Birthday Wishes For Kids


Birthday Wishes For Kids

If you are looking for the right Birthday Wishes For Kids, you are in the right place. The one thing you might vividly remember from your childhood is the birthday parties. Usually, children are throwing birthday parties until they reach their adolescence. If you are having a kid in your family right now, you know how innocent and at the same time energetic and restless a child can be.

This is the reason why wishing to a kid can be tricky. You need to know their character, in order to create a unique wish for them. In our Birthday Wishes website, you will find ideas for Birthday Wishes For Kids.

Looking For Birthday Wishes For Kids?

In our Birthday Wishes webpage you will find a wide range of Birthday Wishes For Kids. No matter what your relationship with the birthday kid is, we have created categories regarding wishes from mum and dad, uncles and aunts, brothers and sisters and friends. You will find everything you need in the sections below.

  • Happy Birthday little one. May you always be happy and cheerful!

  • To the most energetic and vivid young boy/ girl I know, happiest birthdays!

  • An amazing little boy/ girl has his birthday today! I hope your day will be fabulous!

  • I wish that you will have the best time today at our party! Happiest birthdays to you sweet girl/ boy!

  • May you have an amazing birthday, and may your day be filled with lots of hugs and kisses!

  • Wonderful wishes for a wonderful little man/ young lady. May you always be smiling in your life!

General Birthday Wishes For Kids

  • To my favourite friend, happy birthday! I wish you all the good things in life.

  • Happy Birthday to a little munckin who is growing way to fast! Wishing you all the best things in life, may god bless you!

  • Happy birthday dear child. May your life be filled with happiness and joy!

  • Have a jolly birthday little one! Enjoy your birthday party, dance with your soul, get dizzy by drinking a lot of lemonade and eat as many slices of cake as you can!

  • To a special little boy/ girl, happy birthday! Best wishes from your neighbours!

Birthday Wishes For Kids From Mum and Dad

  • Since you were born your presence filled our days and nights. You are  a wonderful kid and we want to see you grow happily and healthy. Happy birthday our precious boy/ girl.

  • It seems like yesterday, when we brought you home for your first night. I will keep protecting and caring for you for as long as I can, as that is what every parent in this world does. I love you and I hope that you will always be happy.

  • I will keep smooching you with kisses until you reach adolescence. Then you will be pushing me away every time I will try to give you a kiss or a hug. I wish you did not grow so fast little one. Happy Birthday from your mum, I love you.

  • Everyone thinks that mothers teach things to their kids. This is not always correct, as I have learnt so many things from you, little one. Thank you for your love and your smiles, you are making my days! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

  • Your father and I have tried to give you everything we had, and teach you anything we knew. We are very happy to see that you are turning out to be a lovely and respectful child. Happy birthday sweetheart.

  • You are an amazing little man/ lady and we are sure that you will excel in life. We will always be here next to you and we will always be your number one supporters. Happy Birthday with love from Mum and Dad.

  • Every parent sees their child as the most beautiful and intelligent creature that has ever existed on earth. I could not be an exception to that rule. I love you precious child, you are the most amazing child in the whole world! Happy birthday!

  • I know we are not letting you have sweets in the middle of the week, but as today is your birthday, you are free to enjoy as many slices of cakes as you want. We love you and we are wishing you a happy birthday. Love, mum and dad.

Birthday Wishes For Kids From Brother and Sister

  • Happy Birthday kiddo. Cheers to all these times we made a fuss and upset the whole house together!

  • To the most extraordinary brother/ sister, happy birthday! I am sure that you will grow to be the most popular boy/ girl in the school and at the same time ace all of your assignments!

  • You are the coolest little brother I could ever ask for. Your mischiefs are out of this world, I wish I could have your imagination! Happy Birthday little one!

  • I will always be next to you little sister. I am going to protect you from anything that will try to harm you, you can count on me. Happy Birthday from your big brother.

  • As you are the smartest in this family, we are all counting on you to become a millionaire! I am kidding, you are not the smartest, I am. Happy birthday little brother/ sister, with love from your big sister/ brother.

  • As today it’s your birthday, it is the only day that I will fulfil every favour you ask me. So you can take advantage of my “present” today, as from tomorrow we are going back to snitching each other to mum and dad! I am teasing you, happy birthday little one, I love you.

  • Have a wonderful birthday little brother/ sister. Get ready to be smacked in the face with your birthday cake!

  • Today it is your day and you are in the centre of attention! Happiest birthdays to you! I am proud to be your brother/ sister.

  • As your big sister, I can guarantee that I will always be there for you and protect you from anything harmful. Happy birthday kiddo, I love you!

  • You know that you can always count on me, even if you want me to cover for you in mum and dad. Happy birthday brother, I love you!

Birthday Wishes For Kids From Family Friends

  • You are a little munchkin that keeps growing up so fast! Please slow down I need to enjoy every moment with you! Happiest birthdays to you (name), I am wishing you a happy life!

  • I remember helping your parents for the first days when they took you home from the hospital. You were so tiny that I was afraid to hold you. Now you are a proper young lady/ boy. Happy Birthday dear!

  • You were the first baby of our small group of friends and we have to say you taught us all a bunch of staff, from being nice to each other to how to forgive and love. Happy birthday little one, may you always be happy and loved!

  • Have a marvellous birthday baby girl/ boy, you will always have a special place in my heart. Don’t ever hesitate to come to me if you need anything. I love you, enjoy your day!

  • To a special little boy/ girl, from a very close friend, happy birthday. I will always be here next to you, and support your choices and ideas. After all, I am your mother’s best friend, and that is what best friends do! Best wishes to you!

  • I have known you since before you were even born. You are like a daughter/ son to me, and this will never change. You can always count on me, as I will always be there for you. Happy birthday dearest child!

Birthday Wishes For Kids From Grandparents

  • It seems like yesterday when you were born and made us grandparents! Happy Birthday baby we are wishing you all the best things in life. – Grandma and Grandpa

  • I remember you calling me nana because you could not pronounce the word “grandmother” correctly. Now you are even able to take care of me. I love you dear grandchild, happy birthday!

  • You have grown to become a beautiful young lady. Happy Birthday from your grandparents sweet girl.

  • I was always told off by your mother for sneaking candy and sweets in your room. I will keep doing so as I am her mother and she cannot tell me what to do! Happy birthday from your grandmother little sweetheart!

  • My dear child, your grandad and I are wishing you a happy birthday! May you always be happy, healthy and thrive in all domains of your life. We adore you!

  • You are a little angel that can be naughty from time to time, but we will never stop loving you. Happy birthday dearest child, may god bless you.

  • Your Grandmother and I are very proud because you have turned out too be a lovely little child with kind manners and a very interesting personality. We know that you will be an amazing person and that you will succeed in whatever you will decide to do in your life. Happy Birthday little one, with love from your grandparents.

  • I remember holding your hands as you walked your very first steps as a tiny baby. Now you are a handsome young man. Happy birthday my lovely child, I love you.

Birthday Wishes For Kids From Other Family Members

  • To a beautiful young lady, happy birthday. We are so happy watching you grow! Keep amazing us with your progress!

  • You have definitely taken after our family! You are a handsome little boy and we are sure that you will grow to be successful and happy!

  • We are so proud of you little one. You have managed to surpass us all, as you have a transparent soul and an amazing, kind character. We are wishing you the happiest birthday possible. May your life be filled with nothing but blessings.

  • I will always remember the pranks you keep pulling to all of us in the family. You are an intelligent child who I am sure will grow and become very successful in life. Happy birthday from your aunt and uncle little menace!

  • To my favourite niece/ nephew, I may be far from you today, but I am sending my best wishes for a happy birthday! I love you!

  • Each family has a favourite child, and you are ours! To the most extraordinary child, who has an amazing character, happy birthday!

  • Every aunt/ uncle has a favourite niece/ nephew. You are my favourite niece/ nephew dear child, I hope that you will have an amazing birthday today and a wonderful future!

  • You are the coolest little cousin anyone could ever have. You perform the funniest pranks at the rest of the family, leaving us with a smile on our face which lasts for days! Happy birthday little one, may god bless you!

  • As I cannot be there next to you on your birthday, I am sending you all the love and positive energy that I have. I love you and I hope that you will have a great time at your party! Happy Birthday little one, I will see you soon!

  • Having a cousin like you is for sure unfair. I cannot surpass your awesomeness and I cannot compare myself to you. You are one of the most intelligent human beings and I love you! Happy Birthday!

Overview For Birthday Wishes For Kids

Make sure to take the time and make this day special for your kids, as they will remember it for the rest of their lives. Cook some foods, get a birthday cake, invite some friends, out the music on and design a birthday party for them. We are sure that they will love it!

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