How to celebrate your birthday in summer 2020

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How to celebrate your birthday in summer 2020

Summer is already here and we could not be happier about it! We understand that due to the current situation, people from many countries are required to keep social distancing rules and generally be careful when it comes to their hygiene, but we could not leave birthday celebrations out of the table. If you want to know “how to celebrate your birthday in summer 2020“, keep reading!

Summer parties have always been our favorite! People born from the end of May to the beginning of September are super lucky! They can throw a summer birthday party and enjoy the nice, hot weather while people born in winter and fall have to face some pretty wild weather phenomena. Let alone the fact that summer birthday parties can include receiving birthday wishes at beaches and pools! How cool is that?

We have prepared a guide with some ideas on how to celebrate your birthday in summer 2020 for both kids and adults and we are very excited to announce them to you! Let’s get to the summer birthday party ideas!

Adult summer birthday party ideas

Adults have some more options as far as summer birthday parties are concerned as they have the freedom of celebrating their birthday anywhere, from their house, to the beach or even the mountains! Furthermore, adults know what they are looking for when they are throwing a party so they can really customize their birthday night.

We have chosen the themes that we would love for a summer party and we think that you are going to love them too! Just bear in mind that due to the outbreak you might want to keep your guest list short, between 4 and 15 people depending on the place of your party. In outdoor parties you can of course invite more people!

Wine tasting summer birthday party

What a better way to celebrate your birthday than a wine tasting party? It is a very interesting way of partying because it is more refined and can support less people. For example, a wine tasting party is great for 4 to 8 guests because it will include conversations with various topics and of course wine tasting!

You should choose wines that are refrigerated such as rosé and white wines so that you can chill even at the hottest days of summer. Choose between 4 and 6 wines and make sure to know what your guests like so that you can please everyone of them. Fruity and sparkling wines are the greatest choices for a summer birthday party.

The right thing to pair your wines with are either cheese and fruit platters that go great with almost every wine, or if you want to have a dinner party you should prepare a protein based meal such as salmon or beef. If you have not much knowledge about wines then it would be better to get your wines after consulting a wine specialist.

Rooftop summer birthday party

One of the most summery birthday parties is the rooftop summer birthday party! If you are lucky enough to have a rooftop at your building -or one of your friends does-, you could organize a rooftop summer birthday party. The positive thing is that is is very customizable as you can decorate the rooftop with whatever materials and themes you like!

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One of our ideas is to have some large throw pillows, coffee tables, a lot of candles and light bulbs hanging from your walls and have a boho-style party! You can adjust your food, birthday cake and dress code according to your theme so that you will have a complete boho party for example!

If you do not have a rooftop you can swipe this with a terrace or a balcony if it is big enough to fit at least 5 people! Then you can have a smaller party with your closest friends or move the party at the inside of your apartment!

Backyard summer birthday party

A backyard summer birthday party is ideal for the hot weather of the summertime! It is actually the first answer that came into our minds when we asked the question “how to celebrate your birthday in summer 2020”! It is as customizable as the rooftop party and you can choose to decorate your backyard however you like.

Our proposal though, would be a cocktail summer birthday party! Choose 3 cocktails that you can make yourself and gather your friends to help you too. Make some finger food or order it from a shop and we promise you that it is going to be most summery party you will ever have! The backyard party should start in the afternoon and last until morning time!

It is the most suitable party where you can enjoy the beautiful sunset while having a cocktail at the one hand and birthday cake at the other! Receiving birthday wishes from your friends and family while being at your festive backyard is the greatest thing ever!

Summer birthday party at the beach

For people that are living close to the sea side they can easily throw a summer beach party! Gather your friends and schedule a day of the weekend to throw your party. There are two options for this type of party. First you could throw it at a beach bar so that you will have nothing to worry about and secondly you could throw a party at a quiet beach right where the sea meets the sand.

If you are living at a region where the weather is nice, you could go with the second choice and stay at the beach at night! Find a private beach and set your party decorations since noon or even the morning. A beach party does not really have a time schedule, it csn start and end whenever you like!

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Get a lot of ice, your favorite drinks, your beach towels, swimsuits, light or candles for the night time and of course food and go to the beach to start your birthday celebrations! Do not forget to take some Bluetooth speakers for the music and of course a lot of water and lemonade to chill you during the day! Cocktails and cold beers are the greatest way to end your summer birthday at the beach and then you can sleep at the beach or even bring tents and sleeping bags!

Children summer birthday party ideas

On the other hand, children might not have the ease of choosing a theme for their party -as they often change their minds in seconds- but they will be happy with whatever their parents organize for them. As long as their friends are going to be there -with birthday presents and all this stuff- and of course a birthday cake, they will have a blast.

Of course, due to the current situation it would be wiser to keep your summer birthday party guest list shorter than usual so that you can avoid any problems. Keep it between 6 and 12 kids if you own a medium sized place and add guests if your house or party venue will be a lot larger.

“Drive in” summer birthday party

Drive in cinemas were a must during the 80’s and 90’s and one thing we loved about them was the freedom of the outdoor cinema! If you want to recreate such a vibe, get a white sheet or a projector kit and play a movie for the children at your backyard. Throw some pillows and stuffed animals at your backyard and prepare some snacks.

Pop corn and juice should not be missing from your buffet! You could also bake a large pizza and maybe some pigs in a blanket and lay them on the buffet as well. Your little guests are going to have a blast! Bear in mind that a movie on a projector should be visible after the sun goes down so you could invite the children one or two hours before sunset for some games and fun and close the night with the movie!

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Pool summer birthday party

If your area has a pool -either public or private- or if you own a pool at your house then use it to have a pool party! Invite your guests -and their parents for safety reasons- and let them have a blast at the cool water! Prepare some water games and after your little guests are tired enough, let them enjoy the foods and drinks you have prepared and do not forget the birthday cake!

You need to prepare some cold lemonade for the kids and maybe some beers or cocktails for the parents! Both children and their parents are going to have the greatest day of summer!

Face painting summer birthday party

Another sweet summer birthday party idea that we wanted to add to the list of “how to celebrate your birthday in summer 2020” is the face painting party! It is the best choice for the creative parents that have at least some basic painting skills. Order some non toxic face paints and use them to draw animals, shapes and whatever else you like on the kids’ faces.

If your party has a theme you could use the according colors to match the decorations and the general party vibes! The children are going to enjoy their “new faces” and they can also play games with their new identity. Some face painting ideas are fairies, princesses, pirates, animals, unicorns, superheroes flowers and many more.

Tips for how to celebrate your birthday in summer 2020

There are some tips on how to celebrate your birthday in summer 2020 so that everyone will have a great time! We are going to talk about the most useful tips for your summer birthday party!

  1. Make sure you have enough drinks and food for your guests. It is better to have more than to run out of supplies in the middle of your party. If you have leftovers you can either eat them next day or send them away with some of your guests.
  2. For your kid’s birthday party you should consider inviting the parents too. This way you will not have to watch 10 or more kids at once and you will not be responsible for any sudden accidents.
  3. For the cocktail parties, consider making fruit punch or cocktails in big batches in kegs. This way you can easily refill the keg and have everyone drink their cocktail without you being in the kitchen the whole time. Get 2 or 3 kegs so that you can have a variety of cocktails at once.
  4. Parties at venues are easier for you because the staff can take care of everything but sometimes they get a little impersonal. You could try for once to throw a party at your place with little guests and work your way up to s party with 10 guests or more. it is worth trying! It is going to be both cheaper and fun for you and your guests!

Overview for how to celebrate your birthday in summer 2020

Even though times are hard, we should not forget people’s birthdays and we always need to send our birthday wishes. We hope that you have enjoyed our guide on “how to celebrate your birthday during summer 2020” and that you are going to use some of our ideas!

Just do not forget to keep your distance from other people and make sure that all of your guests are healthy and have no symptoms, not even of the regular flu. Make sure that children wash their hands and maybe keep a mild antiseptic fluid on their tables so that they clean their hands regularly.

We promise you that a summer birthday party will definitely cheer you up!

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