Funny Birthday Wishes


Funny Birthday Wishes

Funny birthday wishes want to give a smile and a good mood on a special day. In our Birthday Wishes Star website you will find lots of funny birthday wishes. Wishing you happy birthday with the funniest phrases is a way to tell someone you love them.

Birthday is a very important day for all of us and, even if many pretend it is not, it is always a pleasure to receive nice wishes. Since birthday is a day of celebration, why not give a funny and witty wish? Read a collection of funny birthday wishes to live this day with joy and express your best cute birthday wishes.

General Funny Birthday Wishes

  • Happy Birthday! It is wonderful to be young, beautiful and full of energy. Do you remember those moments? My best wishes!

  • For your birthday I wanted to give you something exciting and fun, but then I remembered that you already have me in your life. My best wishes!

  • Listen, I hate being the one to tell you, but you have to learn to control the habit of celebrating a birthday. It is scientifically proven that they kill too many birthdays. Well, take a break.

  • There is a very smart, rich, beautiful and famous person who was born today. Too bad it’s not you. Happy birthday to you too!

  • Do not worry, you will not be bald, you just get more aerodynamic! Happy Birthday!

  • Light all the candles on your cake, now that you can still count them. Happy Birthday!

  • Lots of candles in a cake that is too small … but do not worry, I asked for help … firefighters are just waiting for a gesture! Happy Birthday!

  • Birthdays are the way nature tells us: “Today you can eat all the cake you want!” Take advantage of that! Happiest of birthdays!

Funny Birthday Wishes for friends

  • Do you think that you are special because today is your birthday? This is complete nonsense… you are special every day! Happy Birthday!

  • Friendships are like trees. You have to water them to grow well. Let’s order a drink! Happy birthday!

  • Birthdays are good for your health! Scientific studies have shown that people who celebrate more birthdays live longer … Happy Birthday!

  • A friend, if you fall, is always ready to help you get up. But only after you stop laughing! Happy Birthday!

  • You do not grow old, you just level up. Happy Birthday my friend!

  • Hi, I just wanted to remind you that every time you have a crazy idea, my only question will be, “Shall we go?” Happy Birthday my friend!

  • Can you blow out all the candles or do I have to call the fire department? Happy Birthday!

  • I would like to wish you all your dreams come true, but I am afraid that if they come true, I will have nothing else to wish you next year.

  • At this point in your life, you need to think about a new beginning. It’s time to dump her and move on. Happy Birthday!

  • Just imagine the things you would like to hear on your birthday and pretend he said it to you. Happy Birthday!

  • With age comes wisdom. Unfortunately there are some exceptions. Oh well … it will be better next year. Happy Birthday!

  • If you are planning to celebrate your birthday by doing untold things, you may regret it the next morning, call me! Happy Birthday my friend!

  • Stop counting candles and start thinking about how much you want to express. Happy Birthday!

Funny Birthday Wishes for family members

  • It is normal to become calmer with age … it is not easy to speak while holding your belly! My best wishes!

  • Old age is when you start saying, “I’ve never felt so young.” Happy Birthday dad!

  • The best way to stay young … is to lie about age Happy Birthday mum!

  • You have reached the age where all compliments will be followed by “for your age”. Give up. Happy Birthday!

  • I have heard that the polar ice cap melts with incredible speed. Is it not a coincidence that you have already lit all your candles? My best wishes!

  • To toast to your health, I ruined … Happy Birthday, dad!

  • You look different. Have you lost weight? Did you change your haircut? Did you go to the barber shop? There is something different for you … Oh, I understand … You are one year older!

  • Don’t be angry… At least you are not as big as you will be next year! Happy Birthday!

  • I thought I would give you a good fan, you know at your age that it is a little difficult to blow out all these candles. Happy Birthday!

  • Smile, you may be older … think about what awaits you in ten years. Happy Birthday!

  • For your birthday I would like all your dreams to come true… especially the tall, blond and muscular ones! Happy Birthday, my dear sister!

Funny Birthday Wishes

  • It seems that wisdom comes with age … You see? You do not have the signs of old age yet! Happy Birthday!

  •  You saved an extra year! Happy Birthday!

  • This year I wanted to surprise you with an incredibly original, fantastic, incredible gift. At the time I thought you would not appreciate my genius. So come to a simple and traditional: “Happy Birthday”!

  • For every year you come back I have to pull your ears, but I can not because otherwise they would touch the ground! Happy Birthday!

  • Do not think that you are getting older, you think that you are becoming a classic! Happy Birthday!

  • On your birthday, listen to the voice of wisdom: smile while you still have all your teeth. My best wishes!

  • But how many wishes have I wished you since we met? So, for this year, review those of the previous birthdays … I was joking, happy birthday!

  • I was looking for famous quotes, I thought of catchy phrases, I tried to compose a few lines, but I did not find anything suitable for your tenth birthday: be satisfied with good wishes. Happy Birthday!

  • For each passing year, the trees form a new ring adding fabric around the perimeter … does it remind you of anything? Happy Birthday!

  • Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternative. Happy Birthday!

  • I would like to give you a gift as big as your number of years, but then I would reveal your true age to everyone, so, for now, be content with a loving wish for happy birthday!

  • You should be proud of your age – this year you are wiser, smarter and closer to the discounts for seniors in museums. Happy Birthday!

  • I would not wish you well not to remind you that until now you are old, bald and full of wrinkles … but I will give you a very strong hug so that you do not forget the special person you are! Happy Birthday!

  • People like you have to be in every corner of the globe. But wait, the world is round… Happy birthday!

  • Time is just a convention invented by men to make women angry. Happy Birthday!

  • Years have passed, but only the best appear. Happy Birthday!

  • Men age like wine. Women like wine. Happy Birthday!

  • Do not measure life by years, but by beers. Happy Birthday!

  • Do you know what your problem is? The older you get, the more you drive me crazy! Now that I think about it, that’s my problem! Happy Birthday!

  • Another year is nothing for an old oak like you. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday! You have a wonderful life, great looks and iron health. How could a small gift compete with all of this?

  • Even if I will not be at your party, no one dares to touch my cake. Happy Birthday!

  • Someone special to you deserves more than just a greeting card. So I hope someone really brought you a real gift! Happy Birthday!

Cute and funny birthday wishes

  • Every year is like a book with 365 blank pages… do your masterpiece every day. Happy Birthday!

  • Go to the birthday if you want, but do not wait for me to follow your example! Happy Birthday!

  • Light all the candles on your cake, now that you can still count them. Happy Birthday!

  • It’s nice to celebrate a wise person like you, very mature and deep to pay attention to things so superficial and materialistic… as gifts! Happy Birthday!

  • Grow your heart, next year will be worse! Happy Birthday!

  • Retirement is approaching! Happy Birthday!

  • Do not worry about the past. Celebrate the future that awaits you. Happy Birthday!

  • At 30 you suddenly become more mature, more responsible, more self-disciplined, more reliable, more adult… or so they say. It’s okay with me even if you stay the way you are. Happy Birthday!

  • The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly and lie about age. Happy Birthday!

  • Do not tell anyone that you have turned 50 or else everyone will start to be jealous and hate you because you still look so beautiful young. Happy Birthday!

  • Greet your youth for me. It was good as long as it lasted. Happy 30th birthday!

  • Best wishes for the 50 years! I have to admit that your plan to get to 100 is going very well. Keep going!

  • At thirteen, you were officially a teenager. At eighteen, you were officially an adult. But at thirty you are officially old. Happy birthday!

  • From now on, life is less about knowing how old you are and more about thinking about how young you still feel. Happy Birthday!

  • Some people say that wisdom only comes with age… but do not worry, you do not have these problems. Greetings young man! Happy Birthday!

  • You are only young once, but you can stay immature forever. Happy Birthday!

  • Becoming forty is not a drama: just replace the moisturizer with an anti-wrinkle cream. Happy Birthday!

  • If I did not love you, I would tell you how awful it is to be forty. But because I want you, I will not ruin your party. Happy Birthday!


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