How to wish Happy Birthday with a Cake


How to wish Happy Birthday with a Cake

There are a million different ways to wish to someone for their birthday. It depends on your kind of relationship, your ease with them and the adventures you have been in together. When it comes to wishing happy birthday in a more unique way, we have the solution. Do it with a cake! But “how to wish happy birthday with a cake?”

We believe that the traditional birthday card should take a break for now, as people have been a little over the cards. It is still a nice gesture to give away a birthday card to a person celebrating their birthday, but we think that it is a little bit on the colder side. If you are intimate with a person, it would be impersonal to give away a birthday card with the simplest birthday wish.

Our idea is that people should be more involved when it comes to their friends’ or family’s birthdays. Of course you should never overdo it with many presents and treats so try to stay in the boundaries of a normal budget.

Why choose a birthday cake instead of a birthday wish?

We know that by now you are definitely wondering “How to wish happy birthday with a cake?” Choosing a birthday cake instead of a present or a regular birthday card can sound weird to some people. Birthdays have been around since the beginning of time and birthday cards have been a gesture dedicated to birthdays for many centuries.

Just to get a little bit more specific, birthday cards can be dated back to the ancient Chinese civilization. Birthday cards became more popular during the 15th century and they were printed on paper too. It is going to be hard to surpass this tradition, don’t you think?

Well, wishing to someone with a birthday cake can become the new and more improved birthday tradition. Showing up to your friend’s house with a cake engraved with your own handwriting will for sure make their birthday unforgettable!

Make sure to practice your calligraphy skills and dig up the best memories you have with the person celebrating! Get creative and find the right words to wish to them! But please remember that it is a handmade cake and mistakes are welcome. Especially if it is your first time baking! We will get into that in detail later on.

How to choose the right birthday cake?

This is a tricky question. It really depends on the fillings your friend or family member likes. We are sure that if you are good friends with that person you will know what their favorite cake is. If you want to play it safe, you should go with the basic cake flavors so that you will be certain that everybody will be pleased.

Try a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache or a classic vanilla cake with butter cream and maybe some fruit as toppings? It certainly depends on your taste and your preferences. A nice idea is to impromptu ask them about their favorite sweets and candy and then incorporate it in the cake.

This will for sure impress them and they will enjoy your handmade cake even more! If you do not have any baking talent don’t worry. You can always ask for help or get a plain store-bought cake. Then you will be able to write your birthday wishes on it and customize it!

How to write on the birthday cake?

Now we have reached the part where you have finished baking the cake (or bought the plain cake) and you are ready to decorate it. You need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Decide how to wish happy birthday with a cake. Plan your wishes and other ideas about drawing things on a piece of paper first. Make sure to measure the cake and line the draft so that it fits on the surface of the birthday cake.
  2. Use either melted chocolate, frosting or create little chocolate letters on a piece of plastic wrap and then let them freeze so you can eventually stick them on the cake. This must be the easiest way to do it, as you can make as many mistakes as you like.
  3. Assemble the cake and add more decorations if you like. You can always go back and cover any mistakes with some candy or by creating a shape like a heart for example. It is a home-baked cake so don’t worry about the mistakes. Besides that, a spelling error will make everyone laugh rather than judge you!
  4. Finally, remember that you can also order a ready-made cake and ask for the baker to customize it as you like. This is the best choice if you are out of time or if you feel that you will not make it.

In any way, the cake will be in your hands and ready to be delivered to your friend or family member. Even if it is not made completely by you, it will be a sweet gesture using a birthday cake to wish to someone. Just try to have fun and maybe involve more of your friends in the baking procedure. Who knows? It could become your new friend group and family tradition!


What wishes to write on the birthday cake?

This part is the most exciting one as you get to be creative and express your love and feelings towards the person celebrating. Of course, this is something really special and intimate, so we cannot force you to choose a ready-made birthday wish.

What we can do though, is inspire you! We are going to present to you a little collection of birthday quotes and funny sayings that you can use on a birthday cake. We are here to make the notion of “how to wish happy birthday with a cake” easier and more fun. You can go with something as simple as a plain cake with decorations, to a simple written “Happy Birthday” or with something more complex and customized.

So take a look at the following wishes – birthday quotes:

Funny birthday cake quotes

  • Congratulations for making it for another year! Happy Birthday my friend!

  • Age is just a number so don’t worry. Okay you can worry when the number 3 starts being at the front of your age number, haha! Happy Birthday!

  • You can never grow a year older without me! So here I am! Happy Birthday!

  • You will never get rid of me. You are stuck with me forever! I love you dearest friend! Happy birthday.

  • Oh dear! You are old. I am just kidding you are just one year older than last year. Haha still old! Happy Birthday my old friend!

  • May you live till you are 100 years old and still be my friend. After that we can be ghosts and scare people together! Happy Birthday!

Sentimental birthday cake quotes

  • To the person I love the most in this world, happy birthday!

  • I have loved you since the beginning of time! Happy birthday my dear friend/ mother/ father/ etc.

  • To my favorite person on earth, happy birthday. You are the reason I wake up happy every day!

  • I don’t know what I would do without you! Thank you for being my rock and my best friend! Happiest birthdays!

  • Happy birthday to my favorite friend on this planet! You are the best thong that has happened to me!

  • To my best friend since forever, happy birthday! I love you!

Different birthday cake ideas

The birthday cake that you will bake or order can be really anything. As we have mentioned before, the cake or the wishes that you are going to use are completely up to you. We are here to help you by giving you some basic and general ideas or to propose you cakes and wishes that we personally like.

Some of the cakes that caught our attention are listed bellow:

  1. Fondant cake. You can basically create any shape or object out of cake and then cover it with colourful fondant. This is a more difficult technique and it requires time and patience, but you can always ask for help or order it.
  2. Triple chocolate cake. The most amazing cake for those who are fans of chocolate. Three layers of chocolate cake and two layers of chocolate filling. You can write your birthday wishes on the top by using white chocolate or frosting!
  3. Photo cake. Do you remember the good old birthday cake with a photo printed on them? It was very popular during the 2000’s and it is great for our “how to wish happy birthday with a cake”, as it is 100% customizable! You could use a photo of the two of you, a funny picture of them or anything! Even a photo of the wish written on paper!
  4. Birthday cupcakes. You can have fun with cupcakes instead of a birthday cake  too. It is even more customizable because you can create as many flavours and colours as you like. This way you will be able to please everyone at the party and manage to target every taste!
  5. The funfetti cake. The most original American birthday cake is the funfetti one. A classic vanilla cake with colourful sprinkles in it. It is popular in the younger ages because of the colours, but you can never go wrong with it. You can decorate it with little chocolate letters or a dark-coloured frosting.
  6. Number cakes. You can get creative with baking number cakes! Trace the number onto a rectangular cake and add cream, fruits, meringues and anything else you like! Add the candles and you are ready to go!


The moment of presenting the birthday cake

This will definitely be the best moment of the whole “how to wish with a birthday cake” notion. The moment that you reveal the cake to the person celebrating will be for sure memorable. It might involve tears of happiness too, so bring your tissues!

You could prepare a surprise birthday party or a surprise birthday visit at your friend’s house. Gather up all of the friends that you have in common and organise your visit. You can use balloons, birthday hats, whistles and anything else you like and of course do not forget the cake!

We can guarantee you that you will enjoy this moment and that you will gain a place to that person’s heart forever. Your only problem will be surpassing this big event you created the next year! If this will become your tradition, we are happy to have helped you do something creative that brings people together and creates smiles to their faces!

Overview on how to wish happy birthday with a cake

All in all, we believe that wishing to your loved ones with a birthday cake is the best alternative but still traditional way of wishing happy birthday! Bringing a personalized cake to someone’s birthday will for sure steal the show and prove that you are a true friend. It is a beautiful gesture that is affordable and at the same time valuable, as it is a gift that everyone will enjoy.

It is also a way of teaching people that gifts are not always some kind of materialistic objects and that they can be something that is going to be valued by being immediately consumed. The whole family or the whole group of friends will be able to enjoy this “alternative” way of wishing happy birthday.

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