Humorous Birthday Wishes

Humorous Birthday Wishes

Humorous Birthday Wishes

Birthday wishes with humor! Find the most Humorous Birthday Wishes in our Birthday Wishes Star website to wish to your loved ones and your friends! If you are tired of writing the same birthday wishes, then you are in the right place for the most humorous birthday wishes!

Birthday is a very important celebration and your wish should be proportionate. But before you choose the wish that you like, first look at the style that suits the one who has a birthday but also the type in your relationship. Because, you do not wish the same on a colleague, as on a friend and definitely on your loved one!

So think hard, and choose the most humorous birthday wish that suits you best:


The most humorous birthday wishes

  • Happy birthday to the only person on the planet who would run to save me if the Zombie Apocalypse came!

  • Happy Birthday! Remember, as you get older, you mature! Something perfect if you were wine, of course…

  • Happy Birthday! Only for today, you will have a 20% discount to those who ask me your real age!

  • Happy birthday to someone who would look much younger if he did not work in here!

  • Congratulations! Another trip around the sun is just over! You must have been very tired, eh?

  • Happy Birthday! Prepare a perfect treat because only I know your real age!


The most humorous birthday wishes to your colleque

  • Happy birthday colleague! I wish you Health, Success and many Increases! 🙂

  • Happy birthday! I wholeheartedly wish Luck, Success, Profit.

  • Happy Birthday! I wish all your dreams come true but be careful not to wake up!

  • Happy birthday! I always wish the family and all the people who love you to be around you!

  • Happy birthday full of Joy, Love and Happiness!

  • I wish you a wonderful happy birthday and many fulfilled wishes!

Humorous Birthday Wishes

Humorous friendly birthday wishes

  • Happy birthday to someone who was always by your side and remembered your birthday before Facebook!

  • Happy birthday! I wish the sorrows to decrease and the happiness to become more!

  • Everything in the world you love to become yours and the joys to illuminate your beautiful face!

  • You are not special today because you have a birthday. For me, you are special every day!

  • I wish my most perfect friend Happy Birthday, to make them happy and to grow old together!

  • Happy birthday to my star! I wish you to always be full of color and life inside you!


Humorous erotic Birthday wishes

  • Happy birthday! The gift takes a bath and comes to you.

  • Happy birthday and always have sex with me.

  • You are the only person in the world who knows me so well, the only person whose birthday is just another reason to have sex with me.

  • I thank God who created you and especially who brought you on my bed!

  • You have stolen my heart, my body, my mind. If you had asked me I would have given them to you for a birthday present. I love you.

  • Happy birthday to the hottest creature on the planet!


The unusual humorous birthday wishes

  • Happy birthday and good courage with the non-stop messages and notifications all day today for your birthday!

  • A thousand apologies for forgetting your birthday! But also how can I remember it since you do not seem to grow up even one day!

  • We had a national anniversary today and I did not know it? Happy birthday majesty / majesty!

  • Congratulations! Another trip around the sun is just over! I’m not telling you exactly how many kilometers it was, because you will cry.

  • Congratulations! Another trip around the sun is just over! Do you still have jet lag?

  • Happy birthday and a warm welcome to your new wrinkle set! How are you!

  • Happy birthday and let’s say goodbye together to the hairs that left your head!



The most humorous birthday wishes to friends

  • What if you grew up today and your hair turned white. Do not be discouraged girls still want you!

  • Happy Birthday to You! God bless me for days and give them to you in a number bra.

  • Happy birthday to become big to make money scatter a lot of European chicks everywhere!

  • I wish you happy birthday, from the depths of my heart, and whatever birthdays are coming, to spend them with me.

  • I wish you happy birthday, with a heart, wallet and bed always full!

  • One thousand Russian women with horses I will send to your yard to strip you today at your celebration.

  • Happy birthday and I wish you Health, Peace, Happiness, Marry… Helen, Rose and any other you want!

  • Do not count the candles on the cake, just see how bright they are. I wish you the best. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! Birthdays are like sweets. Sometimes you do not want to know how much you have eaten!

  • Why you blow out the candles on your birthday and when you die they light them… I honestly do not understand! Happy Birthday to You!

  • When you blow out the candles I wish to be by your side again when you close the hundred. Happy Birthday from Dracula.

  • I wish with all my heart a happy birthday. I love you very much.

  • Happy birthday, I wish this year your birthday to be the happiest of your life!

  • I wish in your life to know only joy and sex. Happy Birthday! I love you very much.

  • Words are poor but the wishes are great and if life is rainy let the drops be joys.

  • My dear, I wish this year’s birthday to be the best. Along with my wishes to have great sex tonight. Happy Birthday to You!


Humorous birthday wishes for my husband

Your loved one’s birthday is approaching and you do not know how to wish him? We are here to give you the most unique and humorous ideas to get away from the simple and ordinary “Happy Birthday to my husband“.

Everyone thinks “I want the best birthday wishes for my husband“, since he is one of the most important people in our lives. He is the one who stands by us at any time and especially on his birthday we want to show him how special he is to us.

Imaginative suggestions to wish “Happy Birthday my boy“, for all tastes can be found in this article! Humorous birthday wishes for husband refer to those who appreciate humor, do not stop teasing their partners and now it is time to reciprocate. Humorous Birthday Wishes for a husband who is the twitter of the company are what you need and will make him smile.

  • My love, I ordered you a gift, but I accidentally put your card number. But how did I get so confused again? Happy Birthday.

  • This card is more than just a birthday card. This card contains everything you need. This card is your absolute and unique gift. With love the best birthday wishes for my husband!

  • Forget the mistakes of the past, they do not change. Forget every difficult moment, it’s over. Forget what you tried to do and did not succeed, we will try again. Forget your gift, I did not take it from you.

  • Intelligence, beauty, kindness, kindness, humor all gathered in one person. But I said enough about myself. Happy Birthday my love.

  • What did you think, because I was late to wish you, that I forgot? Of course not. Fortunately there is facebook and I never forget to send wishes for my husband who has a birthday. Happy birthday my eyes.

  • Happy birthday to the best man. Thank you that no matter how many years pass, you will always be older than me.

  • Today you are celebrating I thought of the most suitable gift for you my love. This piggy bank will help you for my next birthday present.

  • I hope you do not have high expectations for your food and birthday cake. Your age no longer allows such fuss. Happy birthday my unique.

  • Happy and creative years and one to remember… the candles on the cake do not show our age but how many experiences we gained and you, my love, have so many. Best wishes for my boy’s birthday, with love.


Wishes for the man of my life

Birthday wishes for the man are a difficult affair. We all try in a few lines to fit everything we feel without repeating. Here you will find the right phrases for a smart wish. Show that his birthday is as important to you as he is and steal the impressions beyond his heart.

  • Happy birthday full of experiences! I wish your dreams to be the reality of your life and to become more and more every day.

  • Your hug is my home and I do not want to leave for a minute. I feel so safe next to you. Happy birthday my dear.

  • The most loving birthday wishes for the man who taught me so much. You are my hero and thank you for every moment you stood by me. Happy birthday to the best man.

  • One of the greatest joys is to celebrate the birthday of the one you love. I’m so lucky you got bored in my life. Happy Birthday Baby!

  • Do you think that today you are special, because it is your birthday. You’re wrong! For me you are special every moment.

  • I wish today to be one of the most beautiful in your life. But for those who come and are full of difficulties, I will be there to eliminate them. Happy birthday to the man of my life!

  • Happy Birthday my love. I hope you have in your life the craziest you can imagine. But what do I say, you already have me.

  • Happy birthday to my uncle. You will forever be my boy and I your little girl. After so many years I am still in love with you as in the beginning.

  • Happy birthday my eyes. I could write a lot to wish you, but I will say only one… To always be the icing on your cake.Birthday verses for your other half


If you want to become a poet even for a while but it seems a torment to you how to put the words in the right order do not worry at all.

Humorous Birthday Wishes for the man of my life with a rhyme

We wrote the most successful humorous Birthday Wishes for my husband and the thought “how to say happy birthday to my partner” will no longer be a problem.

  • Happy birthday my love, through my soul,your birthday is my strength.I make countless wishes even if it catches even one,you will have everything you need for a life of magic.

  • I will only make one wish, my sweet love,with each passing day we get closer and closer.Every year to find you stronger and strongerand hang out with up to a hundred.

  • My heart is about to break when you look at me, every time you touch me I feel the same shiver as our first kiss. I hope you know how much you mean to me. For today and forever years in love.

  • Be grateful for what you experienced,rejoice in the mistakes you made,to do whatever fills you with joyand to live well together for years.

  • Happy birthday to you who enlightened my soul.I send the best wishes for my husband’s birthday that gives life and shine to our family.I wish every year

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