Savoir Vivre: How do we wish in birthdays and celebration

Savoir Vivre: How do we wish in birthdays and celebration

Are you saying it from your heart?


The years pass, you grow older, you receive wishes, you send wishes and suddenly the day comes when you weigh those wishes a little more, you have a sense of who they think of you, who want to spend some of their time with you, who they do they don’t care about the day you wear your festivities. Do your wishes ultimately play such an important role? No. But … If they play?

I recently crossed the fourshold of 40. You tell me, you don’t care. And yet, it is a critical age for every woman, and the more you “work” to receive the first “men,” the more you will enjoy that day than to worry about the new decade that has just begun for you. So … I worked, and I organized a party for my friends, with the only requirement: Everything to be numbered “40”. Cake, balloons, cards and various accessories we used while we were having fun (hats, glasses, bow tie etc).

The triptych of the wishes of those we love and love us

Meanwhile, the next day dawned, 40 was a fact and it was time for the report. What I learned from this day, what it taught me and what I intend to do hereafter:

Who wishes at 00.00: Those who love us purely, wish us with the change of day. In a nutshell, I am referring to parents and a partner – if any. They do not set an alarm, do not annoy the cellphone, they think it all the day before (or many before) and just count the last second until the day changes. The rule says: We do the same for them. With joy.

When an ex wishes us at 00.00, we should consider whether it is really worth a second (third or fourth) chance. Here we are, it’s not a bit. If you want to do it to somebody, be careful: Maybe the data for him has changed and put him in a difficult position. So first we are sure we will not bother and then call.

Those who love us and really want our wishes to come true will call us. Early in the morning or late at night, it doesn’t matter. They’ll pick up the handset, dial our number, and wait for us to hear them on the other side of the phone to say their best wishes or even sing the birthday song. Remember, friends who really care about them, when they celebrate or have a birthday, call them. Is important.

Say it with an SMS

If you don’t want to call, but you think the man on that day would like to wish him well, then you can send a nice sms. Again, only if you feel it. For the sake of fact, sms are more “convenient” (both for the one wishing and for the one wishing it) in the festive days. Little does the phone talk, little does it ring all day, and both sides are right. Make a phone call attempt and if the subscriber is busy, write a nice message.

Types of sms:

1. The typical: “Happy birthday! Let us rejoice! ” A bit like copy-pasting, a bit like sending it to many recipients. At least let’s put it down a little, make it a little … cute.

2. The enthusiast: “Long-winded puppet! Happy to those who love you! ” Ok, if you ever send it to me, I’ll appreciate it (mainly for “puppies”). I won’t say lies.

3. Dedicated-Two-Whole-Minutes: “Many dear years, to be long-lasting, strong, happy, all your dreams come true, never stop setting goals and achieve them, always shine!” Yes, this, the more typical it sounds, the more welcome it is.

4. The I-wanna-get-you-but-regreted: This message comes from people who know you well but for their own reasons don’t want to call you. Usually they will write something very personal to you to understand that they are thinking of you, something funny, something that … a bitterness you will eventually feel when you read it (because the phone didn’t ring).

“Happy birthday” from Facebook

Facebook, this scourge. Where other houses open and others close. How many times did you get out of the embarrassment and wish to someone you wouldn’t want to pick up the phone and how many times did you wish to someone who under other circumstances would not even know that it is a birthday or celebration? So, wishes on Facebook are welcome, but not personal, I think everyone understands.

  • If they wish you through FB, try to reply to each one in person, because all of them have dedicated even a few seconds to you. Do not write a post of acceptance thanks to wishes, but do not write a “thank you very much” doing it … well, go under any wishes.
  • Don’t write “Happy Birthday Maria!” And add to the post all your “friends” on Facebook. Really now; Not even.
  • Don’t post celebratory photos on google images on your wall, only personal ones (mom, I don’t mean to topple me again when I was three years old …).
  • Extra tip: If you do not want to wish, do not wish. However, do not like the celebration’s “wall”, under the wishes of someone else. Don’t even bother. We don’t want to. We prefer the companion of escorts instead!

Ideally, if the person having his birthday or celebration is a part of yourself, you would prefer to send him a card, a gift, a bouquet of flowers that day, which will make him smile and think about how lucky he was to have the day he met you. Even something small is enough.

PS – You closed  40?
– No, I’ve left them open to ventilate.

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