How to wish happy birthday during quarantine


Quarantine Birthday

These few last days have been hard for every person in this world. Being forced to stay inside in order to be safe and not distribute the Corona virus, has made us miss our friends and family a lot. It is even harder when a beloved person has their birthday during the days of quarantine. We know that you are wondering, “how to wish happy birthday during quarantine?”. We are here to prove to you that if there is will and positive energy, anything can happen.

We understand that the world is facing a global pandemic, and that there are many other severe problems that every family is going through. But we also know that positive attitude and mental health are also very important components in the battle against the Corona virus. This is the reason why we chose to explore the options of celebrating the birthday of our loved ones during quarantine and we are trying to find ways to send them our Birthday Wishes.

If you are currently stuck in a country or city where quarantine is imposed due to the virus, and your birthday is around the corner, don’t worry. You are not going to skip it. We have prepared some great alternatives to the classic and traditional birthday celebration. If you are interested in throwing a quarantine birthday party just keep reading to find out how you can do it.

How to prepare a quarantine birthday party during quarantine?

In order to prepare a quarantine birthday celebration, there are some things that you should bear in mind.You are going to need some things in terms of food and decorations, but you can also make them by yourself. Quarantine birthday calls for DIY (do it yourself) skills. Take out your scissors, your markers, paint tubes, cardboards, coloured paper, basically anything you have at home.

The decorations, the food and the birthday cake may not be neat and perfect, but they will be made with love. Even if you are not good at crafts and at cooking, you should at least give it a shot and see how it goes. Furthermore, you are lucky if you are stuck in quarantine with your parents, as every parent household has everything you need to bake a cake and make some birthday banners. Also, your mother is here to help you with the baking too!

Even if you are staying on your own, away from your parents’ house, we are sure that you will get hold of simple items needed for our cause; Quarantine Birthday. Remember that you can make it work even without going to the store to get provisions for the party. You can use whatever tools and ingredients you will find lying at your house. You can also ask your neighbours for craft supplies, or order them online.

How to decorate your place for quarantine birthday?

There are many ways you can decorate your place for your Quarantine Birthday. First of all you will need a space for the party. It can be your living room, kitchen, garden, play room, driveway, anywhere you like. Just remember to stay safe and keep your distance from other people.

  • You can create your own party theme and make birthday hats, pom-poms and banners from scratch. You will only need cardboard, tissue paper and some string.

  • There is an option to order a packet with birthday supplies online, and it will contain anything you need for the Quarantine Birthday party. This is also a great thing to send to another friend who has their birthday, and have a little virtual party together.

  • You can look for old birthday stuff in your house. There might be some leftover balloons, hats and garlands from previous parties you have had.

Lastly, you do not really need all this stuff to have fun on your birthday, so if you do not have access to any of these, don’t worry. Surely, they would create a festive atmosphere, but they are not obligatory. A candle on a cake and your family and friends are more than enough for this special day of yours.

What to cook for quarantine birthday?

You do not need many ingredients to make simple dishes for your birthday in quarantine. Since regular rules do not apply during this period, they would not be valid for the food too. It doesn’t even need to be a specific type of food. As it is your birthday, you are entitled to have anything for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You could even have breakfast for dinner, how cool would that be?

An good idea is to prepare the favourite food of the person celebrating and set the table up with nice napkins and birthday decorations. If you do not have all the ingredients or you cannot cook, then you could order some take out or ask someone to help you with the cooking.

Furthermore, do not forget that parties most of the time have simple foods like chips, pizza and finger food. Try to make a burger or simple finger food by yourself and re-create the birthday party atmosphere. Get a couple of beers, sodas or a bottle of wine, and your Quarantine Birthday party is ready to start!

What kind of birthday cake to make for quarantine birthday?

This is the part in which you can get very creative. Your cooking and baking skills will come in handy, but even if you have never baked a cake before, you can experiment. It’s not that you don’t have time in your hands! The quarantine birthday cakes can be basically anything.

A classic birthday cake with frosting ,whipped cream , chocolate and fruits is a good choice. Find a recipe for a simple vanilla cake, a chocolate cake or any other bases you like. Then you can have fun by combining the flavours and frosting. You can use fruits, candy, chocolate pieces, anything you have at home.

If you wish to make it even more extra (as you have days ahead of you), you can try a more advanced technique with fondant, meringue or flavoured creams. There are many recipes online and most of them have step by step pictures and videos. Please try to make one, we believe in you!

A birthday cake, does not have to be a cake. Since we cannot go out and get everything we need for a party, we suggest that you take your favourite meal, fruit or snack and turn in into a birthday cake! How? See for yourself.

You can have a burger tower as a birthday cake. Order some take out from your favourite restaurant and just add a couple of candles. You will have both food and cake all at once!


Another option is to make a batch of pancakes and just put candles on them. Pancakes are a great option as you can add whatever toppings you like and make them personalised. They are also pretty easy to make and you cannot go wrong with them!

How to organise a virtual quarantine birthday party?

If one of your friends has their birthday in the next few days, make sure to prepare them a surprise quarantine birthday party. Don’t worry, you will not have to leave your house and get exposed to the virus. You can really make it happen by staying in your house.

These are the steps that you will need to follow for a successful virtual quarantine birthday party:

  1. Think of a theme for the party. You can set your imagination free and even consult your other friends. The theme will be visible in forms of costumes, food, the birthday cake, decorations, etc. You can also go without choosing a specific theme and just surprise them with the birthday song and birthday wishes.

  2. Make sure to organise it in your mind a few days ahead of the date of the birthday, so that you can organise everybody else as well.

  3. Create a group chat with all of your friends planning to surprise the birthday gal or guy. Please do not add the birthday person in the chat as you will ruin the surprise.

  4. Set a time for the surprise and talk about the details (theme, foods, song, games etc) concerning the party.

  5. At the big day, get your food and cake ready and perform a group call to the person having their birthday! We are sure they will not be expecting it and they will for sure appreciate the gesture.

How to spend your time during the quarantine party?

If you are on your own during your birthday don’t be sad. You have the technology you need to have the people you love next to you, at least virtually. You can video call everybody from your family and spend some time with them. Blow the candles, eat dinner or lunch “together” and share your news. We know times are hard, but you will see them soon.

In case you will call your friends, or if your friends surprise you, there are a few ways to spend your time. Think about what you would do in a regular party. Drinks, food, blowing the candles, dancing, singing and of course, the birthday games. Thanks to technology and internet, you can do the same during your quarantine birthday. Turn the music on and perform a dancing or singing competition and have fun with your buddies.

There are also a bunch of virtual games you can play with your friends and family. You could even create games by yourself. Games with cards, questions, truth or dare, virtual beer pong are only a small sample of the games you can play during your virtual birthday party in quarantine. This will bring joy, not only to the person celebrating, but also to everyone in the group.

A virtual meeting of a group of friends, is going to be a nice touch of hope and happiness in these tough few weeks. It will boost your confidence, make your doubts and fears go away and of course create memories for life. Just imagine the stories you will have to say about your participation in Quarantine Birthday!

How to engage children in preparations for a birthday party during quarantine?

The most challenging part is having to prepare a Quarantine Birthday celebration for or with your kids. Kids can sometimes be hard to please, especially when they have been inside the house for a very long time. Despite that, we are definite that they will appreciate a party and have fun during it, even if they will spend it without their friends.

Children will be happy to help you with the preparations as well. Ask them about their favourite cartoon character, their favourite colour and theme. The idea is to engage them in the making of the”quarantine party“. Make them feel that you are counting on them and give them the role of the planner. They will be pleased to organise it!

In addition to that, get them in the kitchen and let them make a mess when cooking the foods for the party. If you will let them express themselves, they will get creative and they will be relaxed afterwards. They will have put effort and consumed energy on something they enjoy. The outcome is, that you will have a happy and healthy kid during these difficult times!

If it is your child’s Quarantine Birthday, make sure to video call their friends and your beloved family members and act as you would at their regular birthday party. If you are able to get them a present it will be good, but if not, you will teach them a useful lesson about the importance of the safety measures and the value of our health.

You can show them how important birthday wishes are and make sure that they will start sending birthday wishes to their friends. Presents will be reachable after quarantine, but our health cannot be compromised.

What kind of presents to get for quarantine birthday?

Of course we know that most of the shops are closed and that you are not able to buy the presents you want. We also know that you are probable not allowed to go out. Despite that, we have four proposals as far as Quarantine Birthday presents are concerned.

  1. You can either wait for the shops to open after these days are over and then buy your friends the presents you have been planning to get them.

  2. Another option is to make something yourself. Any item is useful, and we suggest looking into your garage, attic or other storage spaces at your place. Anything can be crafted into something beautiful that you can give away as a gift. You could make them jewellery, something for their house or garden, toys for children, clothes, decorated mugs, the possibilities are endless.

  3. The next option is online shopping. Browse through the hundreds of websites and choose the gift you want. After that, you can either have it delivered at your house or choose the delivery to be at the house of the person celebrating. It would be a nice surprise!

Last but not least, do not forget the Birthday cards. Using your words to express yourself and create your own Birthday Wishes, is the best thing you can opt for as a gift. Make a birthday card and send it to the birthday boy or girl. A few sincere and thoughtful wishes will warm their heart.

Overview for how to wish happy birthday during quarantine

We hope that you will find our ideas for a Quarantine Birthday bash useful and that you will try to get creative with them. During these difficult times, let’s stay united and help each other. Celebrating birthdays, talking with family and friends and checking up on them regularly is very important.

Just remember not to be in overcrowded places and do not break the law by inviting people at your place. It is illegal and at the same time dangerous for the spread of the virus. Quarantine days will be over soon and you will be reunited with your friends and family!

We are just giving you some ideas for Quarantine Birthday to help you spend time creatively and of course, to not skip your birthday completely. Also, you can think about throwing a party after quarantine days are over, and enjoy these precious moments with your loved ones. We hope that your questions on “how to wish happy birthday during quarantine” are solved.

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