Simple Birthday Wishes

Simple Birthday Wishes


Smart, funny, different but also simple birthday wishes for all occasions to wish those who have their birthday! On Birthday Wishes Star you will find birthday wishes for all kind!

We all like to receive wishes, even simple birthday wishes. We all like to be reminded of what we mean to them and to make our birthday even happier.

To read this means that you were looking for simple birthday wishes on the internet. It also means that you want to wish them something beautiful for their birthday. Make their mood and make them happy.

So below we have made a list of the best simple birthday wishes to choose one or more and wish your loved ones.


Simple birthday wishes to your girlfriend/boyfriend

Simple Birthday Wishes
Simple Birthday Wishes
  • Heart, wallet, bed, always full! Long time!

  • I wholeheartedly wish you a happy birthday and creativity.

  • A thousand wishes and happy birthday for a wonderful celebration!

  • My dear friend, happy birthday to you! To live to be happy and to get the good of the whole world!

  • Every year passes over you like the breeze between the trees without leaving its traces. I wish you at least until your hundred years to have a life full only of wonderful memories.

  • Your birthday is important not only for you but also for all of us who love you. Happy birthday, and happy birthday and creativity!

  • My dear, I wish this year’s birthday the best. Along with my wishes to make them happy.

  • I wish your birthday to find you with more happiness, love, and whatever else you desire! Happy Birthday!

  • My dreams, plans, thoughts, and wishes, my heartfelt wishes for your birthday!

  • I wish you a happy birthday and all the time full of wonderful adventures!

  • My dear girlfriend, you are one year older now! A time that only gave you charm and wisdom. Happy Birthday to You!

  • Every flower is a wish and I wish each one to come true. Happy Birthday to You!

  • My dear friend, endless wishes for your birthday. Centimet them. Many kisses.

  • Smile! It is the most special day of the year and I wish you a happy birthday! Use every moment to have a good time, and do whatever you want.

  • Happy Birthday! Good progress and whatever you wish to achieve. Many kisses.

  • Happy birthday and happy with thousands of wishes and all my love for you! Happy Birthday!

  • I wish you a happy birthday even if it is not much with health happiness and whatever else you wish to suffer !!!

  • Happy birthday my friend! To live to be happy, And the good of the whole world, To truly acquire.

  • Happy Birthday! I wish from the bottom of my heart that you never stop being yourself and always chase your dreams!


Simple Birthday wishes for husband/wife’s birthday

Simple Birthday Wishes
Simple Birthday Wishes
  • A special gift for you who are a special being!

  • Happy birthday baby, every year that passes you are even more necessary to me.

  • I hope you have the same glow in your eyes when you look at me, even in 50 years!

  • A simple happy birthday can not express the wishes I want to give you! I feel very happy to have you in my life and I wish you every happiness.

  • To the sweetest girl in the world for his birthday.

  • Happy birthday to the most special person I know. I wish this birthday to be as sweet as yours. I send you my warmest wishes and love.

  • We have spent the sweetest moments with our animals together and they are unforgettable… On this occasion, we will spend some more together… I love you!

  • I wish this day to be as special as you. Happy Birthday!

  • The life you met today, to give you only joys up to your hundred years. Happy Birthday. I love you!

  • For all that you have given me, the wishes of the whole world will never be enough…

  • For our child’s birthday, I send my wishes, my love, and many kisses.

  • My baby, I wish you with all my heart a happy and happy birthday. I love you very much.

  • My happy birthday baby. With all my love. Many kisses.

  • My baby, at 50 and 100 I will love you… if you live… hahaha

  • For all that you have given me, the wishes of the whole world will never be enough…

  • Happy birthday and happy thousands of wishes with my love for you.

  • Happy birthday to the most beautiful man in the world who makes my every day magical! My love will always accompany you!

  • My dear, I wish every year of your life to be as bright as the light in your eyes!

  • My sweet love at 50 and 100, I will love you…

  • Happy birthday to the man who makes me happy but breaks my nerves! I do not know what I would do without you. Make them happy and have a great time on the most important day.

  • Let every year of your life be as bright as the light in your eyes. Happy birthday and happy birthday!

  • I wish you, who I love, with all the strength of my heart, that this year, on your birthday, all your dreams and wishes come true. Happy Birthday.

  • I wish to beautify each other’s life forever!

  • My love at 50 and 100 I will love you…


Funny and simple birthday wishes

Simple Birthday Wishes
Simple Birthday Wishes
  • Every year passes over you like the breeze between the trees, without leaving its traces. Every year more beautiful!

  • Instead of counting the candles on the cake, look at how bright they are. Happy Birthday.

  • I hope you get a lot of wishes on your Facebook wall from people you do not know. Happy Birthday!

  • For every secret wish that only a few candles have heard, there is a burning dream to come true.

  • “Happy birthday, because quantity counts! Happy birthday, because quality counts! Crazy years, because they stay! ”

  • Happy birthday, with a heart, wallet, and bed always full!

  • Today, when you have your birthday, make as many wishes as you can, from next year you will have this opportunity again!

  • And if today you grew up and your hair turned white, do not be disappointed, your paint passes!

  • Another year passed and made you wiser and stronger! I hope you enjoy them and have beautiful experiences. Happy Birthday!

  • Let all the moments of your life be like the joyful news of your birth. Happy Birthday to You!

  • Colorful and built-in!

  • Happy Birthday. Never count the years and the glasses of wine you drink!

  • So I will wish myself a happy birthday since I have a birthday in 3 days! I hope my life continues to fascinate me to spend many special moments with the people I love and all my dreams come true. So happy birthday to me

  • Happy Birthday! Do not count the candles, just enjoy the cake!

  • Do not count the candles on the cake, just see how bright they are. I wish you to please them!

  • To live my good and happy birthday, to grow up to make money, to scatter many European children everywhere. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!

  • Like today years ago, the most beautiful baby in the world was born. Happy birthday and every passing year to make you cuter and cuter than you…

  • God bless me for days and give them to you in a bra number.

  • Happy birthday, long-lived and colorful.

    Simple Birthday Wishes
    Simple Birthday Wishes
  • What you blow out the candles on your birthday and when you die they light them… I do not understand?

  • Bigger than yesterday, but younger than tomorrow! Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! I wish you to get what you want but also to want more of all that you have already got!

  • Smile because you beautify the world around you! Happy Birthday to You!

  • I wish you a happy birthday, with your heart, wallet, and bed always full!

  • “Every time you are cloudy my wish is with you, “Yes, your whole life is like a holiday.”

  • Birthdays are like sweets. Sometimes you do not want to know how much you have eaten! Happy Birthday to You!

  • Such a beautiful name, how can you not enjoy it? So wishes for the best.

  • Happy birthday and crazy! Congratulations, you just got even better! Man is like wine, the more years, the better!

  • “The thought left early, a long journey goes, to wish happy birthday to those he loves! ”

  • Happy birthday and creativity! Another year awaits you with adventures and surprises. Live each day to the fullest as if it were your last.

  • May your years be centuries and the hands of the clock wish, one wish from me for you is only to come true!

  • My sweet baby, you grew up. Another candle on your cake. Do not worry about the cost, just be patient because I learned that in 100 you will have 2 gifts. So please them.

  • Happy Birthday! Birthdays are good for your health. Research has shown that people who have birthdays live longer!


Simple Birthday Wishes
Simple Birthday Wishes

Why send simple birthday wishes?

On our website Birthday Wishes Star you will find funny, smart, spiritual and simple Birthday Wishes to say happy birthday to those you love! Sending your wishes is the best way to celebrate someone’s birthday and show that you care. Do not miss the chance to show your respect, love, or gratitude with our simple birthday wishes.


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