The Original Meaning of Wishes

Every wish and birthday wish encloses within us the desire and hope for something we want to happen and especially at any celebration, we wish the people we love to have what they want happen to them. Basically we say, “I wish it happened to you …” … to me it sounds like a magical thought.

The wishes that are said at the end of the year are usually trapped in three automated words that, with constant repetition, tend to lose their meaning: Health, Love, Happiness (I do not use the word “luck” because I have the personal authority to we make it ourselves).

And while these three concepts are so easily and effortlessly shared, we simply stick to them and let them fade away, not discerning that achieving these “ideals” is so difficult, as each requires a unique, personal synthesis of individual components.

So, I will just avoid wishing for “Health” but l wish:

The Original Meaning of Wishes-1

1. Create the time to exercise your body and nourish it properly and in a balanced way, without having time to find excuses.

2. Express your feelings. Positive or negative has a lot to say to us when we give them space. As we repress them, they will find other psychosomatic ways to express themselves.

3. Chase your wishes instead of suppressing them, in the face of the short-term struggle that creates internal conflict and anxiety.

4. Protect yourself by defining yourself by saying no where needed and putting limits on people who want to weaken you to gain those strengths.

5. Eliminate procrastination but focus on preventing physical and mental illness and promoting healthy thoughts and behaviors.

I will avoid wishing for “Love” but l will wish:

1. Appreciate yourself first so that you can then fully evaluate your own faces.

2. Show confidence in your partner to reward you as trust is the way to self-disclosure and relationship building.

3. Respect each other’s diversity by learning and winning each time and something new and beautiful that will make your life so much better.

4. Show empathy by coming into contact with the other person’s uniqueness, touching his / her emotion while at the same time understanding his / her thoughts.

5. Understand the people next to you, not judging them by their behavior but going beyond them to find out who the person behind the person is.

I will avoid wishing for “Happiness” but l wish:

1. Enjoy every moment of life, starting with optimism. Not with its simplistic, positivist aspect but with the whole that claims that life has bad besides good. If we accept this attitude, we will persist in conquering optimism and focus on the solution rather than the problem.

2. Look at your fears with organization and faith in yourself. Directly addressing fears, relieves them of where others have put them for you, weakens them and helps you gain control of what you have given them.

3. Be kind, smiling and have kindness in your heart. The good is so rare nowadays that we do not seek it out on a human basis, nor escorts.

4. Be generous with other people, in words, in love, in soul. Life is too short to do stinging.

5. Getting close to people, happiness is hidden in relationships. Exchange hugs, touches, kisses … no relationship, friendly, companion-ate or erotic, survives without bodies coming together.

Wishes take a magical dimension only when we passively enter life, when we wait for the fateful, the given, when we consider everything. So no wish is beautiful. Because it slows down, it swells and leads to resignation.

But anyone who lives energetically, claiming, conquering, enjoying, defending and experiencing every moment will enjoy the journey of life. So we are the protagonists of our lives, we create the conditions we want to live, and we actually fulfil all our desires.

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