with nice birthday wishes ideas that surely your loved ones will not forget.

Birthday is the personal New Year of each person, a day that we usually choose to celebrate separately either with a party or with our closest relatives and friends.

Many times nice birthday wishes sound like a gift to the ears of the one who has a birthday and it is enough to make us feel good.

Nice birthday wishes are many, but usually most people are content with simpler wishes, well known and loved by everyone.

However, there are many who want to wish their loved ones a little different but do not have the inspiration they need. We will present you our ideas for nice birthday wishes that go beyond the most classic.

Nice Birthday Wishes from Parents to their Children

  • Happy birthday and happy for a fairytale life!

  • Happy birthday, happy birthday, happy past!

  • Double and triple years to come in your life, beautiful moments to be full of your life!

  • Happy birthday my child today that you celebrate every year a new beginning with dreams to do!

  • Happy birthday full of joys, smiles, and health!

  • Happy birthday to you today who are celebrating, may life be sweet wherever you go!

  • Happy birthday like today, you were born and beautified our lives, once and for all!

  • Happy birthday to your lucky life, beautiful moments to be full of your life!

  • Happy birthday with loud smiles and laughter, dancing, and songs!

  • Happy birthday, to make them happy, just to spend every moment with people who love and care for you!

  • Happy birthday my child to be happy, to have a good course in your life, paved with joy to be your every day!

  • Happy birthday plus one year in your life, look to live your every moment to the fullest!

  • Thank you for beautifying our lives for another year, may we have you with us forever!

  • Happy birthday to my only child to be happy for a lifetime!

  • May your life be paved with joys and hopes – happy birthday and happy!

  • My love to be a perennial full of beautiful memories for the time you leave and full of dreams for the time you will go!

  • You are the most unique creature for me on earth! Happy Birthday!

  • You came into my life and filled it only with joy, optimism and hope! Happy Birthday

  • Like today I remember the moment I gave birth to you! What joy I got in my life! Every year we celebrate your birthday I am happy and I’m with you because you are the reason I work hard every day! Thank you very much, happy birthday – your mom!

  • Thank you for beautifying my life during these years we are together! Life had no meaning without you before! You came and every year that you have your birthday I celebrate and ‘go because I understand that we are together for a year together and loved! Happy Birthday!

  • My sweet child, I am so happy that you have your birthday today because you are growing up next to us for another year and you are gaining beautiful experiences and experiences! I see you growing up and I grow up next to you but this is something that makes me happier because it shows that we are all well, full of health! Happy birthday – your father!

  • Happy Birthday! We work for you every day! We love you very much, be careful and count them!

Nice Birthday Wishes from Children to their Parents

  • Happy birthday my Mommy, let us rejoice in you, we love you very much and we need your help forever by our side

  • Happy birthday my sweet daddy, another year you gave us beautiful moments, always be well, we love you very much!

  • Happy birthday dad we love you very much and thank you for everything you do every day for us!

  • Happy birthday my dad, be stronger and stronger every year and we will be by your side and support you forever!

  • Happy birthday and beautiful, to always be well and to smile every day!

  • I wish today that you have your birthday to live to celebrate it!

  • We love you – happy birthday and happy birthday!

Wishes for the Birthday of a Friend

Nice Birthday Wishes
Nice Birthday Wishes to friends


  • Happy birthday my unique friend, to always be smiling and healthy throughout your life!

  • Happy birthday my dear friend, to always have a good and beautiful day!

  • Happy birthday today, I wish with all my heart full of health and beauty to be your dreams!

  • Today, when you have your birthday, I send you 1000 wishes with all my heart and health above all!

  • Despite the distance that separates us, it is like being there today that you have your birthday. I wish you only beautiful moments to live in your passage!

  • Happy birthday today, I send you many wishes full of love!

  • Happy birthday to have a great day today, to have fun until morning with fun and dancing.

  • Happy birthday full of health, joys, smiles, with a lot of luck!

  • Laid rose petals to be your life, beautiful moments every day with health!

  • Happy birthday and happy only with people who love you next to you!

  • Happy birthday, we love you very much and we wholeheartedly wish you good luck in everything you do!

  • Happy birthday full of laughter and beautiful moments that will become sweet memories!

  • Today is your birthday, I wish you to always be as lucky as last year and even more!

  • Happy birthday for this holy day, happy birthday to you, rejoice all day!

  • Happy birthday to your years to live to grow old, white hair to come out on the head but in the mind razor!

  • Happy birthday to you this new year to gain new experiences full of joy!

  • Happy birthday my star, be happy full of professional and personal success!

  • I wish you happy birthday, to get as much as you need and dream!

  • Happy birthday, to always be well and to progress daily, conquering step by step your dreams!

  • Happy birthday and good patience on this uphill that they call life!

  • Like the cardiogram is our life, good moments, bad moments but this is our life! Happy Birthday!

  • Long-lived with health and more courage!

  • Long-lasting and happy, may your every wish come true!

  • Happy birthday, long-term and good degree!

  • Happy birthday, long-lived and good crowns!

  • Happy birthday and may God bring them as you wish!

  • Sister of my heart, happy birthday to you for many years, like a flowering willow!

  • Happy birthday with health, happiness and always smiles!

  • Happy birthday, long-lived and good offspring!

  • Happy birthday and blessed!

  • Happy birthday with dreams and hope!

  • Happy birthday with beautiful moments today!

  • Happy birthday to your beautiful life like the rainbow is your soul!

  • May your life be full of beautiful moments and happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday my dear, always smiling and lucky!

  • Happy birthday and God be with you at every step!

  • Happy birthday like flowers in bloom!

  • Happy birthday my beautiful pigeon, I love you very much and I am waiting for you!

  • Happy birthday where you live abroad, beautiful to have your every moment full of laughter!

  • Happy birthday full of love!

  • Happy birthday with hope and goal in your dreams!

  • Happy birthday with hard work and stubbornness!

  • Happy birthday from joys, laughs and parties!

  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful creature of my life!

  • Happy birthday, I love you so much!

  • Happy birthday only with joys!

  • Happy birthday!

  • Sweet birthday! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday, good strength in your fight!

  • Happy birthday, to live your every moment beautifully!

  • Make them happy, great to become with white hair!

  • Always be as happy as now, happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday to you who have your birthday today and beautify our lives!

  • Thank you for coming into my life and filling it with only joys! Happy Birthday!

  • You are the most unique creature for me on earth! Happy Birthday!

Nice Birthday Wishes to Brothers

  • My brother, happy birthday, I know we get along every day but your halal – what can I do I love you so much to know!

  • My brother, you are my support and you know it, I share all my secrets with you and you with me! We are very close and I hope this lasts forever! I will always be with you!

  • Happy birthday! I know I’m not very good at wishes but I did not forget the day! Your brother!

  • My brother, happy birthday, I wish you all the best in your life, do not worry about anything, I will always be with you near or far!

  • Happy birthday to you, I love you very much and I care about you! Be careful every day!

  • Happy birthday full of experiences and joy experiences! I wholeheartedly wish your life to never experience pain and to listen here and there to what we tell you!

  • Happy birthday my dear brother! I love you and you know it! Today, which is your birthday, I want you to go out, have fun until the morning, and enjoy the cake that I will make for you with my own hands! Just kidding!

  • Happy birthday to the smartest, most beautiful brother I could have! Rejoice my face to always be happy! We are always by your side and we love you to know it!

Birthday Wishes from Grandparents to Grandchildren

Nice Birthday Wishes
Nice Birthday Wishes


  • My sweet grandson, how glad I am that today is your birthday! We have been celebrating you every year since we were little and we have great joy in our home! I want you to be healthy, happy, lucky, to listen, and to observe who wants your good! I will always support you with all my love! Your grandmother!

  • My dear child, what a beautiful day it is today because it is your birthday! How excited I am to see you grow up strong and happy! May your whole life be full of joys and only chants the good news to sound in your ears! Grandpa will always be here!

  • Happy Birthday! Be strong like the mountains and undefeated!

  • Happy birthday, to always be well, to progress every day, to try to be rewarded! Be obedient when needed and revolutionary where you also need to be!

Nice Birthday Wishes from Grandchildren to Grandparents

  • Happy birthday my grandfather, let us rejoice! I wish you a thousand, to always be smiling like now and to know that we love you very much and we can not do anything without you!

  • Happy birthday my grandfather! Today is your birthday, I hope you continue to pulsate with health, to give us your beautiful advice that you know we hear!

  • Happy Birthday Grandpa! Always be healthy, thank you for being active in our lives and for accompanying us all our childhood years!

  • Happy birthday my grandmother, have a good time! You are the best grandmother in the world!

  • Happy birthday my grandmother, may you always be well! Thank you for beautifying our lives!

  • Happy birthday my grandmother! You are the 2nd mother for me, you are the woman who filled my mind with memories!

Twin Brothers Nice Birthday Wishes

  • My twin, today we are celebrating! Happy birthday! United like a fist like in our mother’s belly!

  • Happy birthday! You are my other half and you know it! I wish you to be by my side forever!

  • Happy birthday to my dearest person! I love you very much because we are made of the same material!

  • Happy birthday, happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday my dear sister! I wish you to always be smiling and happy!

Nice Birthday Wishes to Cousins

  • My dear cousin, happy birthday to you and your family! Always be well and happy with the beautiful family you have created!

  • My cousin happy birthday full of common moments and memories to rejoice! I wholeheartedly wish you the best because I care about you and I always want the best for you!

  • Happy birthday my cousin! Let us rejoice that we love you!

  • Happy birthday my cousin, always be well full of joy and hope!

  • Thousands. To have a life full of love around you, to always smile and to have people around you that make you happy!

  • I wish the best for you with health above all and happiness.

  • Only success for the most beautiful creature in the whole world!

  • To live. To be happy and to get the good of the whole world in truth!

  • May all your dreams come true!

  • I want to give birth to a star on your birthday, to fall when you blow your candles on the cake!

  • That in the world you love to be yours, and to illuminate joys in your beautiful face!

  • You are far away and the wishes do not go hand in hand, that is why I am sending my thought to bring them!

  • From the bottom of my heart I will make a wish for fate to spread the joys on you!

  • Day you receive wishes, accept one of me, happy birthday, happy birthday, happy birthday!

  • I wish you happy birthday to always be strong in whatever difficulties you go through! You are the most beautiful cousin I could ever have!

  • Happy birthday my cousin! I love you very much and you know it! Always be so patient with me and do not be angry with me for forgetting where and when your birthday is!

Nice Birthday Wishes to Godfathers – Baptisms

Nice Birthday Wishes
Nice Birthday Wishes to loved ones


  • Happy birthday my good godmother! You are the best fairy I could have! Always be healthy to enjoy your family!

  • Happy birthday my godmother! Let us rejoice, always be as wise as now and fill us with your hugs! I am grateful for everything you have done for me!

  • Happy birthday my godmother! Let us rejoice that we love you! Take care of yourself and do not give everything for us!

  • Happy birthday my little baptistery I wish you to be always strong and blessed with all the good things of God! Take care of yourself and love him! You are a wonderful child! I love you very much!

Wishes for Colleagues Birthday

  • Happy birthday to a soul full of goodness that only God deserves to give her joys!

  • What you always wish is a dream not to be left, to be given by your destiny and to become true!

  • Wisdom to have in life, Faith in your dreams, Hope for tomorrow!

  • Your dreams, plans and wishes are my heartfelt wishes for your birthday!

  • A special person like you deserves all the beautiful and special things in life!

  • A few words, many wishes for a life only joys!

  • Happy Birthday. A year closer to your goals and dreams. New days come with new opportunities to achieve everything you want. Never give up!

  • May this day bring you a lot of fun!

  • Stable orientation in vision and creation!

  • My unique and wonderful creature happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday to the most intelligent colleague I have ever met in my life!

  • Happy birthday my dear colleague! How glad I am that we are working together and gaining new common work experiences!

  • Happy birthday full of experiences that are waiting for us to live them with madness!

  • Happy birthday with laughter, parties and joys!

  • Happy Birthday! Compass our dreams!

Nice Birthday Wishes of Husbands – Wives

  • My love, happy birthday!

  • Today, when I can not spoil you, look, do not take advantage of it! Happy Birthday!

  • My love, my credit cards were stolen! Hahaha! Just kidding! Happy Birthday!

  • Husband disappeared due to his wife’s birthday! The celebrating wife is looking for her husband in order to buy her the gift he has asked for! Happy Birthday!

  • If you look closely at your nightstand you will see a small box, it is a gift for you! Happy Birthday!

  • My gift is you and thank you for being in my life and beautifying it! Happy Birthday!

  • My heart in your cake to put candles or forget to buy them? Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday with magical moments every day!

  • Happy birthday with psychological and physical health to you and your family!

  • Thank you for giving me a helping hand in the difficult times I have gone through so far! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday my only match! I wholeheartedly hope that God is always well with you and that you fulfill your dreams every day!

  • Happy birthday my star today that you have your birthday! I am very proud to have you by my side and we make our beautiful life together!

  • Happy birthday baby I love you so much! Thousands and I rejoice!

  • Happy birthday my light! You are the brightest traffic light of our house!

  • Happy Birthday my love! Always be strong and smiling, always have a good career, and move forward steadily the plan of your plans!

  • Happy birthday my love! You are the best thing in my life to know!

  • For the most beautiful star in the world, my most beautiful wishes!

  • Unique wishes for the most wonderful person I have ever met!

  • Baby I wish your every day to be special as you are a special, unique and amazing person!

  • I want every year to celebrate your birthday together. Your other half. Your princess!

  • I love you, I want you, you are the best thing that has happened to me, I do not want to lose you from my life. Happy Birthday and well!

  • From the bottom of my heart I wish you crave to crave you!

  • Every year that passes through your life to be as bright as the light in your eyes!

  • Let all your dreams and wishes come true!

  • My baby, you are more and more necessary and the whole world’s good, to really get!

  • Take my best wishes and put them in your heart!

  • Your hug is my home and I do not want to leave there for a minute. I feel so beautiful next to you!

  • The most loving birthday wishes for the man who taught me so much. You are my hero and thank you for every moment you stood next to me!

  • Thousands my eyes. I could write a lot to wish you, but I will only say one. Always be the icing on your cake!

  • Happy birthday to you who enlightened my soul. I send the best wishes for your birthday my boy who give life and shine. I wish to see every sunrise together!

  • I admire everything about you. But what I do not change above you is the way you look at me. Happy birthday my sweet!

  • To be grateful for what you experienced, to rejoice for the mistakes you made, to do what fills you with joy and to live well together for years!

Uncle & Niece Nice Birthday Wishes

  • My sweet little creature like last year, I remember waiting in the maternity hospital for you to be born! We stood patiently and eagerly for someone to tell us that everything is fine and you come together to stay with us! I remember the joy I had when I first saw you! You were awesome, in your mother’s arms you imagined a fairy! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday my little elf!

  • Happy birthday to the most comfortable aunt I have ever met in my life! I love you so much and I can not distinguish you with anything or anyone because you stood by me and you stand by me every day in whatever I ask you!

  • Happy Birthday! Thank you for being by my side before I even ask you!

  • You are a canvas full of vivid colors and every day with you it creates the perfect frame! Happy Birthday!

  • You are for me the light of my soul and I celebrate with you today that you have your birthday! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! Never stop having this perfect character you have! You are a unique child!

  • Happy Birthday! Many warm wishes to you who have your birthday today!

  • Happy birthday and good only with achievable dreams!

  • Happy Birthday! Be strong and strong throughout your life! Never be timid and for any reason, be proud of what you have achieved so far because you got it with a lot of effort and effort! You are a worthy person and you deserve the best!

  • Happy birthday my nieces! Always be smiling and full of appetite! Have a smooth road in your path and every thorn that comes close to you to anticipate it and cut it!

  • Happy Birthday! I wish you always have a person by your side that they love you, care for you and take care of you! It can be hard to tell you and you always have to do it, but be careful in your personal life to keep it and never allow anyone to hurt you and make you cry!

  • Happy Birthday! I wish you good health! It is a wish that we say quickly but it is a wish with a lot of substance! So I wish you to be as strong as a willow!

  • Happy birthday my nephew! I wish you always be well and happy! Have a good career and a good start!

  • Happy birthday and good continuation of your term!

  • Happy birthday, happy birthday to always be as happy and happy as now!

  • Happy birthday and life of flower seedlings in your new life! I wish the person you have chosen to be next to your life to offer you only joys and to make you happy! It is difficult in our times to find our man and you have succeeded! So look to continue a good life with happy birthday from love!

  • Happy birthday my good fairy! Thousands of them and be careful!

  • Happy birthday my prince! Always be as good a child and cooperative as now!

  • Happy birthday my princess! Always smile and offer all of us plenty of moments of laughter as only you know! Continue to take care of yourself as you do now to beautify our every day!

  • Happy Birthday! I wholeheartedly hope that you do not stand in the obstacles that exist in life but in the ways that you will overcome them! Always be such a strong character full of appetite for life and laugh so loud every moment!

  • I wish you happy birthday only from the bottom of my heart!

  • Happy birthday and dreamed like from a fairy tale to be all the years of your life!

  • Happy birthday my good boy! Throw them away, watch out for the daily dangers and be a little more careful with your choices!

Nice Birthday Wishes For A Happy Career

  • Happy Birthday! I wholeheartedly wish you good luck with your appointment! I know how much you have worked to achieve your qualifications and I sincerely hope you will be rewarded for the effort of years! I sincerely hope you have a little more patience because then your students will wish you the same every year!

  • Happy birthday and good life from now on in your new beginning!

  • Happy birthday and loaded with mind!

  • Happy birthday from wisdom!

  • Happy birthday and a good start in the new course that you will open professionally! Watch out for the dangers and look only at your goal!

  • Happy birthday full of goals, dreams and hope!

  • Happy birthday with many joys and a lot of money!

  • Happy birthday to you to always be the brightest compass of our lives!

Birthday Wishes Star for the best nice birthday wishes!

We hope you got some ideas for original, fresh, humorous, playful and nice birthday wishes for everyone. Whether it is for your relationship, your family, your colleagues, or your friends, nice birthday wishes are always appreciated.

Do not forget that when the nice birthday wishes are from the heart they are always wonderful.

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