Fun Birthday Wishes


Fun Birthday Wishes

That day has finally arrived! That special person in your life has his birthday! But for this person to be so special, it is not enough to just give him an ordinary wish like everyone else! In our website Birthday Wishes Star  you will find fun birthday wishes for your family and friends.

It’s very nice to have your friends and relatives remind you what you mean to them. It’s nice to write a card with a funny greeting phrase, it’s definitely an original way to start the birthday party with a smile.

General Fun Birthday Wishes

  • For today’s birthday, I hope you enjoy it. Happy Birthday.

  • Every year that passes leaves only signs of happiness on you. Each passing year does not increase your age, only your experience.

  • May life always bring you the conditions for gaining the best experiences. Happy Birthday to You!

  • This joy that we all feel, is an emotion that comes only once a year, and this is due to the fact that you have your birthday!

  • I hope you get what you want in this life, because you deserve it! Happy Birthday to You!

  • Our birthday is an opportunity to see things from a completely different perspective, and on a blank page to capture our new adventures. Happy Birthday to You!

  • May your years be centuries and the hands of the clock wish, one wish from me for you is only to come true! I wish you a happy birthday and all the time full of wonderful adventures.

Fun Birthday Wishes

  • Today, when you have your birthday, make as many wishes as you can, because next year you will have the opportunity again!

  • The only way to stay young is to lie about your age. Happy birthday to you to have what you want and every year your birthday to be more wonderful than the previous ones!

  • And if today you grew up and your hair turned white, do not be disappointed, your paint will pass !!

  • Birthdays are like sweets. Sometimes you do not want to know how much you have eaten!

  • Happy Birthday! Never count the years and the glasses of wine you drink!

  • So I will wish myself happy birthday since I have a birthday in 3 days! I hope my life continues to fascinate me to spend many special moments with the people I love and all my dreams come true. So happy birthday to me!

  • Happy Birthday! Birthdays are good for your health. Research has shown that people who have birthdays live longer!

  • Happy Birthday! I will love you at 50 and 100… if you live!

  • Happy Birthday! I wish you Peace, Mary, Catherine and any other you want!

  • The only way to stay young is to lie about your age. happy birthday to have them what you want and every year your birthday to become more wonderful than the previous ones!

  • I hope you get a lot of wishes on your Facebook wall from people you do not know. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! God bless you for years and give them to you in a bra number!

Fun Birthday Wishes for family members

  • Happy birthday to the man who makes me happy but breaks my nerves! I do not know what I would do without you. Make them happy and have a great time on the most important day.

  • Happy birthday to the one and only person whose birthday I remember before the facebook reminder hit!

  • As a person gets older, 3 things happen! One is that he begins to forget… I do not remember the other two! Happy Birthday, my lovely mum!

  • Two things you should not count on your birthday! The candles on the cake and the soft wines! Happy Birthday!

  • And if today you grew up and your hair turned white, do not be disappointed, your paint is still passing dad! Many wishes for a happy birthday!

Fun Birthday Wishes for friends

  • Candles are becoming more and more. So far your cake is huge. Do not worry, we will help you hit them all, happy birthday!

  • Do you remember when as children we had this fire inside? We still have it. Only now they call it gastritis! Happy Birthday!

  • Age does not matter unless you are cheese or wine. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! It’s nice to celebrate a wise man like you, so mature and deep that you do not care about superficial and material things … like gifts!

  • Do not light all the candles … the fire extinguishing could be activated! Happy Birthday!

  • We know that we are really getting older when we no longer want to be reminded that it is our birthday

  • The years do not seem to pass you by. How lucky you are … you always look old

  • The years grow older, the neurons shrink, the hair falls out, the wrinkles grow … do not worry, they are not the symptoms of an incurable disease. You are only one year older!

  • It’s your birthday, remember not to smile too much! It hurts all these wrinkles…

  • Congratulations, you added +1 to the cake again this year. You are not bad for someone your age!

  • Understand that you get older when candles cost more than the birthday cake!

  • The ice at the Pole is melting! Maybe it was better if you did not light all the candles at once

  • You are not 40, you are eighteen with 22 years of experience. Happy birthday!

  • I wish you a year full of Honesty, Wisdom, Simplicity, Solidarity, Sensuality … as you can see I have not written sex … I do not want miracles! Happy Birthday.

  • Extinguish all the candles on your cake, now that you can still count them. Happy Birthday.

Fun Birthday Wishes

  • On your birthday, listen to the voice of wisdom: smile while you still have all your teeth. Happy Birthday!

  • The news has spread that the permanent ice is melting … light all the candles on your cake, right?

  • Lots of candles … make the cake look small! Happy Birthday!

  • Do you know what happens to smart, charming and admirable people like you on their birthdays? Aging, like everyone else! … ha ha ha .. Happy birthday!

  • My best wish for your birthday is to live another 100 years … at least we will eat another hundred cakes! My best wishes!

  • I wish you a happy birthday, I teach you the secret to staying young forever: live honestly, eat slowly and lie about your age.

  • Today another year of your life has passed and every year white hair is added, what can you say: take courage, next year will be even worse! Seriously … Greetings!

  • And since I believe that it is not enough just to say birthday wishes to you … I will tell you three times: best wishes, best wishes, best wishes!

  • You still have a long way to go in life! Happy birthday and buy a durable pair of shoes!

  • I went online, opened all my old greeting cards, asked my sister … but then I came to a conclusion and finally found what I could write to you: Happy Birthday! … and remember to leave us a piece of cake!

  • It’s useless to tear up calendars and throw away clocks, time goes by! And today you are one year older! (I do not think wiser). MY BEST WISHES

  • Make room, let today’s birthday boy pass, the old man of the day and … pay attention given his age! Happy Birthday!

  • Do the years go by and the candles grow? No problem, just buy a bigger cake and no one will ever notice it. Happy Birthday!

  • Tomorrow, my dear, you will have an extra year. Did you know that? So let’s have fun today because tomorrow will be another step towards old age!

  • To learn an aerobic exercise suitable for older people, open this card. Very well. Now rest for five minutes before repeating. Happy Birthday!

  • Instead of buying you a birthday present, this year I decided to make a donation to the needy … and I really have to do my wardrobe again! Happy Birthday!

  • If you are planning to celebrate your birthday by doing untold things that you may regret the next morning, take my advice: sleep until the afternoon.

  • To celebrate your birthday, I would have thought of a Caribbean cruise. Would you mind watering the plants during my absence? Happy Birthday!

  • I thought I would give you a nice fan, you know at your age it’s a little hard to blow out all these candles. Happy Birthday!

  • Smile, you may be older … think about what awaits you in ten years. Happy Birthday!

  • After days and days looking for a suitable gift for you I decided: everything you want will come true when you read this card … Best of wishes!

Friendly Fun Birthday Wishes

  • It’s finally here, it’s boys’ birthday! As every year you are older, and so the size of your underwear increases !!! Good wishes to the birthday boy and I hope it is a well tried day !!!

  • It is normal to become calmer with age … it is not easy to speak while holding your belly! My best wishes!

  • The best way to stay young … is to lie about age. Happy Birthday!

  • For your birthday I would like all your dreams to come true … especially the tall, blonde and muscular ones! Happy Birthday!

  • Do not worry, you will not be bald, you just get more aerodynamic! Happy Birthday!

  • I was a little worried because I was not sure if your birthday present was the right size … instead of looking at how it fits easily out of the envelope!

  • To celebrate your birthday, I would have thought of a Caribbean cruise. Would you mind watering the plants during my absence? Happy Birthday!

  • Usually to write a message, a letter or a birthday card, people need more time than usual to buy the gift, without knowing that the best things are said in a few more simple words … HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  • For your birthday I wanted to give you something exciting and fun, but then I remembered that you already have me in your life. My best wishes!

  • There is a very smart, rich, beautiful and famous person who was born today. Too bad it’s not you. Happy birthday to you too!

  • Birthdays are good for your health! Scientific studies have shown that people who celebrate more birthdays live longer … Happy Birthday!

  • While it is obvious to age, it is optional to grow. Happy birthday!


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