Birthday Wishes For Daughter


Birthday Wishes For Daughter

If you are looking for the best Birthday Wishes For Daughter then you are exactly where you should be. In our Birthday Wishes website, we have a variety of Birthday Wishes For Daughter which are custom made and they are categorized so that it will be easier for you to find what you need.

Are you looking for Birthday Wishes For Daughter?

We know that sometimes even parents can not find the right words to express themselves. Especially when it comes to their children’s birthdays, they might get very emotional and just lose it! This is why we have prepared a rich list of Birthday Wishes For Daughter just for parents. You can look at them, browse through them, use them as they are or just get inspired by them.

Take your time to read our Birthday Wishes For Daughter and reflect on them. Here is a small sample of what you are going to see further down:

  • Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter! May you always be smiling in your life!

  • To the sweetest girl ever born, happy birthday! My god bless your soul!

  • On this special day we wanted to send our best wishes to a special girl! Happy Birthday honey!

  • Happy birthday little bundle of joy! It seems like yesterday when we brought you home for the first time! Oh how time flies!

  • Happiest of birthdays to the girl that has taught me more things than anyone else on this planet! I love you to the moon and back! Your mother

General Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • To the most beautiful girl in the world, my daughter, happy birthday! I love you to the moon and back!

  • Happy birthday to our most shinning star! Our daughter! We love you so much! Enjoy your day – Mum and Dad

  • A mother’s treasure lies within her daughter. This is why you are so precious to me, you are my everything. Happy Birthday sweetheart! I hope that you will have another year of success and happiness!

  • Happy birthday little girl! I am wishing you unlimited amounts of happiness and joy in your life because I could not stand to see you unhappy! Not even for a second! Love you – Dad

  • Happy birthday to this little girl that warms my heart and makes me smile and have a reason to go through any obstacle that comes to me. Your dad loves you!

  • Have a wonderful birthday little fairy! May your life be as sweet as your birthday cake and may your years pass like time passes in fairytales; slowly and happily ever after!

Birthday Wishes For Daughter (Pre teenage years)

  • Happy birthday to our precious little girl! You are a ray of sunshine in our house! Mum and dad love you to the moon and back!

  • To the little bundle of joy that came into our lives (age number) years ago, happy birthday! You are growing up so fast! May you always be as happy as you are now!

  • To he most innocent little creature in my life, happy birthday! You may be a little monster and make me lose my temper sometimes, but you are the love of my life and I could never let anything happen to you! Love you, your mum.

  • Happy Birthday to my dearest daughter! You are my everything and I hope that one day you will realize how precious you are for your dad and I. May your life be as sweet as your birthday cake!

  • Happy Birthday sweetheart! May your life always be joyful and may you grow up to be successful and may your life be fruitful!

  • How is it possible that time flies so fast? I can not accept that! Please stp growing up so fast baby girl! Happy birthday my sweet little girl! I love you so much!

  • It seems like yesterday when you used to call us mama and dada and you were trying to make your first steps! Now you are a young lady and in a few years you will go to college! Happy (age number) sweetheart!

Birthday Wishes For Older Daughter (Teenage – adult years)

  • Happy birthday to the most fabulous and precious daughter! I want you to know that your father and I are here for you always, no matter what! Enjoy your day honey!

  • Even though you are getting distant because of your teenage years, remember that mum is always there for you. Today on your special day, you get to throw a party and do whatever you want! Enjoy it until tomorrow haha! Happy Birthday!

  • You have always amazed us with your abilities, but the most impressive one was your ability to give away unconditional love. You are one of the most caring and loving creatures on this world. Happy Birthday baby! I am so proud of you!

  • Look at you all grown up! You are ready to leave us to go to the university and I can’t believe it is time for you to leave already! I love you sweetie, Happy Birthday!

  • When you were little everyone loved you for your cuteness, as a teenager we all loved you because of your honesty and expression of love and now as a grown woman, we love you for your great character! Happy Birthday sweetheart! Your parents will always be here and support you!

  • Happy Birthday honey! Your mother and I are very proud of the woman that you have become! We want to see you grow even more successful and happy!

  • Happy Birthday to our beloved daughter who has already achieved so man things! We are so proud of you! See? Hard work always pays off, don’t ever forget about that!

Funny Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • Oh honey I am so sorry! I am sorry to inform you that your childhood has expired, you are coming to the adult side now haha! Happy 18th birthday sweetie!

  • I smile because I have you as y daughter but I laugh (hysterically) because there is nothing that you can do about that haha! I am kidding you know that. Happy Birthday baby girl! May all of your wishes come true!

  • Parents do not get to choose their children and children can not definitely choose their parents. You know what this means right? You are stuck with us for life! haha! I am just messing with you, I love you to the moon and back and I could not possibly have a better daughter than you! Happy Birthday sweetheart!

  • Oh look at you! You have grown a whole year older! Don’t worry about that, you will grow to be as amazing as your mum and dad is haha! Happy Birthday my love!

  • Congratulations on your birthday sweetie! From now on -and especially after a certain age- you will hear more of a “congratulations” rather than a happy birthday haha! We are kidding, you are still too young to care! Best wishes from your mum and dad!

  • You know what I was reading about the other day? They say that people who have more birthdays live a longer life, haha! Happy Birthday my love! You know I love teasing you!

Birthday Wishes For Twin Daughters

  • Life blessed us with not one but two daughters. I can not describe to you our happiness when we found it out! Happy birthday girls! We love you! Mum and dad

  • Even though you kept pulling pranks on your teachers, friends and basically anyone even me, I still could not get mad at you! No one could tell you apart when you were younger. Now it is too late haha~ Happy Birthday girls!

  • Since you two were babies, my every day life changed and became better! My days were fuller and happier! I am so proud of what you have managed to do so far! I love you so much!

  • I used to believe that life with twins was hard but you two proved to me that it can be quite fun raising two babies at once! You taught me a lot of things and we practically grew up together! Happy Birthday my loves!

Emotional Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • I am shedding tears of happiness because I can not believe that you already are (years of age)! I am so happy and so proud of you my little girl! May god bless you!

  • You know how emotional I can get so I will limit my wishes on this birthday card. Happy birthday sweet girl. I am wishing you unlimited love, happiness and success in your life! I love you, your mum!

  • Even though life is not easy for you right now, I am definite that we will surpass everything and that we will get even stronger when this is over. I love you baby girl don’t you ever forget that! Happiest birthday to you!

  • Happy Birthday to this girl who manages to amaze me every single day! You are a true talent and you have a genuine and respectful character.

  • Happy birthday to our little bundle of joy and happiness! Keep smiling and never change your character for any one! We love you!

  • Keep amazing us little one! You are one of the most genuine souls I have ever met in my life. I am proud to be your father! Happy Birthday and congratulations on your birthday!

  • You are one of the most amazing, sweet, cute creatures that walk on earth. I am so happy to call you my daughter. I wish that you didn’t grow up so fast! Happy Birthday!

  • When you were little everyone loved you for your cuteness, as a teenager we all loved you because of your honesty and expression of love and now as a grown woman, we love you for your great character! Happy Birthday sweetheart! Your parents will always be here and support you!

  • Happy birthday sweet girl! I hope that you will get everything you wishd for this year and that you will always be healthy and successful in your life!

Religious Birthday Wishes For Daughter

  • Every day I pray to the Lord for happiness and health rather than fame and wealth. I hope that you do not mind that, as I raised you to be self-sufficient. Happy birthday my beautiful daughter!

  • I had been praying for a child for many years before you came into our lives. You are our little miracle and this is the reason why we are so protective of you. Happy Birthday my love, take care! May god be blessing you in your life!

  • I hope that someday you will become a strong and happy woman. You are in my prayers every day. Happy birthday sweetheart, may you have another year of health and success. And may you receive all the blessings you deserve!

  • When I pray I always ask for Him to be near you and watch you everyday. I don;t want anything bad to happen to you sweetie. On this special day, your day, I am sending you my warmest and sweetest wishes for the happiest birthday!

  • To a little angel that is living on earth, happy birthday! I am wishing that you always have happiness, health and success in your life! I love you!

  • Since the first day I held you in my arms I knew that I would protect you at all costs. I have been doing it for the past (age number) years. Happy Birthday sweetheart, may you be blessed and happy in your life!

  • Happy Birthday baby girl! Cheers to another year of health and joy for you my little one! May god bless you!

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