Why don’t we want to celebrate our birthday?


Why don’t we want to celebrate our birthday?

See the most commons reasons why people don’t want to celebrate their birthdays!

How old are you; How many are you closing? How do you feel about growing up? We’re getting older, huh? Common questions we are asked to answer as celebrators, as age seems to have … consequences.

But why do we hate birthdays? And birthday wishes in general?

The most important thing is to understand that our age determines.

Cultural perceptions about age are deeply rooted and widespread several years back. Erik H. Erikson pioneered this conversation, as he is the “father” of the now widespread “identity crisis”. The theory of the great Danish-American psychologist and psychoanalyst is based on the idea that our lives move according to predictable stages associated with our ages.

In his theory, then, he analyzes our “identity of the Ego“, which is constantly changing because of the new experience and information we each acquire in our daily interactions with others. In addition, Erikson’s theory emphasizes that at every stage the individual is interested in becoming competent in one area of ​​his life.

Scientists say the biggest reason most people don’t want to celebrate their birthday is because they don’t want to be defined by age, which describes the impact of social experience at all stages of life. Particularly in cases where people’s lives have not followed the standard (eg they are single or without children in old age), age makes them focus on what we did not do, rather than on what has been done.

Of course, the reasons one does not give birth to a birthday are complex and different than in another phase of their lives. For many, birthdays mark a phase of reckoning, a phase of reflection and appreciation of what happened in the past year. And yet there are those who do not insist on focusing on “what happened then?” But on “what’s next?” Perhaps the personality of some people is structured in such a way that progress is appreciated, while others choose to look ahead.

But what really makes us hate our birthday?

Nowadays wishes have turned into a more formal, rather than meaningful, conversation. A few years ago “happy birthday” was a phrase that came out of the lips of an important person in our lives. Parents, friends, companion…

In the age of online communication, with a reminder in the mail or a check on Facebook everyone knows everyone’s birthday. Every morning social media sends alerts to virtual and non-friends alerting them (though they may in fact be completely unknown to us) to wish them well.

As celebrities, however, we like to receive greetings from people who want to care about us. It does not matter in the deep that the Facebook wall is filled with inspirational cheats and poems. After all, there may be people who care most but who don’t have the time to write their wishes online.

The fear of death

It is a fear that individuals develop as they grow older. We are all aware of the futility of our existence, we all know that one day we will die … Why remember it every year, though?

Some do not view birthday as an addition to the years they have lived, but as a deduction of the years that remain until they die. As a result, they only give birth to them with disgust.

The desire of everlasting youth

Many would like to stay young forever. What is it that prevents us? It’s called a birthday. As the birthday bumps, so does the dream of youth.

This is why some people prefer not to listen to birthday wishes but to pretend that youth is here and stays.

Birthday became an annual routine

On the most practical issues: Happiness is mainly caused by the events that come once in our lives that are unexpected and unique. Events that have eliminated the element of routine, repetitive action and that are unique.

Birthdays, however, come every year and will come until … we leave this world. They become a yearly routine, the same people wish the same thing, eat cake and delicious food at the party, travel to their favourite place or do nothing at all. The recurring pattern makes birthdays lose their spark. And it’s no wonder that most older people don’t want to hear anything about them.

Desires actually stumble upon reality

The best birthday wish is probably the one that says “I wish life brought you the things you dream about”. And indeed, this is what we all would like, but desire sometimes remains (for various reasons) desire and is not realized.

Even if the people who tell you mean them, wishes are … just wishes. That’s why some, more realistically, prefer not to accept them at all.

People are becoming so kind, to the point of… worry

Sleep crouched, frustrated with those around you and wake up to the crazy joy. People are calling you on the phone, everyone is smiling, and they may be singing because the birthday has dawned.

Then you ask yourself … But where did the “normal” world go? So you are invited to wear fake smiles and respond kindly, even if this can sometimes be annoying. After all these, most men visit escorts to relax and have real fun!

Why should we wait for that day to turn out well? A day that happened by accident. We didn’t choose it.

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